I have done a Shaklee giveaway twice before.  I am literally in love with Shaklee Get Clean products.  I could do an infomercial for them…for reals!

Bonnie of Donahue Wellness contacted me in May to try the products out and since then I have used nothing but Shaklee Get Clean products to clean my house.  I bought my dad some for Father’s Day — he’s obsessed.  I have three of my best girlfriends using it — they love it.  Why? 

1. Because it hands down is the best cleaning products I have tried. 

2.  Because it is cheaper than any commercial products out there.

3.  Because it is all natural so you don’t have to worry about the nasty effects of toxic chemicals.

All of Shaklee Get Clean products are super concentrated so they last a long time.  Case in point My Basic H will probably last me two years.  This bottle makes my degreaser, glass cleaner, and all purpose cleaner. This is how much I have left after 9 months of use.IMG_2137I have recently started using their laundry products.  The Nature Bright stain remover is UH-MAZING.  I no longer have to pre-treat anything!  I just throw a scoop in there whenever I wash my children’s clothes (because I know there is at least one definite stain on them) and it gets all the stains out every time.

Okay the last product I have to highlight is the Scour Off Paste. 

This little vial of scrubbing power gets off the toughest stains. Rust, lime and caked on gunk is no match for the little jar of power.  Embarrassing case in point…

My oven before


My oven after


Seriously guys I wish I could come into your house and let you use all of these products so you could be convinced.  I am definitely a Shaklee Get Clean user for life.

Bonnie also has a blog called House of Grace.

HouseofGraceShe has an awesome post on cleaning.  Click here to read her cleaning post of 2010 for more ways to use the Shaklee Get Clean Products.

Bonnie is giving away 10 samples of the Basic H to ten Infarrantly Creative readers. Each sample can make 2 bottles of household cleaner.

Leave a comment telling me what is the worse household chore for a chance to win. Good luck and may the dirtiest house win 😉

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  1. hello…cleaning the oven is the worst!!! And I heart Shakelee!!!! Crossing fingers for a win!!

  2. I live with a man so the worst is the toilet, by far! It seems like I can never get it clean enough so I'm willing to try anything!

  3. Okay, I seriously want to win. My LEAST favorite household chore is changing the diaper genie refill…oh my gosh. 😛

  4. I am terrified to clean my oven… you can't even barely see through the window 😛 Yuck! I would love to make my oven look like new too!!! 😀

  5. Oh my gosh, I could really use this! I'm a terrible housewife because I'm too busy crafting to clean! (I got priorities, ya know?!) And I hate using those commercial products full of chemical yuckiness! So can I say that all household chores are the worse? LOL.

    Ok, if I had to pick one, it would be the stove. The whole stove! The top and the oven too. Grease stains are the worse! Hey! At least I cook dinner for my family! 🙂 We may have a dirty house but we have full bellies! LOL

  6. I would LOVE to try this stuff on my ALL TILE shower! Yes, three tile walls, tile ceiling and tile floor. To top it off it has one of those awful sliding doors!

  7. OH MY GOODNESS TOILETS!!! I hate toilets, showers and well bathrooms all together. There are only 2 people living in my house but three bathrooms, why we insist on using all three (meaning you have to clean all three) I will never know! I would love to try this also because I have a baby coming in April! It would be nice to have natural products so she is not exposed to chemicals!

  8. My top 5 worst household chores

    #5 floors
    #4 fridge spills
    #3 tub/shower,
    #2 stove grates/oven
    and the number 1 worst chore in the house….


  9. I would love this! I definitely would have to say toilets, closely followed by incessantly cleaning my dogs' nose prints off my windows :).

  10. right now I am hating dishes ~ because of the white residue I have to scrub off after I use the dishwasher. I've heard Shaklee has some pretty amazing stuff that will prevent the scrub-after-dishwashing-cycle chore. I'd be a happy camper!

  11. The bathrooms are my least favorite chore, although many days, any chore is my least favorite! I'd love to try this product out as I've heard great things!!

  12. My fridge is the worst because it doesn't get done often enough and is a reminder of how much money I waste on food.

  13. Scrubbing the glass in my shower. I cannot get it clean for anything and I just hate to even look at it – yet alone try to clean it anymore. UGH.

  14. I've never heard of Shakelee…I'll have to check it out. The worst has to be the stove top. I never fail to boil things over then they get baked on and horrid in the drip pans under the electric coils. I HATE cleaning them so much I'll occassionally just go buy new ones (insert blushing icon!)

  15. My least favorite household chore is laundry, hands down! But keeping the bathroom clean & germ free, with 2 potty-training toddlers is a close second!

  16. Where to begin. I hate all of it! Would much rather be doing something fun like sewing. Bathroom doesn't bother me, but the fridge! Would love to try some of these products, thanks for the giveaway.

  17. If there is one job I will always procrastinate doing, it's cleaning the bathrooms. Ugh. Small spaces with tons of cracks and crevices, and hard to reach areas. And its a job that I can't pawn off on my kids, because there's no way it would actually get clean. I'd be willing to try some green, non-chemical-ly cleaners.

  18. I've always wanted to try these products! I've been a fan of Mrs Meyers cleaning products but have always heard great things of Shaklee.

    My worse household chore? Toilets! I have 3 boys and a husband, need I say more? 🙂

  19. The shower is the worst and I just received the scour off paste a couple of weeks ago. This stuff ROCKS!!!! My range and oven haven't sparkled like that – and with so little effort – since they were new!

  20. My bathtub! And there is a super stubborn ring around the hall bath toilet! So I guess mine would be bathrooms! Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. Scrubbing the bathtub is the WORST chore. Seriously, I will scrub the toilet and cat litter box clean before I do the tub! My toaster oven probably comes in second because it is so small and hard to clean.

    My dad used to buy Shaklee products when I was growing up! We had a lot of their nutritional products around when I was a kid.

  22. Definitely the tub and shower. We've got 8 people in this house and 4 bathrooms … I can never stay on top of them!

  23. We're potty training a little guy so for me – the bathroom because somehow, I find urine everywhere even if I'm cleaning the bathroom every other day!

  24. Just went to my first Shaklee presentation a couple weeks ago. Honestly, I was more interested in the vitamins, but the H2 stuff looked pretty, pretty amazing.

    Worst job? Would definitely have to be the toilets. I'll refrain from posting embarrassing details.

  25. Worst household chore is laundry. Its down in the basement and cold down there, so hard to motivate me to go down there.

  26. I would say cleaning the oven since I don't think we've ever done that since moving into this house(4 years ago). However, I HATE cleaning the showers!!! 🙂

    sunshinekmp at yahoo dot com

  27. OMG definitely the tub & shower! I can NEVER get them clean enough! I'm always looking to try a new product!

    Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

    elisegeorgoussis at gmail dot com

  28. Cleaning the oven. Definitely cleaning the oven. (After that, it's keeping the bathtub clean. Or the toilet. Or… Okay, it's a lot of things.)

  29. Worst chore: windows.

    Man, could I use some cleaning stuff. We are moving and need to make this place spick and span to show- and hopefully sell. Ugh, it's going to be a chore.

  30. Toilets for sure. We just moved into a house and there are hard water deposits and nasty stains that I can not get rid of. Makes me gag just looking at them. I'd love to win and try out this stuff!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  31. I hate scrubbing toilets! UGH – gross. People's butts were on them and I have a 3 year old boy – lots of pee around :S

  32. I hate cleaning the shower and the bathtub. Anything that has soapscum on it. I would LOVE to try this because I've heard nothing but good things!

  33. I would love to try this stuff! I hate cleaning the bathroom and unloading the dishwasher.
    tiffdeon at yahoo dot com

  34. We have really hard water in our rented house (so we can't do anything about it sadly) and the shower and sinks are insanely difficult to clean! UGH!

    rachel.fickenscher at gmail dot com

  35. Worst household chore in my house would be getting the showers/tubs clean. Vinyl tubs are such a pain to get clean…it is the chore I have considered hiring someone to just come in and do for me. I honestly prefer picking up dog poop to cleaning my shower/tubs.

  36. I don't like cleaning the tub/shower. It's too hard for me to reach and I haven't figured out a good way to clean the hard water areas off.

  37. I really hate cleaning the microwave! mostly because i am on the shorter side and the microwave is above the stove, i need a stepstool! lol. a close second is the toilet, two 4yr old boys live here, need i say more?

  38. Yikes – just one? Because I have RA, there are a number of chores I find difficult. No products I have tried have given me the "muscle grease" I lack. I leave the shower to DH since my attempts are pathetic. The one big thing I feel frustrated in cleaning are the kitchen cabinets, believe it or not. Not as nasty as a toilet or as an oven in appearance, but getting that grease off of them is the worst! I feel like I have to clean them 3 or 4 times and they still feel "gummy." AARRGGGHHH! That has to be my biggest frustration.

  39. My least favorite thing to clean by far is the kitchen. I'm not sure why. I would even rather scrub toilets than give the kitchen a good deep clean!

  40. Cleaning the oven used to be the worst, self-cleaning made that go away! Now if I could only get rid of the bathroom. The shower, toilet, floor. Ugh!

  41. OMGoodness!!! i MUST try these products!!! The stove/oven definitely take the cake here, but the bathroom is a very close 2nd. 🙂

  42. There are so many horrible household chores to choose from! 😉 The worst though is cleaning the bathroom (and it got a lot worse once my son was out of diapers!)

  43. love that the product is chemical free. i'm allergic to most cleaners 🙁 so i have to wear gloves & mask, just to do household duties.
    i think the worst chore, besides toilets, is the grout around the tub/shower. seems to build up so quickly, and hard to remove!

  44. My husband is really good at…"missing!" and my dogs like to get in the shower and lick the water up…so I alwaysss have puppy prints in there! i hare cleaning the bathroom period!

  45. The worst household chore has to be the bathroom. You can't do a shower easily and toilets are often gross.

  46. I would have to say the bathroom is the worst for me. I have never tried this product but have seen it many times now blog reading and would so love to try it.

  47. It goes back in forth between cleaning the shower and the oven! Neither of them are any fun at all! I would SOOOO love to win! Thanks for the giveaway!

  48. Oh my goodness! I enter every time there's a Shaklee giveaway because I want to try it so bad! I should just suck it up and buy it myself, but I like to try things first. For me, the worst jobs are around the bottom of the toilet (I have no problem with the inside of it. You have a long handled brush between you and the grossness!) and the inside of the oven (which REALLY needs to be done…and I'll totally go ahead and buy the Scour off stuff for because that looks amazing!).

  49. Cleaning the bathtub definitely… and cleaning the bathtub while pregnant is the ALL TIME worst. Boy do I need this!

  50. Toilets! Toilets are the worst! Especially cleaning around the base and way behind…yuck!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  51. bathtub. toilets. shower (cuz you feel like you need a shower after, right?) so, I guess any bathroom duty is the worst for me:)

  52. I want to try these products even more each time I hear about them, and now that I have a new house I REALLY want some! My least favorite thing to clean has got to be the toilets. Especially when you have men around who have very questionable aim, lol.

  53. I'm not entering to win but wanted to give an endorsement for Bonnie and Shaklee. I am a lover of Shaklee and have become a Shaklee distributor myself because I believe so strongly in the quality of their products. Not only are the cleaners incredibly effective (hello Oprah's Favorite Things!) but they don't contain chemicals that can be dangerous to your family's health! If your kids have asthma issues you MUST give the Get Clean products a try (and give your kids' lungs a break!). And yes, their vitamins are the best around. I heart Shaklee and you will, too!

  54. The worst household chore… deffinatly the oven. Ours looks much worse than that 🙁
    That reminds me, I have so much scrubbing to do…
    Anyway, I would give ANYTHING for natural cleaners! I have two toddlers running around and every time I see them eating off of the floor I want to scream, not because of the germs, but the chemicals they could be ingesting. Or when I bathe them the night of cleaning the tub… I'm worried they're soaking in harmful chemicals.
    I'm just a tad bit paranoid >__>

    So thanks for the awesome chance to win!

  55. I would love to try these products! I hate cleaning the bathroom the most because a) it's full of gross germs, and b) the fumes from bathroom cleaner + small small space = being unable to breath the chemical-filled air! Yuck!

  56. Hands down, the worst household chore is laundry. It never ends. There are a minimum of four steps, unless you have to pre-treat or iron then there are more. Oh, how I vehemently dislike laundry. I can hear my dryer at this very moment.
    I would love a stain remover like the one you mentioned above. Boys (young and old) sure know how to make stains.

  57. My oven looks worse than yours did! I can't believe how well the cleaner worked, and, it doesn't have the fumes of the stuff I use.

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  58. Well I am just over 8 months pregnant and so the tubs and toilets in my house are my current arch nemesis.

  59. Mopping, dusting, vacuuming, cleaning the bathrooms…. all of it is terrible. In my next life, I want to have a housekeeper!! LOL

    Love your blog BTW

  60. Hi Beckie! Laundry (because there's always so much of it and I don't always catch stains in time), bathrooms & windows are the worst for me. I've been wanting to try Shaklee since you first started writing about it, I've just been too cheap to buy it! =) -Dana

  61. In my world, the worst household chore is mopping the kitchen floor. It's probably because I feel like I do it all the time. My littles are so messy, and our floor gets icky fast!

  62. I love Shaklee and have been using their cleaning products. Someone is definitely going to be happy with their Basic H!

  63. The bathtub. It was nasty when we moved in and it's even nastier now. I think I should get the worst mom ever award for bathing my kids in it.

  64. The bathtub. It was nasty when we moved in and it's even nastier now. I think I should get the worst mom ever award for bathing my kids in it.

  65. The bathtub. It was nasty when we moved in and it's even nastier now. I think I should get the worst mom ever award for bathing my kids in it.

  66. The bathtub. It was nasty when we moved in and it's even nastier now. I think I should get the worst mom ever award for bathing my kids in it.

  67. The oven is by far the worst but a close tie with my smooth top stove. I can't ever get it clean enough to make me happy!!

  68. Thank you for the chance to win!

    I think the worst cleaning job is pulling out the oven and having to finally work on the grime that has gathered and the food that has fallen all over the cabinet and floor where all that ick falls that you don't see and hope will go away if you ignore it……. but alas… it never just magically disappears or is cleaned by gnomes

  69. I want to try this product out so bad! I keep seeing it everywhere and everyone swears by it! Seeing your oven made me ecstatic! I tried to clean mine out last week with zero success! I'd love to try it on that!

  70. Oh my goodness I have been wanting to try Shaklee forever! I HATE cleaning the oven! I avoid it at all possible costs and unfortunately it show!

  71. Your oven pictures has me wanting to try these products!! For the worse thing to clean is two things for me – toilets (men…need I say more? 😉 ) and bathubs/showers. I truly feel like no matter how hard I scrub and what I use, it just doesn't come clean.

  72. We have hard water and it makes me so angry, stains the toilets builds up in the showers and tub.

    AND MY WHITE sink…… who puts a white sink in a kitchen… It wasn't me… I can never seem to keep this thing clean, i scrub and bleach and just give up.

  73. The worst chore for me is laundry. I have a two year old son and a husband who works in construction, so it is never ending.

  74. everyone says "toilet" but mine is definitely the kitchen – worrying if it is disinfected, making sure the counters and cutting boards are clean, sweeping and mopping the floor… that's my most dreaded cleaning spot.

  75. Like many others, my least favorite chore is cleaning the toilets — although mopping the floors is a close second. Gosh, I hope I win this — I've been seriously thinking about ordering the Basic H to try so winning a sample would be fantastic!

  76. trying to clean my scratched and stained "white" sink! I HATE whomever put a white porcelain sink in! Who said yellow was the new white?

  77. Oh ho, the oven is the worst. It takes forever and it seems perfect. And then you use it. I've been wanting to try Shaklee for a while.

  78. Crusty microwave or oven. I thin oven's worse just because it's bigger and your arm is always at a weird angle.
    yuetong27 at hotmail dot com

  79. The spaces around the 'hinges'? of the toilet seat…and worst when friends who are over playing with my boys are the culprits!!! You know they say it's different when it's not your own child's…THAT IS THE TRUTH!!! UGH!

  80. The oven is a real pain to clean, but so is the bathroom, so how about both! 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  81. I know I'm crazy, but my least favorite chore is unloading the dishwasher. I'd much rather clean the bathrooms. I know. I have issues. 😉

  82. My worst place is the rug. We got a puppy last year, and suffice it to say that he did his business in places he shouldn't. I even bought a rug cleaner, but don't feel like it is clean. we are going to tear the rug up this spring and put in a wood floor. My next worse place is definitely the oven. I can never get everything off, and I am allergic to the oven cleaners. This means my husband has to clean the oven when he has time (or I can beg him into it.)

  83. Well, I just cleaned the mattress, pillows, and sheets from the baby's vomiting episode last night. So I would have to say laundry or mattress cleaning! lol

  84. I would have to say the tub/shower. After spending my entire Super Bowl Sunday removing the sliding glass door and scrubbing the grout with a toothbrush, I am at the point to where I would rather shower outside with the hose than clean the shower ever again!

  85. Hands down–THE BATHROOM!! But mopping floors is a close second. But right now if you saw the inside of my microwave, you would be ashamed of me. I guess I need a lot of help in the cleaning department :0)

  86. Cleaning garages is terrible – because they hold so much dirt from the outdoors.
    – Danielle
    other-option AT hotmail DOT com

  87. My least favorite chore… tough I hate it all! I guess it would have to be dishes! Prior to moving I did not have a dishwasher so it was even worse. I now have a dishwasher but I still struggle with doing the dishes. Once they are in the dishwasher they may stay in the dishwasher for a while because I hate loading and unloading the dishwasher.

  88. For me the worst chore is definitely cleaning the bathtub – hate it. I have to say you make these cleaning products seems particularly enticing. Hope I win! cneaglefan at hotmail dot com

  89. Cleaning the stove (particularly after a long stove cleaning hiatus…) and inside the oven is for sure THE worst!

    Jill G

  90. I could scrub dirty toilets all day if it got me out of putting things "away." So few of the billions of items in my house have a "home," and it's too damn overwhelming. So I'd like some awesome cleaning supplies to go out and scrub dirty toilets to get me away from tidying up.

  91. Cleaning the refrigerator is disgusting to me. After smelling pickles…I found that an entire jar had fallen over in the very back and I had icky, gunky pickle "juice" everywhere. Yuck!!

  92. I really hate cleaning the refrigerator too. I'm always really surprised at some of the messes in there. The bottom always has some kind of gross stuff caked on. How does it get there without me noticing? Wierd….

  93. Wow! Whether I win or not I'll have to check this product out. I am always looking for healthier cleaning products that work, because so many chemicals irritate my asthma. For me, the worst chore is cleaning bathtubs. It's always laborious and sometimes disgusting, especially if I need to pull up the drain cover.

  94. I HATE laundry. Seriously. My kids have this magical power that helps them to get stains that WILL. NOT. COME. OUT. If this stain remover that you speak of can out smart THEIR stains…I am SO there!

  95. The shower stall and the toilets for sure. I try to use all natural cleaning products like baking soda and vinegar, but when it comes to the shower I haven't found anything that works. I hold my breath and scrub with a chemical cleaner.

  96. I HATE cleaning our stall shower. It has difficult areas to reach and I try to tell myself that the soap and shampoo is getting it "good enough." Right? Once I cleaned it and told DH to never shower in there again because I never wanted to clean it again! 🙂

  97. I don't like most chores, but the bathrooms (bathtub specifically) is the worst!!! These products seem amazing! I'd love to try it ou!

  98. Both my husband and myself detest the shower stall. Seems like the soap scum, hard water deposits, and mildew adds up too quickly. In a stall, it's tough to clean cause you almost need to be taking a shower to do it, with water flying everywhere and all…

  99. My shower stalls are the worst. Hate that job and then my oven. I have wanted to try the Shaklee cleaning products. I woul!d love to try it

  100. The bathroom in general. Especially the toilet and the shower! I have been really wanting to try Shaklee! Hopefully I can with this giveaway!

  101. Cleaning the stove and oven, especially the burner bowls! They can be so hard to get really clean.
    I have been wanting to try Shaklee, so I think this is a great giveaway.

  102. I've heard that Shaklee products are really good, but I've never tried them. I've used Amway for years, but they've added fragrance to so many of their laundry products, that I can't use them anymore. So I've been trying some of the laundry products from the grocery store and am not impressed.

    Cleaning the shower is my alltime least favorite cleaning job. The toxic stuff that cuts scum also makes my asthma flair.

    I would love to try Shaklee!


  103. As the only girl in the house, I have to say the bathroom is the WORST! I'd love these products because I'd feel ok about the kids using them to clean up their own mess 🙂

  104. Asking me about the worst place to clean in my house is like asking me if I would rather have hemmorhoid surgery or a root canal!! The worst place I can think of is under the top of the stove! You know how you can lift up the burner and top and there is all that "STUFF" that has boiled over or just snuck under there when you cook? Probably that would not be a problem for a good housekeeper but since I am highly allergic to cleaning products (Hey, that is my excuse!!), I have only cleaned under there once. That was the time my husband swore there must be a dead mouse under the stove!! I agreed with him! I had a bottle of Basic H once years and years ago and I used it as a fertilizer for tomato plants. I had the biggest in the whole neighborhood! it is a great fertilizer for the garden and gets rid of bugs on your flowers too! Wow, I didn't realize you could use it for cleaning!!!! My second dirtiest place has to be the laundry tub where I give all my rescue doggies baths! I usually just wear a face mask for that! I usually have a glass or two of wine if I have to do much cleaning!
    Love your blog! Would love to try the Shaklee products for cleaning too!

  105. The worse part of cleaning for me??? It would have to be showers, tubs & toilets!! Not only do I hate these jobs, but the water is super hard where we live and it is almost impossible to stay on top of the cleaning!!

  106. Toilets and the floor around the toilets! I have four boys plus a husband…need I say more?! I go through a lot of cleaning products and will definitely have to check the Shaklee products out.
    -Michelle Towers

  107. We live in a basement apartment in an older house… so the shower gets gross build up super fast!!!!!
    I am really interested in the shaklee products now… thanks!

  108. Definately the toilet. I try everything to get the ring off around the water line. Do they have a product for that?

  109. I'm chiming in on the worst area to clean and it has to be the shower, long hair from daughters and soap scum from everyone. Crossing my fingers to win! Thanks.

  110. Wonderful giveaway. I dislike cleaning my shower. It is a walk in and the smell always gets me coughing.
    Karen G

  111. I always procrastinate cleaning because I hate the smells. My oven is always gross because I tend to put it off a really long time. 🙂 I'd love a chance to try these products!

  112. I hate doing the floors! Somehow my little townhouse seems like a mansion when I have to clean the floors and they go on forever.

  113. Honestly? I'd be starting at my sister's house and working my way back to mine. She's got 5 kids and a huge dog and just had carpal tunnel surgery on her "main" hand. That poor girl needs all the help she can get, and with a 2-year-old, I think "clean" products are just the ticket! Thanks for the fun giveaway!


  114. I am the only girl in the house so bathrooms are a big deal…yuck! The oven is scary but what I dislike the most is the floors!

  115. For me, dusting is the worst. We have 14 ft. celings and getting the fans and the tops of the doorways and things like that is just nasty and such a pain to keep on top of.

  116. I don't mind the bathrooms- cleaning the oven is worse for me! I haven't cleaned ours since we moved in 6 months ago and we've had some spills, so who knows what all is caked at the bottom. In fact it usually smokes and sets off the smoke alarm every time we use the oven. As much as I dread it, thats on my cleaning list this week!

    stormyranew at yahoo dot com

  117. I am sold on the laundry stain remover. I hate laundry. My DD gets a mystery stain on all her clothes. So most are brand new that cannot be worn in public because of some stain. GRRRRRR!!

  118. Washing dishes. We have teenagers over all the time and they eat and drink every thing in the house. Dishes pile up high and we do not have a dishwasher so everything gets washed by hand. Ugh.

  119. S=super cleaning powers
    H=heavy duty
    K=king of cleaning
    L=love to have them
    E=environmentally friendly
    E=everything and more
    The boys bathroom is the worst especially the shower, do they rinse anything down the drain, and could they dry off in the shower not drip dry on the floor-ugh!

  120. Ew, definitely having to dump and scrub out that still-sealed Gladware container of food that got left on the counter a week ago. And has grown chunky nasty mold and curdled bits.

  121. the worst household chore is defiantly laundry. I like to clean but getting things put away I cannot do very well. How embarrassing.

  122. Hmmm interesting…hadn't heard of this product line.

    The worst for me….cleaning the kitchen…seems I'm doing it over and over and it's never done!

  123. I have chemical sensitivities which make most store brand cleaners difficult to use, they are so perfumy. The hardest is cleaning my fiberglass bathtubs and showers, you have to use so much of the cleaners and the smell just fills the house. One of my bathrooms doesn't have a window which is the worst! I've been thinking about Shaklee for a while. Do they put fragrances in them?

  124. I am really interested in the products after reading your glowing testimonial. I can't stand to clean the oven. Nothing works for me. Your pictures give me hope!

  125. The oven!! I've tried non-stick mats on the bottom, but the sides of the oven are still a mess. Mine is extra special because it is the original oven that came with the house in 1966!!

  126. I'm definitely not a fan of cleaning around the sides and back of the toilet. My husband is really tall and there's always more splatter than I care to think about when he does his business!

  127. It has to be my oven and my shower! I haven't tried Shaklee yet, I have been wanting to but my husband is skeptical.

  128. Bathrooms are the worst, plain and simple. I've never tired Shaklee before-I'd love to try it and compare it to what I currently use.

  129. I have been wanting to try this stuff!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

    The worst household chore is dusting! The house gets so dusty and feel like I can never get rid of all of the dust!

    Sarah at Classroom Chic

  130. The worst chores for me are cleaning toilets (I'm a germaphobe as my family puts it) & laundry (I hate waiting for it to dry. German dryers take like a million years longer).

  131. The worst household chore is the bathroom – hands down! Maybe with a few of these shaklee products, it could become my favorite chore!

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  132. Bathrooms!!! Kids bathroom is the worst!!! The hard water stains in the shower, the toilet from two boys, ugh, just all of it!

  133. I'd have to say organizing all of my stuff that I've collected over time and stashed some place. I just hate to open those boxes, which we will lead to even more boxes, and then I usually end up with a mess on the floor sorting through it all.

  134. Cleaning is not fun period… But the worst for me, which is pretty much every day…cleaning my two boys' bathroom toilet. YUCK!!! Can they not hit that big hole?! I threaten to have them clean it and maybe they will do better, but I can't stand the thoughts of my 9 & 6 yr old using dangerous chemicals to help me clean. Maybe I should try the Shaklee claning products.

  135. Well the worst was when we moved into our apartment it looked clean but certainty was far from.. but daily the worst is the stove. I have been wanting to try Shaklee for a while now. mom2lgb(at)gmail(dot)com

  136. mmm thats tough, oven is in desperate need of some scour off after reading this, showers, and toilets for me, we have hard water here and it leaves rusted marks everywhere. I am in serious need of some Shaklee. thanks!!

  137. My worst chores are: washing a huge pile of dishes by hand and scrubbing stains on a huge pile of stained clothing. I also hate weeding my garden. And changing my kittylitter (it stinks and is too heavy and get out of breath going up and down the stairs).


  138. I have 5 kids and two big dogs! The absolute worst chore for me is cleaning the grout on the tile floors. Our whole main floor is tile and it all needs to be cleaned. it takes me a week to scrub tnd clean it all. I was researching for something that would make it easier and was directed to Shaklee Basic H but cant find in my area. Maybe I will win some:)

  139. Well my oven looks like your before picture! And having a woodstove means I have soot on my inner house walls that I get cleaned for my mother’s day present by my girls! I’d love to win this cleaner to try it out!

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