Studio Closets

We have 5 bedrooms in this house and I have the priviledge of one off them being my studio. I say “studio” because craft room sounds like a place where I would use popsicle sticks, pom-poms, and googlie eyes (although I do think I own all of those supplies as well) and “studio” sounds so much more sophisticated-artiste. So in my studio’s walk-in closet we just hung shelves on two of the walls and then kept the original wire shelf on one side (although this will probably come down sometime as well). I love it. I don’t store my stuff is cute little wicker baskets because they are expensive and not functional for me. All of my stuff is marked in plastic totes that I love (Walmart $1.57). They are much more functional for me because I can transport them. I am known to bring a few with me from time to time.

View looking into the closet (you can see the original wire shelf still there). There is my rolling cart with all of my stamps and ink pads. Next to that is my safe (thank you Mom and Mark) that I got for Christmas. Hanging is my ribbon that is still on spools.

These are the adjustable shelves we installed to the right. There are all my nicely marked totes and my roll carts with paper, mediums, string, bottlecap magnet supplies, and other stuff.

So I bet you thought I would not post pictures of my closets huh? The other side looks the same with shelves and all but I didn’t want to bore you with my junk. It is so nice to have wall-to-wall shelves like that and have a home for everything. I still have a few boxes in the garage to go through of studio stuff but for the most part it is all in this closet.

This last picture has nothing to do with my studio but I couldn’t resist showing you all. Today I was getting Isaac’s breakfast ready while he was watching Boz the Bear and he managed to crawl into the ottoman. It made me LOL.