So we thought it would be fun to go see the damage the rain has done in our neighborhood alone. I know we are sick people. So we put our SUV in 4WD and took off for an adventure.

This guy is not going anywhere, anytime soon.

Fences underwater

The geese were saying “We are outta here.”

They are swimming right in front of our SUV in the flooded street. There must have been close to 30 of them.

And the rain is not even close to letting up.

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  1. Pretty impressive 😉 No damage to your house?

    Don’t they say: people if the road are flooded , please don’t take your SUV? lol

  2. wow. I used to live in NW Arkansas and I remember there was a big flood once in the midwest that was all over the news — must have been around ’92 or ’93. It didn’t quite make it all the was down to AR, but when I drove up to Kansas City to visit my old high school friends, I was very surprised to see that in some areas I was driving on an elevated highway straight through what looked like nothing less than an ocean.

    Mother Nature can do some amazing things that aren’t always very good for us, but impressive nonetheless.

  3. I would swim away from all the yuck too! Nasty stuff! Made for great pictures though.

    Try and stay dry, ok?!

    Thanks for the b.day wishes—-even if you did have to endure my music while you typed them :)!

  4. WOW, Beckie…I had no idea! A couple of years ago, my sister’s family had to get airlifted from their home because of a flood…so this kind of stuff hits close to home. Sounds like you guys are ok, though…right?

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