Spray Painted Doorknobs Pt 2

I painted two door knobs in my house.  Before I did it I got expert opinions on the right way to do it.  You can read all about the process here.


So the big question I get asked is…

“How have they held up?”

Well it has been 5 years and they have gotten used and abused…opened, shut, twisted and turned. They have held up amazingly well. Here are some pictures of them now.



The only part that has some scratches are the actual closure and strike plate.


You can see from the opening and closing it has gotten scuffed up.  But I purposely have not been easy on them because I wanted to give them normal wear and tear.  The two knobs were on a 17-year old boy’s room.  So of course we have experienced WEAR AND TEAR! The picture below is a brass one I haven’t painted.  You can see that area gets worn a bit no matter what.  Obviously with the spray paint it is more worn though.


On one of the knobs there is a small scratch.  I have no idea what that is from.  Overall I think I am ready to paint the rest of the knobs in the house.  I think they hold up amazingly well and it is worth the touch up to me in order to save $500 on new knobs and hinges for my whole house.


My advice? Read my tutorial here.  Do it exactly the way I outlined for you.  But the biggest thing is…do not touch the knobs for one whole week.  Paint takes 21 days to get the hardest cure it will get.  The longer you can wait to touch them the better they will hold up.  You could also spray the knobs with an acrylic sealer to give it another layer of protection.  I chose not to because I like the flecks of silver in the paint I used. I heard that adding a sealer tends to change the look of the metallic paints. I think it makes it look “more natural” with no sealer.

Would I do it again?  Absolutely!  I plan to.  Since the strike plate gets so scuffed up there is always the option to purchase those in the finish of your choice.  They are only $1.50 each for my brand.0997210If replacing your knobs is not an option spray painting them is a real option.  It is cheap and when done properly will yield great results. Nothing upgrades your house more than getting rid of the brass and upgrading to a new, more modern finish.  So there you have it!