St. patricks day ruffled shirt

Today we have monthly IC contributor, Brook from Being Brook back with a St. Patrick’s Day Ruffled T-shirt.  I am for sure making this.  It looks so simple and she had me at “ruffle”.  You seriously must check out her blog after you see this tutorial.  Her craft room is my dream room…seriously.

Hello Infarantly Creative readers! It’s Brook from BeingBrook and I’m excited to be here today to show you how to make a Ruffled St. Patrick’s day shirt!

St. patricks day ruffled shirt


T-Shirt Knit Fabric (I used 1/2 yard to make a size 4 shirt)

1 yd of washable ribbon

Fabric medium

craft paint

Paint Brush

Freezer paper

4 leaf clover punch


1. Measure and trace your sewing guidelines onto the t-shirt using a fabric pen. I started about 2 inches from the armpit of the shirt and did three lines, 4 inches apart.

2. Cut your knit into 3 strips. Mine are 5” each. The great thing about knit is that it won’t fray so you don’t have to hem!

3. Ruffle your fabric by running it through the sewing machine on the longest and widest stitch.

4. Pin and sew your knit strips onto your t-shirt. When I got to the short edges around the back I just tucked it under and sewed, so you can’t see where the fabric ended. Then I trimmed the excess off the strip.


The shirt with the three knit strips sewn on!


Now take your ribbon and trim it to the size of your shirt. Singe the edges with a lighter to prevent the ribbon from fraying.


Pin the ribbon to the top ruffle right below where you sewed it onto the shirt. Then put the bottom of the ribbon to the top of the ruffle. Sew along the bottom and top of the ribbon.


Now your knit edge is hidden with the ribbon giving it a clean, finished look.


1. Cut a little rectangle of freezer paper and punch out your design with your clover punch.

2. Iron the freezer paper to the shirt with the shiny side facing the fabric.

3. Mix your fabric paint. I used Martha Stewart glitter paint mixed at a 2:1 ratio with fabric medium.

4. Carefully paint your design. When the paint is dry peel off the freezer paper. My fabric medium needed a full 24 hours of dry time and then I just heat set the design with the iron.


Finished! I love that the ruffles make it a long shirt, perfect for leggings!


Thanks, Beckie for letting me share my project with your readers!



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