My bloggy friend Amanda is having a “Show Me the Progress Party.” I decided I would join in. I am really bad.

I never show you my progress I always so you the process and the finished product.

So I thought I would show you my project midway through.

I am having heart palpitations just showing you this without a gorgeous reveal.

Remember that serene spot I created in my master?  IMG_0424 Well it has now been overtaken by a painting project…IMG_0427IMG_0428 I decided my laminate TV cabinet needed a makeover.

It is a rather heavy piece of furniture so I decided to take the doors off and spray those with my spray gun downstairs but to paint the base upstairs.

So my serene spot has not been so serene for about a week and a half.

Does anyone else ever do this? Since I am in the middle of the project and my room is torn apart I decide not to make my bed and just throw my clothes wherever they land.

I guess me mentality is if the whole room can’t be clean why take a moment to clean it at all.

Well here it is with a little paint on it…IMG_0429

I have got to get this done like NOW since I showed you my progress.  If I blog about this a month later you will know my bed hasn’t been made since then. 🙂  Come on, I showed you mine.  Are you going to show me yours? Progress…that is!

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  1. Beckie, I am so honored that you would link to my party. 🙂 I really really like that pretty blue paint you've chosen. It's going to be such a fun piece!

    I love this party b/c now that I shared my own "Progress" (in the form of plans/ideas for the Kitchen) I'll have to step it up and follow through. I think it's okay to not always feel pressured to have perfect, finished projects to share. So I'll celebrate your Progress with you tonight. 🙂


  2. I love "Show me the progress" idea, because that's the entire reason I started my own blog – even if no one is listening, it's a place for me to document what I'm plotting and whether it's coming together. The pictures are also very effective in helping me see things through a more objective eye. I've only been working for five days, so everything here is merely progress.

  3. ha, love this! half the posts on my blog are about progress, it keeps me motivated. 🙂 Janell

  4. I do like the idea of showing what we are working on. This looks like it will work great. I am here from Amanda's party. I have checked on your blog off and on since you posted your WONDERFUL "gameboards on the wall" post. I am hoping my son-in-law will do that for me some day. Thank-you for sharing.

  5. Oh Beckie I am in love with the serene colors you have been using lately. This tv cabinet is just another beautiful piece to add to your ever-growing collection. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  6. Beckie – first, thank you for posting on my blog!! I love the idea regarding pops of red, though I'd need to warm my husband to the idea…
    I had no idea one could paint something laminate. What paint do you use? My oldest son just moved to Manhattan and although he has a wonderful walk-up in the village, all his cash goes to rent. He needs furniture! We have some old stuff in the basement I could transform for him if painting laminate is actually a possibility. Could you mention in your blog what your process is? Thank you!

  7. I'm loving what you are doing- I can't wait to see the finished product!! BTW- love your spot in in your master bedroom. Also, it makes me really happy when other people can admit that when one of their room/house is a mess they tend to let the rest go to pot!

  8. I would love to know the color of the paint on your walls in your bedroom! It looks really nice with your other decor. Also, thanks to your reupholstery tutorial (with your "new" black and white chairs), I found some wingback chairs (for free) on the side of the road (now that's roadkill-rescue!) and am attempting to refinish them. I'm about halfway through with one of the chairs– and I'm excited! I would never have even thought that I could possibly do it if I hadn't seen your tutorial! Also…I must confess that I would never have believed that such "old" chairs could look cute and modern with new paint and fabric until I saw your chairs! Thank you for your inspiration!

  9. I love that paint color! Your cabinet is going to look amazing when you're finished.

  10. Love the color blue you've chosen 🙂 Looking forward to seeing the finito! My bed hasn't been made in wayyyyy too long…

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