Soldered Art Pendants

So I am trying to perfect my technique of soldering. I used a cheap Wal-mart soldering gun in the past and it has taken me forever to complete them because the gun doesn’t get hot enough. So I broke the bank and bought myself a Weller 100 watt gun. It is a lot nicer. I still have a long way to go (in my mind) until I am 100% satisfied with my soldering job. But with each one I improve dramatically. Here’s my lastest…



I want to make holiday ornaments with pictures of Isaac for the grandparents. Since they all read my blog it won’t be a surprise but I can’t help but share with all my blogland friends my latest creations. Maybe it is because I like all the nice comments. I have realized something about creative people. We don’t have a lot of confidence in our own skills and we rely on the affirmation from others. Shan and I discovered this when we did craft bazaars together. It was way easier to promote and market each other’s wares than it was our own. When you create something you put a piece of yourself into the project. So when people don’t like your stuff it feels like rejection. Maybe I should go to counseling 😀