I have a thing for advent calendars and counting down to holidays…as you can probably guess since I am so fond of my Hershey Kiss Boards.  Well Silhouette has a new advent calendar countdown available in the their store.  It is regularly $39.99 but if you use the code “IHEARTIC” you can get it for $29.99 through November 11th.

Enclosed with the advent calendar you get a free download to use with your Silhouette SD or Cameo to cut out all the little drawers or boxes.  So you can personalize the calendar with the papers and embellishments you like.calendarBoxes


Now I will be honest with ya and tell you it took me about an hour and a half to cut out all the little boxes with my Cameo and probably another 45 minutes to glue them together.  So this isn’t a quick project.  However, Silhouette does all the work for you so it is easy…just time-consuming.

All you need is some patterned cardstock.  Since you need 25 pieces of cardstock I found it was easier to buy a coordinating cardstock pack.  I got the Ornamental Christmas pack from Paper Studio at Hobby Lobby on sale for $10.


Then get real cozy with your Silhouette machine and just start cutting out all the coordinating boxes or drawers and vary your papers to your liking.


Then I used the new Glue Glider Pro from Glue Arts (pictured above) and adhered the cardstock drawers together.


It is so cute and I am excited to see what others in blogland do to decorate theirs. Right now I still have to put the numbers on mine.  I can’t figure out if I want use vinyl, paper, stickers, paint or stamps for the numbers.  So until I get the inspiration mine is a little plain. 

But kids love these and my kids are the perfect ages to enjoy the excitement of the countdown so I am going to milk it for all its worth.


Use the code “IHEARTIC” to get the Limited Edition Advent Calendar for $29.99 at Silhouette.

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  1. So cute! I love advent calendars but I’m childless so I’m wondering how many more I can add to the three I’ve made :/ need to start finding homes for mine 🙂

  2. Hi,
    I love your blog and you have tons of cute craft ideas but you have a really really glaring grammar mistake in this post. Please please fix “It is so cute and I am excited to see what others in blogland do to decorate there’s. ”
    The word you are looking for is “theirs”, plural of “their”, indicating possession. “There” is used to talk about location, like “there it is!”.
    This is meant as constructive criticism, and I love the Silhouette boxes and I think it’s just a matter of time before I crack and buy a Silhouette Cameo! They are soooo cool.

  3. I am totally in love with this advent calendar and finally broke down and bought one just now. I made sure to use your code again! Love your paper choice too!

  4. Yay thanks Tiffany, I really appreciate it. You will love it. It is a really nice choice for an advent calendar with room for notes and trinkets inside the box.

  5. Hi, I’m so happy to see this, I designed that paper pack for Hobby Lobby. I live in the U.K so don’t get to see it in the shops. How you have used the paper looks great! Very inspiring.

  6. How about friends and family or even a coworker??? Advent calendars filled with beauty items would be great!

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