Many of you ask what I did for my birthday a couple of weeks ago.  If you know me, you know I make a big deal out of my birthday.  We have birthday month, and then birthday week, and then my actual birthday.  But then I actually wasn’t born until 10:40 p.m. on the 10th so really the 11th is still within 24 hours of that date so I get that day too. 🙂

However, about 7 years into our marriage my husband and I made a terrific decision.  My husband is an “experience guy” and I am a “gift girl.”  After receiving dreadful gifts from my man, and my man being disappointed after no unforgettable birthday experience we decided to plan our own birthdays!  Best decision ever. So the only rule is the spouse has to have a great attitude and come along for the ride.

So one of the things I made Tim do for my birthday was to go thrifting with me.  The only time he goes to Goodwill is when he needs to get an old man suit for some skit he is in for church on Sunday.  So he got to experience Goodwill in a whole new light — as a scavenger.  On our hunt we found this cool magazine rack.  It was solid wood and had wonderful spindly shape to it.  It was a hefty $4 but I loved it and knew it had some potential.  So we hauled it off with us.IMG_0610 I sanded her down and cleaned her well.  She stunk to high heavens.  I think she sat in a musty basement for 40 years.  UGH!  I could not wait to get paint on her.  I spray primered and coated her with Heirloom White.IMG_0613 I felt like she needed a little glazing.  All those creases and crevices were begging for some aged goodness. So I wiped on and wiped off some Ralph Lauren glaze in Smoke.IMG_0615 She is delightful and perfect to hold all the magazines that arrive at my doorstep monthly.IMG_0616IMG_0617IMG_0619I always cash in my points for reward programs for magazine subscriptions.  I get Family Fun, The Family Handyman, MS Living, House Beautiful, Better Homes & Gardens, and Readymade. And the man gets the ESPN magazine. So I am always curious…what magazines make their way into your magazine rack? 

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  1. I love Real Simple and speaking of simple, your month sounds wonderful and simple and fun. Great project and time well spent.

  2. Country Living, Real Simple, Woman's Day at the moment. I think a birthday month is a fabulous idea! But in reality, I just hope my husband remembers. He forgot completely one year!

  3. Now THAT is a magazine rack! Love the new look. I get Southern Living, Martha Stewart Living, Family Circle, and Good Housekeeping. They also keep sending me Parents magazine, even though my subscription expired in January. :s

    Wanna know how many of those mags I actually get around to reading?? 😉 I have stacks waiting to be read. (blushing) But I do love them all!

  4. May I just say that I couldn't imagine why you bought that magazine rack – and then I saw how cute it looked painted white! I love how you can see the potential in things!!

  5. I treat myself to a scrapbook/card making magazine every six or seven months because I hang onto them indefinitely for their ideas. I used to get Martha, I miss it, she's amazing! Love the finished magazine rack-it came out lovely!

  6. Please go read my blog for yesterday and you will see some of the latest magazines in my rack.I just happened to write about them yesterday. I have a rack very similar to yours. Thanks for the painting idea.

  7. Love the way the magazine rack turned out. It is a good size too, it will hold a lot of magazines that is for sure! My rule for my daughter's on Mother's day is to spend the day with me doing what ever I want to do. I cherish every one, and they end up having a good time too. Birthdays..well kinda want to start forgetting about them at my age 🙂

  8. Wow – that is awesome. I have an old wooden magazine rack in my downstairs bathroom. Thanks to you it will be my weekend project!! LOVE it! I get Women's Day, Creating Keepsakes and Paper Crafts. Hubby gets a couple racing and car magazines and my teenager gets 17 Magazine. Plus I'll buy People or Real Simple or O Magazine once in a while at the store! So, we have JUST a few magaznes lying around the house! I'm so excited! Thanks for the great inspiration yet again!

  9. I get Parents, Parenting, Women's Day, OK!, Traditional Home, Marie Claire and Family Circle (ALL FOR FREEEEE :-D) Your magazine rack looks fabulous. I,too, would never have bought it as I do not have nearly the eye you have. Looks great!

  10. Family Fun, Parents, Mothering I'm not exciting at all. But I DO sometimes splurge for People in the grocery store checkout line.

  11. LOVE it! I just revamped a thrift-store magazine rack this week myself. I'm using it in our school room to store books for "free reading" time 🙂

  12. Your spray painting bug has landed in my front yard. I have been spray painting anything that didn't move and a few things that tried to. I am having such fun. Thank you for introducing me to the fun of spray painting. They are starting to look at me funny when I go to buy more spray paint probably think I am sniffing it (YUCK) or whatever they do with it to get a buzz (Double YUCK)

    things painted:
    a desk, a mirror, a dress up mirror w/drawer for Hadley, a heart cutout shelf, two bedside tables, a coffin (blanket chest actually) a bench, a coffee table, an entertainment center for boys room, oversize chair (yes the one I got out of the dumpster while thinking of you)and two pieces left to do are a hutch and a wood chest.

  13. ok…you have convince me that glazing is a necessity!! I just painted an old desk in a beautiful vanilla bean color and am having a hard time committing to glazing and distressing the beautiful finish I created. I was planning on going to the paint store after I checked email and am glad I opened your link! I'm off to Lowes! Magazine rack looks great, btw!

  14. I love Flea Market Style, but they do not run a subscription service yet. I purchase it at Borders or Barnes and Noble. I love love love it! They also have a blog that I follow as well.

  15. Good find! For some reason I read that last sentance and saw "what magazine fills up your crack?" That's a whole 'nother post…

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