• Patriotic Craft – Presidents Day Pillow
    In honor of President’s Day I thought I would repost my patriotic pillow of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln with penny button details.  Now this pillow doesn’t get much use.   However, I do pull it out for the week after Valentine’s Day and again near the 4th of July.  And everyone always comments on how … Read more
  • DIY Halloween Pillow with Candy Corn Pom Poms
    Happy almost Halloween yall! I made an adorable DIY Halloween Pillow with Candy Corn Pom Poms. It was so quick and easy since I got some help from IKEA…read on to find out how I made this adorable Halloween Pillow that even your kids can help you make! How to make the Pom-Poms There are … Read more
  • God Bless America Sign – Made with Paint Sticks
    Happy Friday ya’ll! I am assuming most of you are not officially on summer break. My kids got out of school a week ago, our garden is in full bloom, and salad and strawberries are my diet right now.  Anyway, I have been in a hugely patriotic mood lately.  It seems like I have lived … Read more
  • St. Patrick’s Day Crafts
    Today I thought I would highlight a few St. Patrick’s Day crafts from the past to get you inspired! I am not one to even remember to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day, which is a total knock to my Irish dad who wears green, goes to an Irish Pub, and sends me a Happy … Read more
  • Make Your Own Thanksgiving “Be Grateful” Pallet Art
    Back in February I made a super inexpensive and large piece of pallet art for Valentine’s Day.  Since the colors were in the scheme of my current living room pallet I have left it up all year round.  I decided to tackle the project again and give it a little Thanksgiving spin with the words “Be Grateful.” {I know I skipped right over Halloween and onto Thanksgiving.  HA!}  I never want to be limited by the holiday decor so I made it without any leaves or autumn colors. This project is really easy and cost less than $10! 

  • Back to School DIY Apple Mason Jar
    The apple is notoriously known to remind us of teachers. I wonder where that originated? Hmmm. Anyway, this DIY Apple Mason Jar is super easy to make and can be used to gift a zillion different things inside. I love the summer with my kids so much. Throwing our regimen and schedule out the window and … Read more
  • Lucky Pillow
    I needed to change out my President’s Day pillow and update it with the current season/holiday. So I started playing around with my Silhouette machine and cut out some fabric to create a St. Patty’s Day pillow. It also happens to be National Craft Month so it certainly fitting to get crafting! Supplies: Silhouette machine … Read more
  • DIY Unusual Pallet Wall Art
    I am not a huge seasonal decorator.  Are you?  I don’t have a lots of tchotchkes and other décor to just change it up every season.  I am pretty simplistic in my approach to decorating.  I usually decorate maybe one entryway table seasonally and maybe add in a few new pillows since I love making them. I decided to create a large DIY “LOVE” art for Valentine’s day.  However, I used untraditional Valentine’s day colors so I can display it year round.  It looks like a mini pallet.

  • DIY Patriotic Sign “I Pledge of Allegiance”
    DIY Patriotic Sign “I Pledge of Allegiance”. The 4th of July is right around the corner. We add a few patriotic decorations to our house. I bust out my President’s Day Pillow and my “God Bless America” Button frame. Throughout your school years, how many times did you recite “the pledge”? It’s safe to say … Read more
  • Be the Good in the World {Paint Stick Project}
    I have adored the Ghandi quote “Believe there is good in the world,” with the emphasis on “Be the Good” that many people have made into pallet art, t-shirts and printables.  I wanted a smaller sign for the gallery wall in my studio.  Armed with some 5 gallon paint sticks I got to work on it and I am so pleased with the results.

  • DIY Spring Sign with Flowers
    Well it is officially March and I see the leaves popping up for my daffodils.  I get so excited when I see those because it is the first real hope of Spring. While we have had a mild winter in Ohio, I am known to be a seasonal complainer when winter is around.  I love … Read more
  • 5 Ways to Decorate with Your State
    Maps are such a fun and easy way to make your house feel like home! Whether you’ve moved around a lot want to display all the places you’ve lived, or you’ve stayed in one state your whole life, maps can make any space feel personal, and they’re a great conversation piece! 1. Giant Framed Art … Read more
  • Pull Over Your Head Novelty T-shirts
    Hello Halloween lovers!  We actually trick-or-treat in our neighborhood tonight.  I have been known to stretch the Halloween season around my house and let my kids dress up in Halloween garb way before and after October 31.  These fun t-shirts are sure to make your kids giggle, and possibly get them out of their costumes … Read more
  • Oh The Places You’ll Go OHIO Sign
    It is so amazing how you do your best to plan your life out and it usually ends up nothing like you expected, but more blessed than you ever thought possible.  Never in a million years would I have believed you had you told me 20 years ago I would live in Virginia, California, Washington, … Read more
  • Fourth of July Serving Pieces
    The 4th of July is just around the corner and ideas for red, white and blue desserts, favors, and decor will be abundant in blogland.  In fact I have teamed up with over 100 other bloggers to inspire you to celebrate America the Beautiful. At the end of this post you can hop around and … Read more
  • Teaching Kids About Money with Spend Save Give Jars
    This is a wonderful way to teach your kids about money with these DIY Spend Save Give Jars. One of the values that I desperately want to teach my children before they leave the nest is how to be a wise person with their money.  I feel like the education system doesn’t do a great … Read more
  • Vintage Exit Sign from an Old Drawer
    I love injecting a little quirk in my home. I talked last week about the yardstick wall I installed in my mudroom that is a little quirky.  I am a lover of vintage signs… especially when they tell you what to do.  HA!  Signs like do not enter, exit, stop, and slow down are all … Read more
  • Pet Name Custom Art
    I am a sucker for sweet sentiments, custom art, and meaningful decorations on my walls.  Which is probably evidenced by my family room gallery wall, Kayla’s gallery wall and my mudroom gallery wall.  Each of these spaces make me smile because it bring backs memories, sweet words spoken or moments of life captured. While I … Read more
  • Gold Glittered Heart Wall Art
    If you have been around here any length of time you know I am not a huge fan of seasonal decorating.  I love having classic decor that can be left out year round. So while this month does celebrate love that doesn’t mean we can only display those items in February right?  This gold glittered … Read more
  • DIY String Art Project Step-By-Step (Very Easy)
    Welcome to this DIY String Art project Step-by-Step tutorial. For the past couple of years I have adored string art. It has been on my list of things to try forever. After perusing The Honaker Homemaker’s etsy shop I was finally inspired to give it a whirl. Lauren has amazing work and amazing prices. If … Read more
  • Personalized Beyblade Case
    Do you have a younger elementary age boy? Do they love Beyblades?   My son Isaac has loved shouting “3-2-1 Let It Rip! since kindergarten†  That is Beyblade speak for those of you who have no idea what I am talking about.   I made this project years ago when we needed a storage option … Read more
  • Wine Gift Bag
    So I am no wine connoisseur.  In fact I haven’t found a wine I like.  But maybe my taste buds will develop beyond a 5-year old one day and I won’t be so picky and I might enjoy a glass.  However, I have friends and family who love going to wine tastings and trying different … Read more
  • Reversible Glittered & Monogrammed Wood Slice – OH YEAH!
    Hello friends I am back to share a Make-It Give It project as part of an ongoing campaign with Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores to encourage creativity! Today I am going to show you how to can make a beautifully handmade personalized gift that you would be proud to give.  It is a reversible chalkboard … Read more
  • Dollar Store Advent Calendar
    Do you love the tradition of the advent calendar?   Here is a creative idea for an advent calendar using Dollar Tree pails and a large board.  What kid doesn’t love the anticipation of something special each day to countdown to Christmas?  And these pails from Dollar Tree are perfect to put a small treat, … Read more
  • Be Grateful Pallet Art
    While this month is a great time to focus on all the blessings in our lives, really anytime is great time for that.  I am always trying to get my kids to have an attitude of gratitude.  This sign is just a reminder of all the things we have to be grateful for.  So I … Read more
  • Pom Pom Flowers in Mirrored Boo Jars
    Hey guys.  I took a break from building my mudroom lockers (tutorial and pics soon) to do a quick Halloween project.  Sometimes you just want to do a quick project to feel some sense of accomplishment when you are in the midst of big builds.  I am going to show you how to make a … Read more
  • Wooden Shipping Crate Toy Box
    Corralling toys is always a struggle in our home.  It seems like the open topped chests work best for our kids to make a clean sweep quickly.  They can just toss their stuffed animals all into one, sports stuff in another, etc.  Old shipping crates with wheels make perfect toy boxes.  I found a free … Read more
  • Indiana Love Sign {Paint Stick Project}
    Back in September I hosted a State Pride Tour with a bunch of other DIY bloggers.  It was seriously so much fun creating a project that culminates the place you call home.  I decided to tackle another Indiana project that honors Indiana farming.  One of the main crops in Indiana is soybeans.  In fact Indiana ranks 4th overall in soybean production.  Did you know that Plaid makes Soy paint?  My guess is – many of those beans came right here from my great state.

    Indiana state sign DIY
  • Measurement Conversion Chart

    Back in 2011 I redid the inside on one of my cabinets to hang all of my measuring cups and spoons and then added in a vinyl measurement conversion chart above that.  Between these two projects I have gotten over 177,000 pins and those two posts continue to be in the top 5 pages visited on my site each month – two and half year later.  So I thought I would revisit it. To this day the cabinet looks exactly the same, and I have not lost one measuring spoon or cup – minor miracle and an organization success in my book..

  • Meaningful and Custom Name Board
    Yesterday I shared with you about the ultimate trade I made with my personal trainer friend Erin.  We are currently working on decorating her son’s room as part of the trade.  Her and her husband created the planked and shelved wall like I made for Isaac’s room.  It looks awesome, but it needed some color and custom art – one that was encouraging but also empowering.  I designed it in the Silhouette Studio program…free file available. custom word sign
  • Magnetic USA Map Puzzle
    This month’s Silhouette promo (begins tomorrow) is on all their specialty media like printable canvas, magnet paper, tattoo paper, foil, adhesive cardstock and more.  My 2nd grade son is currently learning the 50 states in school.  I thought cutting out a blank USA map on some magnet paper would help him learn his states quicker.  Let me tell you…it is helping me learn too.  Apparently my US geography sucks since my husband had to put the puzzle together initially. #geographyfail usa-map-magnetic-puzzle 
  • Handmade Halloween Cards {with free Silhouette cut file}
    Kayla absolutely loves art and I am always looking for useful projects she can do.  Yesterday she got a card in the mail from her other grandma and is itching to write her back.  So today I came up with come cut out Halloween cards that she could color or use washi tape behind it to dress it up.  She loves getting to use mommy’s special tape so she was all over it.  I made the Silhouette files available for those that have the machine.  This would be a great Halloween classroom craft for teacher’s too.

    silhouette ghost halloween card
  • State Pride Tour: Indiana
    Welcome to State Pride Week. This week I have partnered with 30 bloggers to showcase a project, craft or recipe to showcase our home state.  I currently live smack dab in the middle of the USA in Indiana.  I took advantage of my states initials and created an “IN love” silk screen that I can use over and over again.  I chose to make some pillows and a canvas out of my “IN love” silk screen. state pride tour: indiana
  • Stenciled Pillows: Painting on Fabric with Acrylic Paint
    Sarah from Sarah M. Dorsey Designs is the new kid on the block here on Infarrantly Creative.  I admired her style ever since being graced with her amazing talent on Creating With the Stars (which she won by the way!). I begged her to come on board here on IC so I could showcase her skills.  I know you will love her creative ideas as much as I do.  And anyone who loves painting fabric as much as I do has gotta be awesome.  Today she is here sharing some handmade stenciled pillows she created for cheap – plus she is sharing the Silhouette files with us.  Please give a huge IC welcome to Sarah. Hi Infarrantly Creative readers! I’m Sarah from Sarah M. Dorsey Designs and I’m so happy to be sharing a super easy, budget friendly way to update your sofa with stenciled pillow shams!
  • Handmade Checkerboard
    My kids love Melissa & Doug Wooden Toys. They are such high quality toys and we always seem to ask for them for gifts. Each of the sets come with a wood crate that stores the set. While I love the crates they really could use a top on them in order to make it … Read more
  • Sharpie Marker Gift Mugs
    Who knew that you could make sharpie markers on ceramics permanent by heat setting it? Heather from Whipperberry that is who!  Today she is here to share with us a very simple gift idea using a white ceramic mug and a sharpie marker.  I love personalized and custom anything so this is right up my alley. sharpie art gift mugs
  • Weathered Wood Monogram
    We are almost done with Denise’s living room as part of Operation Restoration: Home Edition. I am hoping for a living room reveal this week {fingers crossed}. Next we are moving onto her pre-teen daughter’s room.  We are going for a beachy surfer girl room.  I am already using this surfer girl printable as art … Read more
  • How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You Sign
    I scored some free fencing off of Craigslist earlier this year.  I have been using some of it for backdrops for my photos.  Trying to keep on a tight budget with this Operation Restoration: Home Edition project forced us to think creatively about art on the walls.  Since Denise loves the rustic feel anyway I … Read more
  • Love Tree Wall Art
    I found this Love Tree Wall Art on Land of Nod.  I have a friend having a baby girl and her nursery is midcentury modern with bright primary colors.  I thought it be a cute shower gift to make her some modern art for the baby’s nursery. Using 7 different premium vinyl colors from Silhouette I was able to recreate this using my Silhouette Cameo. vinyl_heart_tree_thumb
  • Embellished Canvas Bag
    Women’s bible study is starting up for the fall in a few short weeks. Toting my bible study book, bible, notecards, highlighters and pen prove difficult without a bag. So I thought I would make an embellished one with some rosettes and ruffles. One of my favorite upbeat worship songs is “Oh Happy Day” by … Read more
  • How do you Apply Rhinestones to Fabric – Basketball Mom Shirt
    I am no stranger to my Silhouette Cameo machine but after two years of working with Silhouette I had never tried the rhinestones. I was very hesitant because I have never had luck with blinging stuff out before using rhinestones. Well I tried the Silhouette rhinestone kit this month and let me tell you…I was … Read more
  • Wood Slatted Sign {Roadkill Rescue}
    I was challenged this month on Indy Style (the local lifestyle show I am on monthly) to repurpose an old playpen from like the 1950s.  Now, I am not a safety freak but this thing is scary to put a small child or baby in.  Holy nelly!  But the piece was solid and it had … Read more
  • Vintage DIY Football Scoreboard Tutorial
    Yesterday I showed you the overall finished sports themed bedroom that we designed for my nephew. Today I am starting the tutorials for each aspect of the room. In the Pottery Barn Kids magazine they have this cool vintage looking baseball scoreboard. It is just one of the art pieces in their photo shoots and … Read more
  • Give the Gift of Memories this Mother’s Day – Personalized Photo Gifts
    I really want to give the Gift of Memories this Mother’s Day! Yes, again it is right around the corner and giving handmade is always a sweet and sentimental way to show your mom you care. My mom happens to think her grandbabies are the perfect creatures of this earth so I decided to make … Read more
  • Personalized Pennant {Pottery Barn Kids Knock-Off}
    My sister-in-law is giving me a new nephew in about about 6 weeks.   Austin Joshua Farrant is set to make his debut sometime before May 15th.   She is in full on nesting mode trying to get her other son situated in his new room to make space for Austin.   Of course, this … Read more
  • Trace Function on the Silhouette Studio Program
    If you have a Silhouette machine and haven’t quite figured out how to trace objects or shapes you find on the internet then this tutorial is for you.   This will go through the steps of taking an image and tracing it to be able to cut it out in your Silhouette studio program. I … Read more
  • Clothespin Bag Tutorial
    My mom had an old, ripped clothespin bag from Wal-mart that didn’t last very long.   She asked if I could revamp it for her. So I used the old bag as a template and created a tongue-in-cheek “pin up girl” bag to house her clothespins. Supplies: Dropcloth fabric red and white gingham fabric sewing … Read more
  • Pallet Art Silhouette
    Creating beautiful decor out of pallets is the rage right now.   While this isn’t exactly a pallet project it could easily be just by picking up some in the back of an alley (asking permission of course).   Yesterday I showed you how I used some fence pickets to make some old barn wood … Read more
  • Birth Announcement Pillow
    Today I thought I would show you a personalized project that you can make for a new mom.   It is an adorable birth announcement pillow that I found at Uncommon Goods. With the Silhouette Cameo machine this project is so simple to make.   It is like subway art on a pillow.  If you … Read more
  • Bird and Banner Pillow
    Yes, I know I have a mild obsession with pillows! Does anyone share in this love with me?  I can’t help it. It is just a simple, easy and inexpensive way to change a room up, add some color or some some festivity to your home for a holiday.  I made a personalized bird and … Read more
  • Birthday Princess Shirt
    Happy Birthday to my little princess!   She is three years old today. We (my mom and I) are taking her to see Disney on Ice — Dare to Dream today.   She is going to FREAK out when she sees all the princesses.   Like most girls her age she has an obsession with … Read more
  • Stamped Spoon Ornaments
    I try and make one unique ornament commemorating my kids each year.   Last year I did another silhouette one framed in a small embroidery hoop.   I still love silhouettes so I did it again, this time on a spoon. Cheap Dollar Tree spoons are the perfect beginning project to try out metal stamping. … Read more
  • Christmas Glitter Pillow
    I am kind of going through a glitter phase so I was excited when I got to try out the Tulip Glitter Sheets.  In my mind, the only way I would purchase these were if they could be cut out with my Silhouette Cameo since my cutting skills are a close second to a kindergartner. … Read more
  • Personalized Wedding Sign
    This project is a quick and simple gift to give a bride and groom.  I actually did this the day of the wedding that is how easy it is.  This personalized wedding sign is a wonderful gift because it serves two purposes.  The first is to give the guests directions when they arrive at the … Read more
  • Chevron Trash Can
    I admit I am a late blomer when it comes to trends.  Most of the time it takes a while for me to warm up to a new idea.  Then by the time I love it the fad is over.  So I am finally jumping on the chevron bandwagon…about 6 months late.  I decided a … Read more
  • Painted Knife Block
    I don’t know why it never occurred to me to paint my knife block before now. I wanted to add a few more red accents in my kitchen and thought I would attack my knife block with some red spray paint.   Doesn’t the updated block look so much nicer {and cleaner}? I have had … Read more
  • This Month’s Silhouette Promo
    It is the time of the month again for the Silhouette promo. Is there anyone on the face of the Earth who hasn’t purchased a Silhouette who still wants to?   Well here is the deal this month if you do: 1 Silhouette SD machine 1 package of white flocked heat transfer material 1 package … Read more
  • Roadkill Rescue: Changing Table to Shelf
    My latest curbside find was an old cracked and falling apart changing table.   It looked like it was probably pretty inexpensive.   After driving past it several times in my neighborhood I decided to pick it up and see what I could transform it into.   After much thought it became a hanging shelf … Read more
  • Personalized Easter Basket
    Being the last minute person that I have been this month I am just now creating Easter baskets for my kiddos.  I got this magazine called Chasing Fireflies sent to my house a while back and they have the cutest kid’s stuff.  I saw an adorable personalized Easter basket that I decided to replicate.  It … Read more
  • Wash Your Hands Wall Art
    After a few devastating attempts at glass etching I remembered I had some frosted Silhouette vinyl that would work for my glass etched wall art for my bathroom.   I am usually not over the top with washing hands.   But since that nasty stomach bug left our house I have been a bit more … Read more
  • Interchangeable Faucet Words
    I have one of those cheap faucets from Moen.   You know the kind that they put in a new house where you choose the option “stock” when they ask if you want upgraded faucets?   If you go to Moen’s website and you click on bathroom faucets and you order them from the least … Read more
  • Backgammon Game
    Our family loves playing games.   One of the games my husband and I played all the time in the early days of marriage was backgammon, or as well call it, “Acey Duecey.”   Backgammon is a fun half strategic/half luck game that you can play with two people.   I decided to repurpose some … Read more
  • Naughty or Nice T-Shirt
    My kids didn’t have any Christmas shirts so I thought it would be fun to make some.   I started out with my son’s shirt first.   If you know Isaac you know he can be the sweetest, most tender-hearted child in the world.   Then there are times when he is a stinker!!! I … Read more
  • Ballard Inspired Laundry Sign
    I saw this fantastic laundry sign in my latest Ballard Designs catalog.   For a mere $129 you too can have this laundry definition giglee print.… Or you can make your own! I actually had all the supplies on hand except the screws for the crystal knobs.   So I spent $1.12 total for this … Read more
  • Subway Art Address Sign
    I got reallllllly familiar with the digital vinyl cutting feature on my machine this week.   I created a Subway art of all the places my husband and I have lived as a married couple. Do you know what I have discovered?   WE HAVE MOVED TOO MANY TIMES…and this is the longest we have … Read more
  • Ultrasound Picture Frame
    I wanted to show you something cute I made using the Silhouette Cameo. It is always so exciting when you hear of someone having a baby.   I always want to give them a gift to celebrate the new life and big changes coming into their world. So I designed a matte to fit into … Read more


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