Stenciled Quatrefoil Footstool

I had the opportunity to try out the new line of Martha Stewart Crafts Decorative Paint Line by Plaid.   Martha just launched (this past week) a new line of craft paints, stencils and tools now available exclusively at Michaels.   There are 160 colors, 5 finishes and some amazing tools.   Plus it is a multi surface paint that works on fabric, metal, glass, wood, ceramic, and plastic. Martha always comes out with top of the line products so I was excited to receive a huge box of goodies to play with. I decided to try my hand with her stencils painting some drop cloth fabric and using her paint sprayer for the metal frame and revamping an old footstool.

Stenciled Footstool (61)

Tools used:

Martha Stewart Crafts paints: Habanero and Surf ($1.99 each)

Martha Stewart Crafts paint sprayer ($24.99)

Martha Stewart Crafts Stencil Brush Set

Martha Stewart Crafts Arabesque Stencil Set

Martha Stewart Fabric Medium


Old footstool

Rustoleum Clean Metal Primer spray paint

Drop cloth

Sewing machine and accessories


Repositionable Spray Adhesive

fine grit sandpaper


Air stapler


I started out with this $4 footstool I found at a rummage sale.   It was in decent condition except for the ripped fabric and chipped painted metal.

Stenciled Footstool (2)

I unscrewed the frame from the base and ripped off the staples and fabric covering the cushion (along with my little helper).

Stenciled Footstool (12)

Then I traced the old fabric onto some drop cloth and cut it leaving about a 1/2” edge all the way around.

Now I must admit I am a stencil virgin.   They have always scared me but I decided to jump in with both feet (and not read the directions).   Craft fail!   Apparently there is a right way and a wrong way to stencil.   I decided to try the wrong way first and just tape the stencil on and paint away.

Stenciled Footstool (22)

I then sprayed the back of my stencil with a repositionable adhesive and stuck it to my fabric. I mixed the Martha Stewart Habanero craft paint with the fabric medium. Then with barely any paint on my stenciling brush I swirled and brushed the paint on. Much better…

Stenciled Footstool (23)

Stenciled Footstool (24)

Stenciling is a breeze when you do it right.   Then I sewed on some drop cloth piping around the edge.

Stenciled Footstool (27)

Then I sewed the drop cloth fabric band around the sides and attached it to the wood board with my air stapler.   Isn’t the quatrefoil design fun?   Not bad for my second try at stenciling huh?

Stenciled Footstool (64)

I lightly sanded and then sprayed the metal frame with Rustoelum’s clean metal primer. Then I tried out the Martha Stewart Paint sprayer.   Basically you mix any of her craft paints with the spraying medium at a 1:1 ratio and then attach it to the aerosol can and spray away. (This is my spray paint face).

Stenciled Footstool (47)

Stenciled Footstool (62)

The paint sprayed nicely and the obvious benefit of the tool is the fact that you can choose anyone of the 160 colors that Martha offers.   However, the huge con is that the sprayer is $24.99 retail and it is enough to spray only 12 ounces of paint (the equivalent of one can of aerosol spray paint).

After dry I reattached the base to the cushion…

Stenciled Footstool (58)

Stenciled Footstool (63)

It was the perfect little project to get to try new craft supplies.   I am always very impressed with the quality of products Martha puts out.   This new paint is indoor/outdoor safe and dishwasher-safe on glass. It is also non-toxic so it is safe to use with the kiddos. Plus the color line spanks the competitors if you ask me.

Stenciled Footstool (2)Stenciled Footstool (59)

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  1. wow beckie! great job on that little footstool! 🙂 I love the colors.

  2. Adorable!! Clicked over from Tatertots and Jello! LOVE IT!

    xoxo, Mallory

  3. Adorable!! Clicked over from Tatertots and Jello! LOVE IT!

    xoxo, Mallory

  4. Beckie!! incredible makeover!! I love the colors and the stencil you used. What a fun project!!!

    I pinned and stumbled it 🙂


  5. Beckie, I love it!!! You used one of my favorite color combos! 🙂 What fabulous products from Martha Stewart. Now I need to hit up Michaels!! Great job girl!

  6. that is adorable!!!! love the colors and the design!

  7. Ha! I thought of Myra when I saw the color combination! Too funny!

    Great job, Beckie! I’m truly stencil-impaired so I know how you feel. And why oh why did I choose a stencil for my project? Doh! I didn’t use fabric medium though. Huh.

    And you got the spray paint thingie to work great! You’ll have to tell me your tips, ‘kay?

    Love it!

    • The spray paint worked fine for me but the trick is to put your finger over the tip and let the paint suck up. Plus you can’t tilt it beyond 45 degrees or it sputters.

  8. I am in love with the color contrast. The stool in supremely awesome. You did such a great job!!!!! This is of course no surprise from such a fabulous lady.

  9. The spray painter…. can it be multiple times? If so wouldn’t that make it more cost effective than buying spray paint as well as being environmentally safer? Thanks for the write up! I heard MS was coming out with a paint line so I’ve been saving my change in order to be able to purchase it.

  10. Love the color combo! I got that stencil too and can’t wait to try the quatrafoil. I was a stencil virgin as well, but things turned out pretty well. I should try spray adhesive next time.

  11. Nicely done, love that stencil. I have it too and am afraid to try it, but forgot you can use the adhesive spray. I’ll have to check and see if the spray I have will work!

  12. Beckie that belongs in the next Mad Men outdoor shot at the BBQ, so perfectly mod and the colors are a true match made in heaven. Pretty sure I have the same ‘spray paint’ face when doing all my projects, this is serious stuff folks! Love it.

  13. It is so cute! That stencil is my favorite.

  14. Now, I’m sure Martha wouldn’t appreciate me sharing this but you can buy the same paint sprayer tool at Menards (minus the Martha Stewart brand name) for a lot less $. And, you can wash out the paint cup and purchase an aerosol can refill. Great for small projects.

    • Someone else told me that too. I will have to check it out. Her paint sprayer is very pricey. I don’t think I would purchase it unless for some reason I needed a color only she had or something.

    • Could you give more information about the product? We don’t have Menards in Houston and I would need to look it up online. Thanks!

  15. Beckie,
    The stool ROCKS! What colors did you paint it? I am looking for a blue red combo and I loved this one.


  16. Great job done. Love the color and pattern you used on that fabric.

  17. I love this! I found a fun chair at the thrift store that needs some love! I think I just found out what I am going to do! Another great project. Love the spray paint face :)!

  18. Wow Beckie. I love the colors you choose. It would go perfectly on my deck I’m redoing! 😉 I’m trying to do a linky party for the first time ever, and would love if you would join in!

  19. LOVE IT! what a brilliant use of paint…and a thrift store piece i’d’ve passed right by! did i mention i love it?!

    • Thank you so much Breanna! I am trying to get better and better at reupholstery. This was just a tiny project that helps me continue to improve my skills.

  20. Sara @ Mom Endeavors says:

    L.O.V.E love it! I can’t believe how great that originally not-so-great foot stool looks now!

  21. CUTE!!!! I may have to give something like this a try!

  22. I LOVE the stool! I’m stopping by (thanks to Shelley) to see all the different projects you ladies created using your box of goodies! I’m pretty sure y’all have convinced me that I need to go buy ALL of these things!

  23. this is my favorite project i’ve seen so far! i LOVE it. i just recently bought the same stencil and i loved it. thanks for sharing!

  24. Great job! What a cute little footstool. Martha’s new paint sounds great. I also love her products, but, I don’t think I’ll be trying the sprayer. It sounded good until I heard the price!

  25. i love it! the colors, the style, everything! great job!

  26. Oh the power of spray paint! The color combo is divine!

  27. Love your post and LOVE your color choice. Stenciling is definitely trending this month. We just featured a blog post on our website about stenciled tables!

  28. Wow! I couldn’t even tell that the cushion was stenciled actually looks like patterened fabric. I love the color combo you went with , too!

  29. I can’t believe that is stenciled. You did a GREAT job! Love the colors too! I would love for you to link up at my party
    Hope to see you there!

  30. Wow! I love the pattern and color combo you chose. It looks fantastic. The only part I find disappointing is the cost of the supplies, they seem pretty steep for the average crafter. But then again, it is Martha Stewart and she’s known for producing quality products.

  31. So pretty! Come link up over at “Do Something Crafty Fridays” 🙂

  32. This is gorgeous! The color is awesome! I actually just bought this stencil kit & can’t wait to try it out! Thanks for the inspiration!

    I’d love for you to link this up @ Show & Share–

  33. I am in love with this stool! Ok, time to go check out the new Martha Stewart paint line!

  34. Awesome transformation. I love the colors together…. so cute! Love it!

  35. Um, I believe this needs to be mailed to me immediately. I love it. ;D

  36. Turquoise is my fave! Nice job, Beckie! Beautiful makeover. You made that stool irresistible!

  37. VERY cute!

  38. I featured you this week! Come check it out and grab a button!

  39. Hi Beckie,

    So happy to have happened upon your blog! I have an old retro laminate table with rusty metal legs. I have been trying to find a way to repaint the metal and laminate and you have provided both …yay!

    One thing, once I have used the metal primer, can I use any type of paint or does it have to be a specific type? I am not based in the states so unfortunately won’t have access to the same brands of products. Same question with the laminate…could I use chalkboard paint over the primer?

    Thanks again & happy crafting! Ash

  40. Do you happen to know the brand of the other spray system that has refill cans? I have the Martha system, but am disappointed there are no refill cans. And we don’t have Menards in Houston. I would need to look it up online. Thanks!


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