Stacked End Table Shelf {Roadkill Rescue}

I hauled this Roadkill Rescue all the way home from Atlanta!  We spent Christmas in Atlanta this year and my Grandpa and Grandma had more than just a gift for me – they gave me an old rickety table they have had for decades that they were ready to pitch.  Yes, they love me that much that they give me their trash {giggle}! I loved the geometric shape on the side.  Unfortunately, I don’t need any end tables nor nightstands in my home.  But I didn’t want to part with it because I really did like the shape.  So I thought and thought and decided it would make a cool stacked wall shelf in my guest room.


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Here is how it looked when I received it.  I am sure he was a looker in his days.  But it had definitely seen better days with a chipped finish, missing molding and cracks in a few places.

geometric shape end table


end table or nightstand


tape measure

wood glue



brad nailer or small nails and hammer

various grits of sandpaper

paint and primer

painting supplies

1. I decided to cut it in half and add some beadboard onto the back to give it some texture.  I enlisted my friend Mike to help me think through it.  Like a gentlemen, he cut it in half for me with his jigsaw! Everyone needs a Mike!

cutting a table in half

2. I was left with two pieces.  Then we cut some beadboard to fit the back of each of the cut ends of the table to give it a little stability.


3.  Then I sanded the entire piece down. I also had to wood glue some of the trim back in place and a broken edge.  I certainly had to work hard to make this surface even with all the peeling finish.  I started with 60-grit sandpaper and worked my way down to a 220-grit and then wiped it clean.

4.  Next I spray primed it and then painted it with my new sprayer (product review and giveaway coming soon).



5.  Next I drilled some corner braces (a.k.a “L” brackets) to the bottom of each shelves.


6. Next I positioned the bottom half of the table in place and screwed the other end of the corner brace into the wall.  Then I stacked the other half of the end table on top of the first one and did the same thing.


And now I have the perfect mini shelf in my guest room.  I love that I was still able to keep the geometric shape on the sides but create something a little more functional and decorative for my home.  Thank you Paw Paw and Mimi I hope I didn’t disgrace the table too much {giggle} and that you are proud of its new lease on life.  I will think of you every time I glance at it.




before and after table to shelf

Styling and some decorative pieces coming tomorrow.

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