I had a brilliant idea…or so I thought. Isaac has been taking his plastic bin off his shelves to use as a stepstool to turn his light on when he wakes up early. You see my son is not allowed out of his room until 8 a.m. and then 5 p.m. after naptime. Yes, we taught him how to tell time specifically so we can sleep in later.

A light bulb went off in my head…I WILL MAKE HIM A STEPSTOOL!

So I asked dear hubs if he would cut me a piece of wood. So the conversation goes something like this: (the following conversation is based on real life events)

Me: “Darling, man of my dreams, will you cut me a piece of wood?”
Dear Hubs: “For what, sweet red-headed wife?”
Me: “Because I want to make our son a stepstool, darlin’.”
Dear Hubs: “Why do you want to do that, sweetie-pie, project-girl-I-love?”
Me: “Because I am sick of him stepping on the plastic bins sweet cheeks, they are getting bent”.
Dear Hubs: “Again, why do you want to make one cupcake, they are only like $2 at Wal=mart right?”
Me: “Well I want one that is sturdy and has wood legs.”
Dear Hubs: “Again, why do you want to make one cupcake, they are only like $10 at Wal-mart right?”
Me: “Well I have all the stuff to make it sugar pie.”
Dear Hubs: “Again, why do you want to make one cupcake, they are only like $10 at Wal-mart right?”
Me: “Dang it Tim will do just cut the frickin’ piece of wood for me?”

and he did…thank you lover of my life!
(He’ll never get his project girl)

So he cut the wood 12 x 16 and then and I cut foam to size.

I didn’t have any batting so I used this awful fleece I had in my stash…and you thought the sneak peek was me actually decorating with that didn’t you?

Then I stapled the fabric (YES IT IS FROM THE DIAPER STACKER, waste not want not) down all around.

I had some leftover legs from a piece of furniture I discarded. DON’T WORRY PEOPLE I MADE GOOD USE OF IT. Believe it or not, I do actually have a trash can and throw things away. I took the legs off to use for this project, kept the handles, and burned the wood in our fire pit and made smores. 🙂

And the stool came out looking like this…

Stinkin adorable…how amazing am I? Yah…not so much.

So I put the stool in his room and remove the plastic bin and put it in its rightful place. So Isaac tests it out and turns on the light.

Success! I win Mother-of-the-Year award and everything is right in his world…until he falls off and scratches his back on the storage cube next to it. So I urge him to try again…he falls again. See…little 3 year old boys are not really good with stepping on a stool in the right place. He will try and step on a corner or jump up on it. Both strategies fail miserably. After the 3rd time he fell (yes, it took him 3 times of falling for me to finally give up the stepstool dream) I conceded it wasn’t going to work.

Here’s the result…

not what I had in mind…

Dear Hubs: “Again, why do you want to make one cupcake?”


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  1. Have I told you that you crack me up? Seriously. You are the best! And I can’t believe he stays in his room until a certain time…this really is a great trick! Your little boy looks a lot like you! Very cute! : )

  2. That is hilarious! You have a pretty bin now though.
    Indy does not get out of bed unless I tell him it’s okay, so I’m cool with you teaching time just to get more sleep. Every morning around 7:45/8 I hear, “Moooooommmmmmmy! I’m ready to get uuuuuuuuuuuup!” He actually stays in bed until I go in (usually within a few minutes of him calling) and tell him he can get up. My mom thinks it’s hilarious, but also weird. I tell her I don’t have to worry about waking up to a small face staring at me and scaring the beejeebers out of me.

  3. I figured that’s where this story was headed. : ) See, there are just some things that can’t look exactly the way you want… kids just aren’t built to understand some things right away. : ) At least he tried it 3 times… mine would’ve been like, “yeah, right.” after the first fall. : )

  4. And yes, me commenting on your blog means I am still here… at home… hugely prego… : (

  5. So I have a question. You can teach your 3 year old to TELL TIME, but you can’t teach him how to stand on a step stool?

    Totally kidding!

    Cute story, love the dialog with Tim 🙂

  6. You really have Isaac trained right and he matches his room, was that on purpose? LOL

    You tried and it was a good idea. I bet before too long he’ll be able to use that fabulous footstool his momma made without falling.

  7. Too funny! At least you let him turn on a light – I just make sure his night lights give off enough light and the poor guy has to just stay in bed! (although he does get to take 2 matchbox cars with him to bed…)

    You are so creative! Love it!

  8. Funny! Most step stools are not really all that stable because they are small. Add a wobbly toddler and well, you know! When I was a kid my dad took a paint stir stick and glues and duct taped on a “corner” piece from a wire hanger. To be honest, we tried that with my kids too, but they kept breaking the stir sticks. Any way, I’m sure that anything you make looks way better than a cheap-o from the store. And the time it takes you is still worth it – as long as you have fun in the making.

  9. very cute (even in the tub).

    We are in the middle of our garage sale prep for moms…I found a beat up box of scrabble, it was in BAD shape (maybe you should sit for this, oh, wait, you are) and I think it got thrown out. I said to Louette, “If Beckie were here, she’d make a million necklaces or a fun journal out of those scrabble tiles…”

    We miss our Beckie!

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