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I am in full-on outdoor decorating mode.  I changed out my brassy outdoor lights with updated sleek modern lanterns, I made four garden boxes last week, we are planting a garden this weekend and I put together two flower pots as well.  Next up is repainting my plastic shutters and my front door.  I can’t wait to show you the transformation.  Well here to show us her outdoor transformation is one of my contributors Brook from Being Brook.  She is here to show us her spray painted wicker chair transformation.

Hi Infarrantly Creative readers! It’s Brook from BeingBrook and I’m excited to show you how I’ve been giving my porch a little spruce up. One of the things I’ve been wanting was a wicker chair. I just love the texture wicker adds to a space but don’t love the price tag on a new wicker chair. Strolling through my local thrift store I found this wicker chair for $15! It was dirty and the wicker on the legs was coming unraveled but I knew I could save it! I started by giving it a good scrub down on a nice sunny day. A vacuum and an old toothbrush can help get into the crevices. Then I let the sun dry it out completely.

wicker chair

The legs were coming unraveled but luckily the wicker hadn’t broken off.

fixing a wicker chair

I used some Quick Hold Craft adhesive to glue to the wicker back into place. I chose this glue because it sets in a few minutes and it’s waterproof.


Once the glue had cured 24 hours it was time for spray paint. I chose Krylon White in Gloss finish. The gloss finish will make wiping the wicker down easier. The chair took three cans of paint.


My tips for spray paint success:

1. Wear a mask.

2. Do many lightcoats at about 10-12 inches away. Trying to do a heavy coat leads to drips.

3. If you get a drip then wipe it off immediately and after it dries you can spray that spot again with a light coat.

4. If your finish isn’t glossy and you have glossy spray paint then you probably need another coat of paint. The sheen will come once there is even coverage on what you are painting. After my first coat you could still see the wicker peeking through. That’s totally okay and the best way to avoid drips is to do lighter coats of paint. The Krylon paint dries in about 10 minutes so you can do the coats of paint pretty close together. I try to spray paint on days that we are already out doing something in the yard. So I do a light coat and go pull weeds and then come back and do the next coat.

paintwicker5 Done!! Love my “new” chair. The spray paint was $3.50 for each can and the chair was $15 so I spent $25.50 total!


My new front porch! The table was from the thrift store too and cost $5 and the white bench was an old one we’ve had for a while and I painted it to match my new wicker chair!

paintwicker7 Thanks for letting me share my new porch Beckie! I’d love to have you visit me at BeingBrook!

I so would love to hop on over to Brook’s house and sip lemonade on her front porch.  Too bad thousands of miles separate us.  See what awesome outdoor things Brook as been up to lately.

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  1. That is a beautiful chair for $15 + spray paint! What a great find! Brook’s porch looks wonderful. Can’t wait to see your garden boxes Beckie! I love gardening and we expanded our raised garden this year and now have 8~ 4 x 10 raised beds. It’s so much fun watching everything grow.

  2. Sure sounds like you are having fun w/ all the outdoor projects – can’t wait to see the final results! Beckie’s DIY is sure to be a popular one! I once got a pair of floor sample wicker chairs that our local Pier 1 was practically giving away – $5 each. The only thing wrong was some chipped paint (and that they were painted black – yuck!) A simple spray paint of a delft blue color and I had two gorgeous wicker chairs! Great idea!

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