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Last Friday I told you about my love of Shaklee’s Get Clean line. Bonnie Donahue, a consultant for Shaklee sent me some products to review (free of charge to me). I lavished on and on about the Basic H and Scour Off Paste. 

My review of these products became such a looooong post so I asked Bonnie if I could break it up into two posts and two giveaways. So today I want to talk to you about the other products Bonnie sent me.

Shaklee Get Clean Dish Wash Detergent

We have so many chemicals in our water where we live not only do we HAVE to have a water softener and a filter but the ONLY product I can use in my dishwasher without my dishes left with a white nasty film on them is Cascade Complete.  It also happens to be the most expensive on the market.https://instoresnow.walmart.com/uploadedImages/In_Stores_Now/Free_Samples/1875_cascadenectar_graphics.jpg

I am doing the happy dance if I can find the smaller size Cascade Complete for $5.  But I usually pay between $6-7 even with coupons.  Believe me I have tried every brand on the market.  I have to buy this stuff or I am rewashing my dishes.  So I was a huge skeptic about the Get Clean Automatic Dish Wash because you use such a teensy amount and I have already tried so many other products.

https://www.livinthesimplelife.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/b00295.gifBut it works…sparkling clean, no streaks, better-than-the-Cascade clean!  Plus I cheated and only used one teaspoon instead of the two they recommended for the last 8 loads and it is still sparkling clean.  So I figure I can get at least 90 loads from one concentrated 2 lb bag.  At $11.20 ($9.50 member price) a bag it is only $.11-.12 a load!  I was paying about $.25 a load with Cascade. So not only does it work better, is all natural, and half the price!  Ummm…no brainer people!

Next Bonnie also sent me some dishwashing liquid.  I have told you before about my obsession love of foaming soap.  So I had to make it work with the super concentrated liquid.  I used 1 teaspoon of the Shaklee Dishwashing Liquid to one cup of water, added it to my foaming pump and it was the perfect foaming dish soap.


So at that rate with one 16 ounce bottle of this liquid I can make 768 ounces of foaming dish soap.  I go through about 8 ounces every two weeks.  So this bottle will last me over 2 years!  At $8.10 retail price ($6.90 member price) it will cost me about $.06 — $.07 per week. I know, that was alotta math…it stumped me for a while too.  

These products were free to me but I did not make any money for my review.  This is my honest opinion.  I actually bought (yes, purchased with my own money) my dad some of these products for Father’s Day (Basic H, Scour Off, Microfiber Mirror Cloth and the cute Basic H spray bottles).  I really do love them.  If I could sit down with each of you face to face, eye to eye I would proclaim my love of these products and try and convince you to give them a try.  I stake my name on them, you will not be disappointed!

Bonnie is offering a June special for all IC readers:

She is offering a FREE MEMBERSHIP ($19.95 value) with a qualifying order of 50 PV (point value) for JUNE only.  A GET CLEAN STARTER KIT qualifies!  You can view the points at checkout.  When you become a member, you will always receive 15% off all orders including your first one.  There is no minimum requirements to maintain a membership. 

If you do plan on becoming a member email Bonnie donahuewellness@hotmail.com first.  She has something up her sleeve to make it even more cost effective.

Bonnie has graciously offered a sample of the Basic H formula (enough to make two bottles of cleaner) to seven of my readers . Leave a comment telling me what you hate to clean the most to be entered to win.


Bonnie blogs at House of Grace.  She shares uses for Basic H here.  She also talks about the Get Clean Kit which she recommends to families who really want to make the biggest difference in their home by making the switch to go green.



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  1. Love the idea of making the dish soap into a foam! I have soap dispenser on my sink, so I never use the Shaklee in there. We would go through a bottle quickly (a lot comes out in each pump). What foam dispenser do you use?

  2. I order the get clean kit after your last post. I haven't used them yet (I just got them yesterday), but am so excited to try. I even called Bonnie and talked to her on the phone about some questions I had. She was SO nice! Very helpful. Thank you for the honest review and I can't wait to try my new products. I am also going to try to make my own foaming soap as well 🙂

  3. I HATE to clean windows….they just make me want to cry. Wanting to get them clean with no streaks.

  4. I loathe cleaning in and around our trash, but I always feel so much better after a good cleaning 🙂

  5. The worst thing to clean is the stove/oven. That thing gets dirty in the teeny tiny crevasse that are so hard to get clean.

  6. I can't spell, so my first comment has been erased!

    I most hate cleaning the bathtub! It hurts my arms, knees, fingers, and I can never get all of the darned soap scum off!

  7. I don't know that my husband would go for me ordering the products – but your reviews make it very tempting! I think I hate cleaning my bathroom the most. It's the one that no one sees so it probably is the one the gets cleaned not as often (yes I admit it) – so I dread cleaning it especially since it's hair central at our house!

  8. Well, I want to say I hate cleaning the bathroom–such a generality, so I'll say I hate cleaning the toilets!

  9. I will be ordering some of this from Bonnie! I have been following her for a while now but didn't know how awesome this stuff was. I have been looking for a cheaper dishwashing soap alternative as I too have the white-film-on-dishes problem. Thanks for the math break down…definitely a no brainer!

  10. I DESPISE cleaning the tub and shower. I can never, never, never get it looking as clean as I would like…

  11. I do not like cleaning the bathrooms, and I mean any part of the bathroom. And I have to keep them clean since I have a little one that is learning to potty.

  12. What I hate cleaning the most, huh? Well it would have to be my stovetop – because it's always a big job even though I have to do it at least once if not several times a day

  13. The shower! I hate cleaning the shower. Don't love cleaning the tub either. Or the toilets. Come to think of it, I don't really like to do windows. And the fridge? Hate cleaning the fridge. My ceramic cook top? No fun same with the floors. That's about it, I like cleaning everything else. Oh, everything except dusting the furniture. Don't like to do that either.

  14. With no dishwasher…dishes are the bane of my existence. I would loooove to have an cheaper, more natural cleaner than I have now! This is my husband's account, but I'm sure he'd agree!

  15. I hate cleaning the bathroom the most! The refrigerator would be a very close second. And then, clothes third!!!

  16. Everything! At least right now, since I always have an infant in arms. Probably bathrooms the most, though.

  17. I hate cleaning the tub. When I was very pregnant with my son, my husband took over and spoiled me. Now it's even worse!

  18. I'd love to try it! Bathrooms are the place where I least enjoy cleaning and find that my home needs cleaning the most often! I neglect the tubs shamefully…

  19. I hate cleaning the shower most of all… scrubbing at such awkward angles makes me feel out of shape and uncoordinated.

  20. Love the idea of less chemicals!!! The thing I HATE to clean the most…my dishes AFTER they come out of the dish water with soap residue…uuggghhh!

  21. I emailed Bonnie already telling her that I wanted to do an order…told her you convinced me! 🙂 Thanks for your sweet comment on my headboard…I did it about 2 months ago and I already want to reupholster it to something more neutral. Funny how a darker wall color makes you want everything in the room to be white! lol…two weeks till my baby girl gets here and I'm NESTING LIKE CRAZY!!!

  22. I've been thinking about trying this Shaklee stuff, so I would LOVE to get a sample!

    And can I say the bathroom is my least favorite thing to clean? The whole thing….tub, toilet, counters, sink, floor…what a pain! 🙂

  23. I hate cleaning the tub! No matter how hard I scrub, it doesn,t look clean enough. It is now my husbands job!

  24. I hate cleaning my hardwood floors. They are throughout the main level and with 3 kids 5 and under, they only stay clean about 30 minutes. I have been looking at these products and they seem to be great!!

  25. I don't like cleaning at all but I like clean, so I do it. My most disliked to clean is the stove, next is my white kitchen cabinets (whatever possessed me?)

  26. Seriously, the bathroom's gross!! My LEAST favorite place to clean, and usually the LAST place I clean…I have to psyche myself up for it!! LOL

  27. cleaning the bathroom is the worst – especially with a house full of boys! thanks for the chance!

  28. I want to try the Basic H2 so bad. I hate, hate, hate to clean bathrooms. Especially the shower in our master bath-such a pain!

  29. I've got some faux wood blinds that need to be cleaned right now. And I keep putting off the deed. Would love to try some of that spray to see if it would get the grime and dust off.

  30. Without a doubt, the bathroom is my least favorite thing to clean–all of it. We have lots of tile to scrub and 2 little boys who make huge messes.

  31. Yeah, I am with Alison. The fiberglass shower is really hard for me. Otherwise, I LOVE to clean. It is so rewarding to clean things. I was a maid for 5 different women one summer between college semesters. I really learned to love cleaning and have loved it ever since. My house isn't always clean though, because I love to sew even more. I'd love to enter your giveaway. Thanks'

  32. Like many others, I'm not a fan of cleaning…anything. But I do love to have things clean. I've been trying my own vinegar and baking soda formulas, but they take an awful lot of elbow grease, so it would be wonderful to have some non-toxic chemicals that are effective. I think I'm going to bite the bullet and order the starter kit today. With a toddler and another on the way, I need to get my act together.

  33. I hate cleaning my floors and toilets! I am the only female in the house. With 2 boys, my hardwood floors and toilets can never be kept clean! They are always dragging in dirt and just being boys. The toilets too…boys! 🙂 At least my hubby does a good job aiming!! Ha! 🙂 Great giveaway!

  34. I loathe cleaning toilets now that I am potty training my son! Especially cleaning the floor around them! Ewww!

  35. Nothing I hate more than cleaning the bathroom. NOTHING! I'm intrigued by the Shaklee stuff . . . would love to try!

  36. I hate cleaning in general, but the bathroom the most! The toilet, the floor around the toilet & the tub. Yuck!

  37. I really, really hate cleaning the shower. UGH! Who knew a place to get clean would be so horrible TO clean.

  38. where to start with what i hate to clean the most..
    probably the shower..it is tiny..and cramped..
    but then there is the oven which is supposed to be self cleaning..but the appliances are so old! and the self cleaner no longer works..so let's say the oven..
    and lastly commodes..
    fabulous giveaway.. hope to win!
    warm sandy hugs..

  39. I hate cleaning my old bathroom. We are waiting for a redo (coming soon)!! So until then I am always looking for a great cleaner!

  40. I hate to clean the shower (I know dumb huh!) I think I just have a mental block–the first shower we had when we got married was huge all tile and gross–impossible to clean. We no longer have that shower but I still just put off cleaning the shower and feel anxitey when I think about it. Silly me.

  41. This sounds really great! It's amazing how much all the cleaning stuff adds up in your budget!

    My least favorite thing to clean (minus the toilet) is baking sheets. I bake A LOT and washing those big old pans and putting them somewhere to dry while my son runs in and knocks them off the counter… you get the picture!

  42. I really need to order some of the dishwasher detergent. We have the same problem with our water- ick!

  43. I really, really, REALLY hate to clean my stainless sink. It always looks gross no matter what I do or how many times I wipe it down after I'm done using it. And truthfully the idea that I have to wipe down my sink every single time I use it really just gripes me.
    And toilets too. SO not a fan of cleaning toilets. Or of cleaning in general really. 🙂
    I'm definitely interested in trying something new for cleaning. Less chemicals, more green, etc. I'm slowly getting there.

  44. I'm a cascade complete girl for the reasons mentioned. Maybe I will have to give this product a try.

    Tricia leafytreetopspot.blogspot.com

  45. I absolutely hate cleaning the tubs and shower, especially the track for the shower…uggghhh!~ I also hate pulling out dirty glasses that have already run through the dishwasher!

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