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I can’t believe how much of a change my kitchen has undergone.  It isn’t done yet but it is so amazing what a little paint and new hardware can do.  But I think the biggest wow factor is my new peninsula.  Before it was plain, ugly and lacked any character.  Adding Stikwood to the front of the peninsula along with some molding completely transformed the look of it and gave it the much needed WOW factor this kitchen was begging for.  And let me tell you this…Stikwood is SOOOO easy to use.  It took about 2 hours from start to finish to complete not including paint dry time. stikwood kitchen island or peninsula Here is where my kitchen started…



First I dry fitted some 1 x 4 pine wood as the baseboard and battens.  In order to do the corner I had to run the two corner boards through my table saw at a 45 degree angle.  This allowed the corners to be mitered and have a nice tight fit.  You could skip this step if you wanted to but I think it looks better than butting one against another.  After I dry fitted I marked on the peninsula where the battens were going to go and then I started sticking the Stikwood on.


To get the angle of the wood I cut each piece of the Stikwood at a 45 degree angle on my chopsaw.  You don’t have to be super exact because the battens will go on top of the Stikwood.  



The beauty of this product is you literally cut it to size and peel the strips off the back and stick it on.  It is really thin too about 1/4” thick.  I was amazed at the quality and the finish on them.  They are rough just like barnwood but not splinter rough.


So when all the Stikwood is on it looks like this.


I used my Home Right Paint sprayer to spray Benjamin Moore Cinder on the boards to match the lower kitchen cabinets. 


Then I used my nail gun to attach the battens and baseboards. I also caulked the corner seams and touched up the air nailed holes. Crazy transformation right?




Total price for peninsula (not including new granite)

$490 for 35 square feet

$43 in 1×4 wood

plus paint

TOTAL $534 

I know you could probably paint it for a lot less but I think it is worth it to transform the look and set the stage for the look I want in my kitchen.  Now I have to the tile wall and backsplash and update the light fixtures.  Stay tuned!

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