Tim is a self-professed coffee snob. He loves a good cup of Starbucks coffee. What excited him even more is sharing his obession with his son. When Isaac and Tim go to Starbucks the lady gives him a small kids cup with water in it. Isaac thinks it is so great. I know Tim hopes one day Isaac and him will enjoy coffee together. He never could get that with his wife (coffee-yuck!!!) so maybe Isaac will fulfil that dream. ūüôā

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  1. cute pictures! I knew there was something wrong with the whole thing when my 8 and 9 year old nephews wanted a ‘steamer’ and Connor has to have his starbucks hot chocolate. Wasn’t there a time when slurpees were enough? ūüėČ

  2. Cute pics! Steve takes the girls to Starbucks every Saturday morning. I think it’s a fun date for them. They only get a doughnut and water though.

  3. OOhh, he’s getting so big and so cute!! Uh, totally talking about Isaac. Sorry, Tim.

  4. It’s Tim with the mini-male Beckie!!!!

    I’ll drink coffee with these boys anyday.

  5. Cute…one of my boys first words were “tar-bu” (starbucks). When H got is little car for his 2nd bday, the first words out of his mouth were, “see ya, gotta go starbucks!” and he drove away.

    He is getting so grown up!

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