My sewing machine has gotten a workout this past month…

I made about 15 bibprons, 4 aprons, 1 purse, 3 pillows, 3 car seat tents, 3 envelope wallets, 2 sets of curtains, 3 hemming jobs, 3 pairs of baby shoes and much more. Phew!

I thought I would show you a few things…

I got this adorable and easy pattern off of youcanmakethis.com. If you can iron you can make this. It seemed like waaaay more ironing than sewing. I made four of these for thank-you gifts for some ladies that serve with the Mom’s group I lead at my church.

Note: I found the straps too short. I added about 8 inches to them.

I added the apron to an Italian themed basket for each of them. I made Jo’s Rosemary bread to put in the basket along with dipping spices, spaghetti sauce, and noodles.

Next up…I found this free adorable pattern for a Buttercup Purse on MadebyRae.

Note: Next time I make this I will add interfacing to the top portion and straps for more stability.

The flower on the purse is made from this pattern on Wise Craft. And if my purse isn’t cute enough for you then check out the Flick’r pool of all the fabulous ones made by others. Wow! It really is an easy pattern. I had never done pleats before but they were simple.

I also wanted to highlight some fun gifts that others had made to say thank you to the Mom’s Time Out workers that have served our families this whole year by caring for our kiddos while we had some “mom time”.

MomE made these cute muslin sachets with her kids hand prints on them. I thought they were stinkin‘ cute. She used pomegranate sprinkles with some stuffing and then hand-stitched the sides closed. Adorable!

Lastly my friend Amy made these rockin‘ little flower pots out of cardstock, tongue depressors, a votive candle holder, ribbon and M&M’s. Of course I am green with envy that she has the Cricut machine. She has all the cool stuff I want…

Note: Pretend my votive is filled with M&M’s. I tried to remember to take a picture before I scarfed them down but I forgot.

Speaking of Amy and her cool stuff…she has an embroidery machine that she is going to let me borrow as soon as she finds the manuals. I think it would be great if you guys all comment on her blog to find that book so I can borrow the machine for a while. Think of all the goodies I could show you with an embroidery machine. Let’s put the pressure on her people…

How about a giveaway?

To have a chance to win the above buttercup purse you have to leave a comment on this post of Amy’s blog mentioning something about the embroidery machine…tee hee…this will be great…she is going to love it.

I will pick a winner at11:39 a.m. tomorrow…and you know you better come back here to see if you won!

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  1. Those are some great projects! I love the purse! I've got some fabric waiting for the perfect pattern…I think I just found it! You'll love the embroidery machine! I can't believe she's letting you borrow it…I'd never part with mine! If you need some inspiration check out the children's project section on http://www.sewforum.com (free to join).

  2. Love them all!
    Where the heck can you get all that cute fabric that's not $10/yard?!

  3. oh! so i'm totally going to start following your blog now! i've just started learning to sew and your blog is a great way to get inspired.

    thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. I left your friend a comment…

    Your apron/baskets were SO cute for you mom's group volunteers!! love that. How is that going (did it go…i guess it's over now).

    And, that purse is stinking adorable. I made a purse for a friend for Christmas with similar pleats…sounds scary, but really not that bad. Maybe you and should do a purse swap? 🙂 hint, hint. I love your buttercup purse…especially the flower!

  5. I hope you get that machine soon so we can see all your wonderful creations. I left a comment for Amy to hurry and find the manual.

  6. I left a message on Amy's blog…I really could use a summer purse! 🙂

  7. I am SERIOUSLY getting you a plane ticket. You are moving out here, er…visiting, and you are gonna make all of these things FOR ME!!! I WANT EM. I'm a baby like that, I'll admit it. Are you getting your Etsy shop set up?? Huh?? Are ya??? Cause I see lots of money that could be made by selling that stuff!! I want a Cricut too…really bad! My MIL had 2 (two!!) but she lives far far away so I don't get to use em. And my friend has one too. If you had a Cricut, I bet you would rule the world. Off to post on your friend's site!

  8. Funniest thing, My little blog that noone ever comes to visit is being bombarded by visiters today. HUMMMMMMM I wonder why???????

    I guess instead of garage sailing I should be cleaning out my craft room.

    I did score a cute bed for Hadley for next to nothing.

    Larry is gone for the weekend and that is a good time for me to try to get the kids to bed early so I can work in my office/craft/laundry/business room and find those manuals.

    By the way my son is very sad he doesn't have your son in class with him anymore. 🙁

    Can I sign up to win the purse too????????????


  9. WOW!!! That's really all there is to say.
    I'm sorry I didn't see this one in time – that purse is so cute!

  10. Love the buttercup purse! I got the pattern link from a friend who also made one and it's on my list of items to sew! I can't wait to make one. Glad to hear it was easy to follow. Thanks for the link to the fabric flower. So cute!

  11. Ah! You have the best links ever, I swear! I love the fabric you used on all your projects. They're all so gorgeous!

  12. Dude… who won the giveaway? I even posted when I was in the hospital after just giving birth naturally to an 8 lb 10 oz boy!!!! (No that I think I deserve a little nod here or anything….), but who won that c-u-t-e purse? ; )

  13. This purse is darling. Great job. I went over to print out the free one and it would not let me print. Do you know if she's still giving the free one, or was my printer just being wierdo? xo rachel

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