For our 10 year anniversary (August 15th) Tim’s parents gave us a nice dinner at the Indy-famous restaurant called St. Elmo’s Steakhouse. It is a super nice restaurant. I guess they are famous for their shrimp cocktail. I don’t like shrimp but Tim said it was awesome. He got a ribeye and I got a parmesan crusted halibut that was oh-so-yummy.

Here we are in front of the restaurant, baby belly and all.

As the valet was taking our picture these drunk guys came and jumped in to take pictures with us. They would not take “no” for an answer. So here we are with a bunch of drunk, middle-aged, pot-bellied men (sorry if this is your dad :-).

Look at the expression on my face – hilarious!

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  1. UM…
    I am confused.
    Your anniversary is in AUGUST!

    Or is this an early gift? Did I miss that part or did I just out you?

    I want everyone to know that not only was I there for the proposal(well, immediately afterward), but I also knew about it well in advance. And I still have the video of us in convocation when you announce to everyone, “Our 1 year anniversary is next Tuesday!” and Tim has to whisk you away, for fear of any of us saying, “Duh–we know–and he’s gonna propose to you then.”

    Good times. Good memories.

    Good drunk men. Yes, that was the highlight of your evening and you totally know it.

    I love y’all…

  2. Hey! That looks like Uncle Larry, Curly and Moe! :0 :@ :$

    Everybody in the family has been looking for them. Who would have thought they’d show up in Indy.

    Time to go home boys……….the grass needs a cuttin’.

    Oh honey! That baby bump is so cute! Tim looks so handsome!

    Mom 🙂

  3. Happy early anniversary!

    Cute baby bump…

    the drunk uncles are funny. I bet they have no idea that they would end up on your blog for the whole world to see!

  4. Your and your husband’s faces are PRICELESS!!! Hilarious! I love the way they’re “modeling” their takeout boxes!

    It seems like it’s been forever since I’ve got to come over here! I’m off to read your whole page now–be prepared for random comments ;)!

    And I didn’t know that you knew Lula!—-she’s EVERYWHERE :)!

  5. great pictures! love your adorable baby bump – i can’t wait to see #2! wonder how many there will be altogether?!?!?

  6. Okay, so I’m a little late to this one, but I am laughing out loud for real on this one! Your face? Priceless! How good is your husband at making the best out of an awkward situation, with the finger pointing and everything?
    And: Sorry if one of em’s your dad…totally laughin’.

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