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I have started the task of spray painting all of the tacky brass door knobs and hinges in my house. I can handle the brassiness no more! I know everyone’s question will be:

But how does it hold up over time?


Because I knew you’d ask, I called the big dogs. Literally.

The representative from Krylon said, “The key to longevity is proper application and experienced spray painting. Prep the surface correctly and avoid applying too much spray. Let it cure for 3 days before touching to allow the chemicals to fully harden.”

The representative from Rustoleum said, “Make sure you clean the surface well with soap and water, and sand it. Then use Clean Metal Primer. Applying a clear coat is optional but will give you an extra layer of protection. I did this in my grandma’s house over three years ago, and they still look great.”

Now, I know this task may seem overwhelming to some of you, considering I have 18 doors in my house. However, even at a sweet deal, it would cost a minimum of $300 to replace just the knobs, not to mention the hinges.

So, what should a DIY enthusiast do? Spray paint door knobs, of course. I am going to take my time and paint one room a day. I don’t want to get impatient and cut corners, which I know I will tend to do if I rush.

How To Spray Paint Door Knobs

Here’s a step-by-step guide to spray paint door knobs, whether they’re interior or exterior door knobs:

Using a screw driver or power drill, unscrew all the hinges and knobs, being very careful not to lose anything.

Wash them with soap and water. I recommend using soap-soaked steel wool to clean them thoroughly. Let them dry. You can place them on a piece of cardboard for easy drying and avoid misplacing any of them.

Sand! Sand! Sand! I used a 150-grit Sandblaster pad from 3M because the sponge is flexible and can reach all the nooks and crannies. Sand every inch! You need a roughed-up surface. Do not skip this step. Sand. Did I mention sand? If you want the paint to stick, THEN SAND, FOR GOODNESS SAKE.


Wipe off all the dust created from sanding because you sanded really well, right? Let it dry, and then flip your pieces over and spray the other side.Following the directions between the coats of spray paint, allow enough time for the spray paint to dry. Make sure you spray from the directed distance away from your indoor or outdoor knobs. Light coats of paint are better than one thick coat. Take your time and lightly spray to avoid drips and achieve a professional finish. I used Krylon’s Brushed Metallic in a Satin Nickel.


Spray everything, including the screws. I stuck mine in Styrofoam to keep them in place while spraying.


I let them dry for a few hours before installing them. I would suggest waiting (if you can possibly handle it) for 3 days before installing them. I did not, but do as I say, not as I do πŸ˜‰


I am absolutely thrilled with the updated look. The Brushed Metallic paint has little flecks of shimmer that make it look so pretty and natural. Goodbye brass, hello class!


Two down, 16 more to go!

Click here to see how they are holding up!

Maintenance Tips for Painted Door Knobs

Once you’re done with the process of spray painting, your task isn’t over yet. You have to make sure you maintain the painted door knobs by doing the following:

Perform Gentle Cleaning

To keep your painted door knobs fresh and vibrant, regularly clean them using a soft, damp microfiber cloth or sponge. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or scrub brushes that could damage the painted surface.

Also, steer clear of harsh chemicals, solvents, or strong cleaning agents. These substances can strip away the paint coat or cause it to fade over time. Stick to mild soap and water for gentle cleaning.

Handle Your Spray Painted Knobs With Care

Treat your painted door knobs with care to prevent chipping or scratching the paint coat. Avoid using excessive force when turning or operating the knobs. Additionally, refrain from hanging heavy items or applying undue pressure on the knobs to ensure their longevity.

Perform Regular Inspections

Periodically inspect the painted door knobs for any signs of wear or damage. If you notice any chips or scratches on the paint, touch them up with matching paint color or consider repainting the affected areas to maintain a consistent appearance.

Practice Protective Measures

To provide extra protection, you can apply a clear fresh coat or sealant over the painted surface of the door knobs. This additional layer acts as a barrier against everyday wear and tear, helping to extend the lifespan of the paint job.

By following these maintenance tips, you can ensure that your painted door knobs retain their beauty and durability over time. With proper care, they will continue to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your doors and contribute to stylish home decor.

The Power of Spray-Painted Door Knobs

Spray painting door knobs has been a game-changer for me as a DIY enthusiast. It’s a budget-friendly way to ditch the tacky brass and embrace a stylish home.

Following the advice of experts, I prepped the surfaces, sanded like crazy, and applied light coats of quality spray paint for doorknobs. The transformation is incredible!

Not only did I save hundreds of dollars by avoiding replacements, but I also achieved a professional finish that adds class to every room. With a little maintenance, these painted knobs will continue to impress.

Say goodbye to nasty brass doorknobs and hello to a personalized, affordable upgrade!

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  1. I dread spending money on door knobs..my friend just spent $500 on her knobs! I may try this…but our door knobs our ugly too…we'll see if a coat of paint can help…first. Thanks for the tips.

  2. Thank you for posting this! My ugly brass knobs and hinges have been bugging me lately! I must try this!

  3. Oh my goodness! Thank you for sharing this! I also had looked into replacing our brass knobs and the price was just crazy. I am soooo going to paint mine! And my hubby doesn't know it yet, but he's going to be taking down all the old brass ceiling fans and we'll be painting those too… πŸ˜‰

  4. I love this idea-I have been dreading replacing everything on our doors, and $$$$ -I think this will be a good option. Thanks for the tip!

  5. I am sitting here wondering if my landlord would even NOTICE if I painted the knobs. He never lived in the house, bought it as an investment property and immediately rented it out to us.

    ALL of the fixtures in this house are blah! And I have to be here another year before we will move into our new home. Pretty fixtures sure would make the year easier! ;D

  6. that is so funny-i was literally JUST at the store reading the spray paint cans b/c I decided there was no way I was spending hundreds of $ on new knobs!!! it is my planned summer project-thanks for featuring it so I can see how someone else's turned out first, haha! πŸ™‚ the brass-SOOO gross!!

  7. My mom actually just recently used the Krylon Satin Nickel on all her cabinet door knobs (in both the kitchen and the bathrooms). She thought it looked so great that she moved on a did nearly all of the door hardware as well, and some light fixtures with brass accents. It looks wonderful! She finished her project last March, so its actually been about a year with no signs of wear. It looks so nice, she just made sure to let them dry enough and do an even coat! Hope it goes just as well for you!

  8. Fantastic improvement! This is on my to-do list and has been for awhile…but I want new doors first.

    ~ Sarah

  9. I did my kitchen cabinets. (Including the sanding.) I did NOT prime.

    It lasted 2 weeks, maybe.

    I found cute knobs at Target for pretty cheap to replace my mess-ups.

    Next time, I might try priming.

    Blessings to you,
    lana-banana (ilovemy5kids)

  10. We have done this to our brass knobs as well using the rustoleum and we need to touch up occasionally but it is a great money savings and well worth it πŸ™‚

  11. I did undertake this project and followed the same steps you outlined here … we weren't living in the place yet so it was easy to do them all at once … we did knobs and hinges for everything in the condo …

    they looked amazing … totally made the place look better …

    but unfortunately it does not last long … especially on the handles that get used all the time … the bathroom handles wore out first … then the laundry room … we lived there 3 years and when we went to sell the place we had to replace them all …

    so when we moved into our house I again wanted silver knobs rather than the ugly brass … but we bought a fixer upper and the doors were crazy bad so those were being replaced too … one at a time of course as we could afford it …

    I set up searches on ebay and craigslist in the surrounding areas … and put up posts hoping contractors would see it … what I was looking for was a contractor who had knobs they were looking to unload because they had more than they needed or a customer hated them …

    eventually it paid off … someone was selling 20 sets of silver knobs for 50 bucks … it was a steal and we snatched it up … took a couple of months before we found it but we have been there 5 years now and not even all the doors have been changed out …

    So I don't want to burst anyones bubble … because they do look amazing and really changes the look of a house … but they did eventually start wearing out …

  12. We, thankfully, bought this house with upgraded new knobs in all brushed nickel and the knobs are "handles" vs Knobs but I've done this quite a bit here lately with hardware on dressers and nightstands I've repainted. Never sanded any of them and so far they are holding up great. That Krylon is awesome!

  13. I haven't, but have spayed other metal things and agree, you must sand! Love how yours turned out, good luck with the next 16!!! :o)

  14. Liz how long ago was that? It sounds like 8 years maybe? I am hoping spray paint and evolved in the last 8 years and mine hold up. I figure it will be worth the investment for a little while and I can save my pennies in the meantime to get new ones.

  15. Love these!! I too have been doing all of ours with oil rubbed bronze spray paint. It makes all the difference…love spray paint!! Great job!


  16. Oh…I saw the comment on sanding…it is a must to rough up the brass before you paint to stay on. I also add a couple coats of clear coat…good thing they come in flat to shiny. πŸ™‚

  17. Thank you for posting this! I've wanted to spray paint my door knobs…but of course, I was scared it wouldn't turn out! Thanks for being so brave!;)

  18. I want to do this too with ORB. Most of our hardware is an antique brass color and I have heard that's coming back. But I like ORB so much better. I am curious how it holds up!

  19. If I could get my hubs on board (he hates change), I would totally do this!! I HATE the icky brass knobs we have all over the place. I wonder if the paint makes a difference with key holes?

    I'm hosting a Giveaway from The Tattered Flower today. Hope you might stop by. πŸ™‚

  20. I love how you did the research and actually called the companies ! I'm so impatient and gung-ho, I'd have just gone for it, and probably regretted not using primer later ! Glad you mentioned that step, especially for the touch-a-million-times accessories like doorknobs ! What a brilliant way to save some cash and get a high end look !



  21. This has been on my to-do list! I was just going to go ahead and prime them… without sanding… I thought the primer would work alone! I will now sand. I will sand for sure… did I mention I WILL sand! πŸ™‚

  22. Thank you, thank you for doing all the research for this! I've been considering spray painting my hinges and door knobs for ages, but haven't had the guts to go for it. My good friend just did this in her bathroom and said it looks SO much better. I'm sold!

  23. Looks great. I did mine about 6 months ago and so far so good. I used oil rubbed bronze on my knobs and hinges. Such a cheap way to make a huge difference. Great job.

  24. I'm gonnna really need to do this soon, thanks for sharing your tips/experience on this! πŸ™‚

  25. my husband is a real estate broker and one big selling point to many homes is not having the brass that was "in" several years ago. this is a great, inexpensive idea for updating your home to sell. i will have my husband pass this on to his clients who are trying to sell! thank you!

  26. We spray painted the hood to our stove silver to match our stainless steel applicances. We didn't replace the hood so we just painted it. It looks great – so much better than the beige. We were also planning on painting the hardware on the cupboards.
    I love the look of the door knobs. I will remember this.

  27. I have spray painted 2 knobs- and they look fine! i used rustoleum, and the clear coat, and have also done hinges, cabinets knobs,etc. Looks great! Love your new look!

  28. This is one of those things that has been on my LIST for ages! I've been putting it off because our doors are disgustingly ugly and I really want to replace them! I hate to do all that work and then put them back on ugly old doors. Youknow what I mean? I like the suggestion of posting on Craigslist and such for contractores looking to liquidate extra supplies. GReat idea! Although, I'm not patient…I may not be able to commit to that!


  29. Now what about exterior door knobs? My kitchen one had to be replaced after a break in a few years ago and money was tight so I just bought the cheapest one with a deadbolt (you guessed it: BRASS) and I have always wanted to attack it with my ORB spray paint (did some lighting fixtures with it last month) but I worry about the functionality of the keyed locks. That and the side that is outside- rain, snow, freezing temps….must research. Thanks for sharing!!

  30. I did mine last year and I have to say I did not clear coat them and the high traffic ones aren't holding up well. But, for the most part I'm still happy and it cost ALOT less than replacing them.

  31. I spray painted my kitchen cabinet hinges last year and couldn't be happier with how they turned out. I am just too cheap to pay that much money for HINGES.

  32. Thank you for this!!! I've been working on updating/freshening up my home since I moved in 3 years ago and the ugly brass knobs were something that I thought I just had to live with. I'm so excited to be able to do something about it now on my budget! πŸ™‚

  33. I spray painted my bathroom cabinet hinges. I'm happy to show how NOT to do it πŸ™‚

  34. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this post! I've been wanting to do this at my house for a while – even have the same rustoleum spray paint as you sitting in my basement – but I haven't been brave enough to try. Now I know exactly what to do, and I'm going to hop to it! (Just as soon as I go get primer and sandpaper that is…)

  35. I have been curious as to how this would work! Thanks for sharing! You have given me the courage πŸ™‚

  36. We have ugly brass handle knob thingies, I would love to try this. Maybe this summer when I can spray outside?

  37. wow…brilliant! I just discovered your blog—love it! Thanks for sharing all your incredibly creative ideas you are gifted!

  38. I spray painted my door knobs a few years ago using the exact same process – sand, sand sand; prime; paint; even a top coat. It didn't last. All the door handles are chipped making them even uglier than the original brass. After two years of looking at these awful things, I'm taking the handles off next week and hoping the Graffiti remover I bought will return them to their ugly (but less tacky than chipped) brass glory. If that doesn't work, it's off to Lowe's I go for new handles. I hope yours hold off better than mine did.

  39. Hi! Thanks so much for sharing this! We've been in our house for 2 years and have upgraded almost everything. The doors and knobs haven't been touched though. Soon I'll be taking on painting all the doors white (everything in the house was beige when we moved in *gag*) and I was planning on replacing the knobs at the same time. My husband works at Lowes and we get a discount, but still…they're very $$$! I love your step by step tutorial you give. You did a fabulous job…I just hope mine turn out as well! Thanks again


  40. I love this Thank you, I am definitely going to try this out, I have replaced 3 of my door knobs, but it adds up so stinkin' fast!

    Email me if you would be willing to let me feature this project on my blog! It is just genius!

  41. I featured your project during my Fab Friday Favorites at Black Kats Design. I hope you come visit and grab a button. It's such a good project!


  42. Hmmm… I think the computer ate my comment. Sorry if this is a duplicate.

    I featured your project on my Fab Friday Favorites at Black Kats Design.

    I just love this project and that you did the research for us.

    I hope you stop by, visit awhile and grab a button!

    Kat @ BlackKatsDesign.blogspot.com

  43. I am so excited you are doing this! I have been dying to paint my brassy doorknobs, but my hubs thought i was crazy. Now I am totally going to do it!

  44. I have the same brassy doorknobs. Yours turned out great. I never would have thought to spray paint something that gets so much handling.

    Thanks for linking up to Make it Yours Day at My Backyard Eden. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  45. Great Idea. I think ORB would look awesome too.
    Sorry I am behind on the party last week. I will post this to my favs for this evening.

    PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE-if you haven't RE-SIGNED up to follow me at the new site PLEASE DO SO. Google doesn't let you take your followers with you so you ARE NOT getting my updates and won't until you sign up again.

    Thanks for posting to the party

  46. I have contemplated it doing this on my door knobs, but I really want a completely new knob because ours are just so u-gly…however I may change my mind once I start pricing everything out.

    I have spray painted kitchen handles and hinges and they hold up ok. There are places where I've noticed a little chipping, but nothing I can't handle.

  47. Great idea! I spray painted all of my kitchen cabinet pulls several years ago with a hammered metal paint. They still look great – I'm very happy with how they have held up!

  48. Thank you, thank you for this tip! I wanted to replace all our knobs and hinges too, but it was too much $$$. I'm going to save so much $$ now, by reading your tut.!! My husband will be happy to hear I have an alternate plan, and he'll thank me for reading blogs!!

  49. Awesome! Even if it doesn't hold up forever, it would do for closets and doors that don't get alot of use.

  50. Oh wow! I just saw this today and you have inspired me greatly! I have been wanting to update the brass in all locations of our home. This gives me hope, since the budget doesn't allow for buying new. I will keep you updated on my progress.

  51. I did mine last year four doors & four deadbolts) no primer or top coat & all but the front door (which gets used the most) have held up well. I did sand alot & as the front door was the first one I did I think I just sprayed too close, too thick. I haven't done the hinges because I am not sure about getting the doors re hung square.

  52. We are spray paint junkies! It started with all the brass light fixtures and toilet flushes… moved on to toilet paper holders and other bathroom fixtures such as bars, rings etc… even my bathtub faucet and handles. Now we're moving on to door handles and hardware.

    Everything we've painted has held up very well using Rustoleum Dark Bronze with the exception of the toilet flushes. They get so much use they must be touched up once a year or so. My husband has only sanded and sprayed… no primer or top coat.

    My husband painted my front door RED! (so excited!) and the hardware got a great coat of the Dark Bronze. It looks amazing! Today the storm door's ugly tarnished hardware got the spray treatment and now thanks to your blog I've got him convince to rid the house of all of the ugly brass that I hate so so much!

    Even if it doesn't hold up in high traffic area it's a lot cheaper to touch up than to buy all new matching handles, lights, hinges etc… the person that eventually buys my house will think we're crazy… but I know that we're really just being GREEN πŸ™‚

    Glad I'm in good company! I'd love an update on how your handles are doing and holding up!

  53. Feel free to take a "featured button", if you like. I'm also signing up to follow you. I invite you to check out my blog at bobbypins boardwalk, and if you are inspired, please follow me in return!

  54. Thanx for the tip about spray painting the knobs and hinges. I hate the look of brassy knobs on white doors. Thanx for the tips and I am going to take it upon myself to start and finish this task.

  55. Thanx for the great tips. I will take upon this task as I can no longer take the look of brass door knobs on white doors. They just don't look nice.

  56. We just painted our front door black this week & replaced the dead bolt & handle (which were gold) w/brushed nickel. When we finished our basement last year we put in all the latest brushed nickle hardware – but the rest of the house still has gold. Gasp! I so want to get rid of all the gold now! I'm seriously considering your cheating method here! Because, like you – I sooo don't wanna spend the bucks on new ones! I might can handle (no pun intended) this task!

  57. i AM so doing this! thanks for the tutorial.. i hate sanding. =/ but it will be beautiful!

  58. Thank you so much for posting this. I starred it several months ago and am finally getting to it! Well, okay, we did just move in a little over a month ago.

    Right now, this very moment, I am in the process of waiting for the primer to dry–I'm still not sure how long I'll actually wait. But I had a question: I know that you also painted the hinges but what about that part in between the door knobs with the little part that pokes out and makes it so you have to turn the handle to open the door, did you paint that part? I took off the screws and took out the whole contraption but wasn't sure what painting it would do to it since it's a smaller movable piece. Anyway, just wondering. My husband is at work but I can get his open when he gets home, I just wanted to see what you did too. Thank you!

  59. The door knobs I did look GREAT! I am so glad you posted your tutorial. I went with the oil rubbed bronze spray paint. At first, we were worried they looked too dark but after the paint dried they look great! I do have a question about the hinges cuz I haven't done those yet–how did you figure out not to get too much paint inside the hinge? I don't want to affect the hinge in any way. It looks like you just sprayed it like normal, were the hinges ok after you replaced them? Thanks!!!

  60. I am a HUGE fan of spray paint!! I pretty much spray paint everything. The high traffic areas didn't hold up too well for me, but it's easy enough to spray them again. My biggest problem is scratching or chipping the paint when I am trying to open a door with stuff in my hands. I need to break myself of that bad habit!

  61. Thank you so much for sharing this! I was just talking to my hubby the other day about possibly spray painting our door handles and he was very skeptical about it. I will definitely be trying this!

  62. I painted all our knobs and hinges in our home. I cleaned all with rubbing alcohol and sanded well. I primed with 2X primer and used Krylon Oil Rubbed Bronze on the knobs and hinges. For the screws I pushed them through and bottom of an egg carton. For the price of 4 cans of spray paint they look amazing and are holding up very well.

  63. What a great idea on adding some class to your brass! haha. It's good to know you can do it cheaer tan we think!

  64. Great idea. I've been wanting to do the same but I'm too lazy to take the knobs off. πŸ™‚ Yours came out great. How are they holding up?

  65. Do you know how much your inspired me with this? I just wrapped up a mini bathroom re-do, and instead of replacing the hardware, I spray painted it! It looks great! Thank you for another marvelous idea!

  66. I have redone all of the metall inside and outside of my house (light fixtures and knobs in and out) and have found after several years that they hold up well. I used AUTOMOTIVE Paint and primer. IT is, of course, created to withstand the elements. Go to automotive store. The people there will glad to help you.

  67. Thanks for the tutorial! I am tackling the bathroom hinges tomorrow..I never would have known all of these steps without you! πŸ™‚

  68. I am SOOO doing this in my apartment! I replaced one light fixture in the bathroom, but I'm just going to paint the other two now. Saves me about $50. And if it wears off after i'm gone, oh well. I've already laid laminate wood floors in the kitchen and bathroom, and I was going to replace all the knobs and keep the old ones to change back, but this is much more cost and space effective!

  69. I did this to our ugly brassy ceiling fans. I was ready to toss them out, but they were a good brand and I thought I'd try it. They look amazing now! I still need to do all the hinges in our house…

  70. Hi Beckie,

    It's been almost a year since the post – I'm curious how the knobs are holding up? I'd like to do this to, but it is such a big time investment.

    Thanks! πŸ™‚
    – Lori

  71. Hi my problem is big for me . Question I can’t take off my door knobs because I don’t. Know how too. But can I sand it on the door prime it then spray paint it by way it is my front door a double door is it possible to do this.

  72. I tried this and had trouble. Some knobs had a metal rod sticking out of them so I poked those into cardboard from a box to try to hold them. I put the flatter knobs right on the cardboard. It was hard for me to get the paint evenly sprayed and some knobs have runs and places where you can still see the brass. I tried to do two to three light coats (obviously, they weren’t light enough). The Krylon’s Satin Nickel also had metallic flecks vs. seeming one smooth, matte color. I’m trying to figure out if this is because the brass is peeking through or if it is the way the paint was designed. The person at Home Depot sold me the paint and primer in one. Perhaps this is part of the problem, along with my inexperienced technique.

    Tomorrow, I plan to try to sand away the runs and spray paint the parts that still had brass. I might have to buy another can of paint (I did 12 knobs for six doors, plus screws.) The handle felt a little tacky after an hour. Will see how it feels tomorrow. I hope I can salvage this project. Any salvage suggestions are welcomed. Also, if anyone has a better technique for holding/spraying the knobs, please share.

    Thank you!

  73. I wouldn’t. I would definitely figure out how to remove them. But that is just my opinion. I just think it would be hard to spray it while attached.

  74. I was curious about the painting of knobs and hinges, so I Googled it. I am a little confused by all the comments about it costing hundreds of dollars to replace knobs, however. I just priced them at Lowe’s for only $10 a knob. I think I’d rather just spend the money!

  75. Hi there. I too am wanting to do this. I bought the same spray paint but…

    It seems that the color is suuuuuper sparkly and has too much glitter. I’m shocked that NO ONE has experienced this. Any thoughts or comments??

  76. For the final step. You need to use a Clear Polyuerthane coat to protect the finish. Krylon does have one in spray form. Otherwise your going to end up the the finish wearing off from use.

  77. You can if you choose. I haven’t on mine but I also let them cure for three weeks before I started using them. But it does not hurt to add the layer of protection.

  78. I was thinking of doing this in my apartment. How have your knobs held up? I’m really anxious to get started but I don’t want to start if it doesn’t last.

  79. So glad to see this. I just suggested this to my husband. We are painting out french door and wanted to replace the knob. However, we couldn’t find a dead bolt that required a key on both sides. He was a little skeptical about painting the knobs, but I’m sure this will help in convincing him. Thanks!

  80. have done it in 2 different homes, I used car spray paint… (first time was a very long time ago, there are lots of great paint out now, not back then) lasted for a few years!!! not bad for 6.98…
    I even did it on the front door handle set, just redid it every 2 years…

  81. So I’ve been spray painting now for about a year and half. I have to say that my first projects were definitely learning experiences. This is what I’ve learned: 1) you have to slow down. I know that when I first started I was so eager to get the project done I was way to heavy handed with the paint. This lead to drips like crazy. Now I apply several light coats and it looks perfect. Honestly, it will actually be faster and easier to do it that way! 2) you have to clean AND sand the surface. I HATE to sand with a passion but if you don’t that paint with chip off SO easily that the time you spent painting will just be a waste. 3) prime before you paint. I know this can be annoying but if you are painting a dark wood surface especially it just helps your top coat/color go on much more smoothly. 4) GIVE THE PROJECT TIME TO DRY!!! I moved a desk into my house way to early and the paint literally peeled off. You have to give it time to set or again you’ve just wasted your time.

    It sounds to me like you tried to combine too many steps into one and may be putting your paint on too thickly. Try cleaning, sanding, priming and then painting several light coats. Primer and paint together is never a good idea. Good luck!

  82. If you don’t mind me asking what type of spray paint did you use? I typically use Rustoleum for my projects because I feel it has way better coverage. I’m wondering though if Krylon would be better for this project????

  83. I used the Rustoleum clean metal primer and then I used the Krylon for the metallic. Rustoleum has great coverage for sure. But I wanted light coats so it wasn’t heavy.

  84. I just bought knobs at Lowes too and after installing them I quickly removed them!!! Wow was I disappointed. They made horrible noise and felt cheap. I decided to paint our brass decorative knobs and am currently waiting for them to cure. So happy I kept our very solid knobs. They may need a touch up now amd then but well worth it in my opinion. They just don’t make things like they used to:)

  85. Okay. I spray-painted our outside French door handle and key hole ORB about 2 years ago…it has aged really well. I did not prime nor did I sand the brass…I used liquid sander stuff. Looks like I’ll give it another go next spring because it’s starting to wear on the edges (this door is used a lot all summer long). I’ll try the sanding, primer, paint AND the clear coat this next time! But, I will say, it looks kind of cool, almost a patina, with the old brass showing around the edges. I could not find knobs/handles to fit this door (it was a custom thing) and I didn’t have any another affordable option other than paint. Think I’ll do a few indoor handles to try out your great hints! Thanks again!

  86. Sorry, I meant to say that I used golf teens in the key holes to keep the spray paint out!

  87. I’ve done this in the past…used Rustoleum Bright Coat Metallic Finish Gold V7710…with no sanding, priming, or clear coats. Worked great and looked great on hinges and doorknobs. However, over time, rubbed off the doornobs. Hinges still look good. Contacted Rustoleum…rep said not to use this product (it was a leafing metallic), and using a clear coat would mottle the color. Rep recommended Stops Rust Metallic spray….but I don’t like the colors in that line. Am still looking for a suitable product….I like the muted gold…any suggestions?

  88. I don’t. Mine has held up great after all these years so I would try and find a metal paint you like and just go for it.

  89. How about health wise- breathing in so much spray paint leads to cancer. What kind of mask do you recommend to wear?
    How many years is “after all these years? that your hardware has lasted?

  90. So far three years. Once the vapors burn off (usually 3 weeks) it is no longer harmful unless you are putting your mouth on it.

  91. You know I am not sure. You might have to test it out. I think it would work but then I wonder if it would strip the finish too much. So to answer you question…I don’t know. HA!

  92. I started to try this but when I sanded the handles they actually got shinier. Did I just sand them too much?

  93. I just tried this at my house! These are great instructions and I followed them. Instead of a silver look I used Rustoleum in rubbed bronze . I let my knobs dry for a few days before trying to put them back. Also, glad that you mentioned painting the screws! This project saved me a lot of money and I love it!

  94. I just found this post and love it! I have over 10 doors (probably wont mess with the unfinished basement) that all have different color hardware. The previous homeowner painted most of the hardware to match the painted doors (different in each room) or are some nasty shade of brass. As we remodel each room, we paint the doors a bright white but I’d love for the hardware to be oil rubbed bronze. We replaced one closet’s hardware with oil rubbed bronze because the knob was broken. It looks great! Thanks for the tips!

  95. Hey there. I’ve heard people use black stove paint to paint the brass on their fireplaces… seemingly without any prep.. I was thinking of trying this on our old brass hinges… I wonder if it would work.. hmmmmm

  96. I’ve been looking for this door knob style. As a matter of fact I’ve been looking for them in the color you’ve finished them in. Do you know the brand of this door knob and if it comes in brushed nickel?

  97. Hi Beckie,
    We moved into a very cute and comfortable cottage on Lake Huron last October. I have been busy putting my stamp on it. There are lots of painting projects to do. Our door knobs are not brass, I could handle that, they are copper and so are the hinges. I only have 4 door handles to work on. After reading your post I may just try it. Two of the four doors we do not close so those would be the ones to try first. The handle for the main door is new and it looks like polished satin nickel so I guess I would be good to go. Thanks for the inspiration.


  98. You are welcome! Sounds like you have some fun DIY going on over there. I was very happy with how my knobs held up over the years and hope you have the same success. My dad actually has a lake house in Michigan. There’s no place I’d rather be in the summer!

  99. Go on you tube. How to take a door knob off with hidden screws. Great video. Easier than you think. I originally went nuts trying to get ours off.

  100. Did you spray any coat of protector after the nickel finish? How are things holding up still?

  101. Nope, I just finished with the nickel spray paint. I no longer live in this house, but they were still looking great after years of use when we moved.

  102. I wouldn’t myself. I really think the additional primer coverage is more durable. But I am only speaking from experience on Krylon. Maybe you can google search it and see what others say.

  103. Thanks, also, did this work with doors that have key holes and locks to turn by key or hand? I’m assuming if it does I just need to be careful to spray thin layers so it doesn’t glob and not work?

  104. We are going to try this, taking the knob off the closet door in the master bathroom nobody goes in there so it will not matter.

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