Showing the Progress

Show Me the Progress

My bloggy friend Amanda is having a “Show Me the Progress Party.” I decided I would join in. I am really bad.  I never show you my progress I always so you the process and the finished product.  So I thought I would show you my project midway through.  I am having heart palpitations just showing you this without a gorgeous reveal.

Remember that serene spot I created in my master?  IMG_0424 Well it has now been overtaken by a painting project…IMG_0427IMG_0428 I decided my laminate TV cabinet needed a makeover.  It is a rather heavy piece of furniture so I decided to take the doors off and spray those with my spray gun downstairs but to paint the base upstairs. 

So my serene spot has not been so serene for about a week and a half.  Does anyone else ever do this? Since I am in the middle of the project and my room is torn apart I decide not to make my bed and just throw my clothes wherever they land.  I guess me mentality is if the whole room can’t be clean why take a moment to clean it at all.

Well here it is with a little paint on it…IMG_0429

I have got to get this done like NOW since I showed you my progress.  If I blog about this a month later you will know my bed hasn’t been made since then. :-)  Come on, I showed you mine.  Are you going to show me yours? Progress…that is!