Stuffed Animal Bear Basket

I have been on a stuffed animal massacre rage right now. I have made puppets and a neck pillow out of them. Today I am going to show you how to make a stuffed animal basket perfect for a new mom filled with diapers. You could easily match the animal to the baby room décor for a special personalized gift. Plus it is super easy!

Gather a stuffed animal, an old basket, some sharpscissors, and your hot glue gun.

Now this is the sad part. Have someone with a strong stomach do this part. Using sharp scissors cut the bear about 2 inches below the chest and then chop his feet leaving about 3-4 inches of leg. Clean up all the blood stuffing.

Throw the torso away or reuse the stuffing in another project.

Heat that hot glue gun up! Now what you want to do is use a lot of glue on the foot and then press it into the basket holding it in place a good minute while the glue dries. Do the other foot the same way.

Next glue the front of the bear using a lot of hot glue and press in place holding at least a minute or two. Wait until the glue is completely cool before gluing the back of the bear in place. After you glue the back in place embellish the bear the way you wish.

I added ribbon handles and a bow around the neck.

I had all the supplies given to me as discards. So it cost me nothing but a couple of glue sticks.