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My husband and I have lived in our home for 4 years, which honestly is a world record for us.   We I have spent countless hours making the inside of our house beautiful.   Each room there has been thought, TLC, paint, refurbished pieces of furniture and special things that make our space ours.   However the outside is horrific.   You would never be able to tell the beauty that lies inside from the outside.   I am embarrassed to even show it to you but I know you will love me all the same, right?



However this spring and summer that is all changing. I have BIG PLANS, which include… 1.   Paint or replace brass light fixtures 2.   Pull out hedges and plant flowers 3.   Install flower boxes on windows 4.   Paint and put back up shutters 5.   Give all the trim outside a fresh coat of paint But the most important thing is too start the process of a healthy lawn.   Both my husband and I loathe yardwork — and you can tell.   We had hired a service to come fertilize and all that junk but apparently one must water their lawns in the drought season in order to maintain the green lawn. I know, who knew?


Well I heard about Scotts ® Snap ® Spreader System.   I saw it on display at Lowe’s a couple of weeks back so I was thrilled when they asked me to be a part of their campaign.   I will be receiving one in the mail shortly.


This new products boasts that it is easy, mess free and seals for storage.   You basically lock your bag into the spreader and go.   I am a girl that does well with a plan.   If I know when to do this I can totally do it, it is the lack of know how when it comes to lawn care that paralyzes me.


So who needs to take back their lawn with me? Would you like to win the Scott’s Snap Spreader system?   Well one lucky IC reader will!  Leave a comment in the Rafflcopter about why you need the Scott’s Snap Spreader System and as a bonus like  Snap Perks on Facebook.

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  1. I so need this snap system….I just moved to a new home and it’s on the corner, so the yard has to look great from a lot of angles! I am terrible at keeping it sorted and then having to do all the grass work…I lean more towards the flowers and bushes! I make the boys do the yard work and this handy little system will make my cajoling tons easier!!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  2. Honestly your yard is so much better than ours 🙁 ekhhh 🙁 it is on ” to do list”

  3. We rent our house, and the lawn is a wreck! I really want to not look like the rented house on the block anymore 🙂

  4. I NEEEED this spreader system because we build our house about 9 years ago and STILL our yard looks horrible!! We just don’t know how to do it and need help!

  5. Anything to make yard work easier is fantastic. I love being out in my yard working in the flower beds, but have always struggled with keeping our lawn looking nice.

  6. I desperately need this spreader. We bought our house two years ago and have a lot of lawn. It is lumpy and has several types of grass throughout. It is a mess! This thing would be a lifesaver.

  7. Your yard isn’t that bad! 🙂 It’s green! Our lawn is completely dead and the weather has been so yucky I haven’t had a chance to take care of it. I could totally use one of those spreaders.

  8. My front yard looks great, but my backyard? It’s mostly dead and dried out. I don’t have much of a green thumb, but this sounds like it would help! Would love to try it.

  9. Would love to win this!! Our lawn is in desperate need of some new grass and I would love this easy to use product!

  10. I always overfertilize…I would love a system that makes measurement fool-proof, because when it comes to lawn care, I am the fool.

  11. I sooooo need this. I have the old fashioned fertilizer spreader, which requires a HUGE bag(s) since I have 50,000 sq ft + to cover, and now that I can’t lift the weight, my lawn has gone the way of Alabama natural lol.

  12. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this!

    Long story short, our house was used for storage for 14 years, until we bought it last year. While the inside was completely re-done before they put it on the market, the outside was NOT. We have crab grass, and weird neighbor vines and weeds growing.

    With my husband’s international travel and my 2 small children, I’d really love an easy way to make curb appeal obtainable!!

  13. I really need the scotts snap spreader system because my lawn looks a lot worse than yours. We have had a lot of rain this winter and the grass is mostly gone. I told someone today that was cutting across the yard that I feared the would sink in the bog that was once my front yard,

  14. This would be a huge help for my husband! Our backyard does not grow grass, just weeds, due to our dogs who run the grass right out of the ground!

  15. We just moved into our new house last fall, and now we are really getting a look at the ‘yard’. The couple livng here before were older and contracted out all their yard service — the landscaping is 30 years old the grass is patchy and bare in spots. Our dog is making his own trails around the yard bare as well — we need SOMETHING to help us!!

  16. We bought our house almost a year ago and have not gotten to the outside yet. It is dirt and weeds, no grass!!

  17. I so need this, we are about to move into a rental with the hubbys new job. He has been in the military the last 9 years with no real yard so we are looking forward to making our yard pretty!

  18. Our yard needs HELP !! We had a big name lawn system after having 1/2 our yard being crabgrass the year before ; it seems to have helped , however , The prices have gone WAY UP ….. this looks ez for us to do ! of course the spot where our yard looks good is way in the back BEHIND some big bushes !!!
    I blame the deer that go thru our yard ( and of course , my non – yardman / husband !! hah !

  19. My poor yard really needs help! It has grass in sporadic spots and black dirt (which the fur babies constantly track inside!) in others. And just for good measure, there are lots of weeds thrown in the mix! I desperately want to have grass rather than the dirt and weeds!

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  20. I have never been able to figure out which settings to use on the old spreader. I either put too much on the lawn or not enough. It’s just hit or miss for me. Plus I hate the mess of pouring into the buckets and then getting rid of the leftover afterwards. This looks simple and clean. I’d really really love to win this!

  21. I can’t tell you how useful this would be. My husband and I moved to california and I have no IDEA how to keep my lawn green. We’ve tried everything and have basically given up. Maybe this will get our butts in gears

  22. I really could use this!! I just had the exterior of my house painted – something I’ve been waiting 8 years to do. Now that the house itself looks so fresh and beautiful, you can REALLY notice how hideous my lawn is. And I live in Florida! Where you could have a lush green lawn almost year-round with the proper attention. Thing is – I hate yard work. I pay someone to mow the lawn and care for the landscaping, but the fertilizing and weed issues are up to me. Which is why my lawn is hideous. This system looks easy enough even for me to use! I’d love to win one!

  23. I would love to have this. With a new baby in the house we need something easy to use to change our weedy yard to a luscious playground for the kids. They are always barefoot and tired of stepping on stickers.

  24. We built a year and half ago and sodded the back last spring, but a particularly harsh summer really took its toll on that lovely fescue! We just could not keep up with the watering. I would love to get it looking better, to not feel like we wasted that money.

  25. Our lawn is so sparse. There is a lot of grass that is on the north side and doesn’t grow the best and the rest is on the south side, so it gets scorched. Oh, and we have spent a ton of time hauling out rocks and mounds of dirt that were along the perimeter of the backyard. Now we have “lovely” mud holes for the kids to play in until we can get grass planted. There is so much dirt and rocks that once grass is planted, and grows, it will almost double the amount of grass we have. The Snap Spreader sure would help give us the final kick in the butt we need to finish the backyard.

  26. Lawns are the hardest part of a yard! I have a yard full of flowers… but a lawn full of weeds! I need this to get rid of the weeds! Thanks for the chance at it!

  27. I really need this! My spreader is very old and rusty and this one looks so easy to use. Tired of the crab grass and the other weeds that pop up and take over. This would make the care of the lawn so much easier.

  28. My lawn is crying out for the spreader system! I am surprised that we have not received a letter from our HOA about our lawn! My husband & I know nothing about when to spread what on the lawn. There are some things growing out there that our neighbor doesn’t know what it is (and he touts himself as “The Lawn Guy”). We would be eternally grateful!

  29. My husband is dying to get one of these, so winning would earn me some brownie points at home!

  30. So glad that I am not the only one that struggles with this. Honestly, the yard started falling apart when my husband deployed. He’s home (!) but it still hasn’t recovered!

  31. gosh, I need one to help cut down on expenses. Paying the lawn service to walk around my yard five times a year is not a smart move, but I know nothing about doing it myself. This would be a HUGE step in the right direction. Thanks!

  32. OMG to not have to have fertilizer all over when you finish up the yard and try to clean up the spreader before storing….fabulous!

  33. We just moved in November, and haven’t had a chance to do anything with the yard yet. Plus, we have a two year old lab who keeps trying to dig a tunnel to China in the back yard.

    DanielleCorrelle @

  34. My yard looks horrible. It needs all the help it can get. We have a lot of sand and not alot of grass!

  35. I saw this system, and think it’s just peaches. Last year, my lawn hit rock bottom; my neighbors were standing in the street with pitchforks and smoking weed wackers. Well, not really, but they were probably not happy with the dandelion generation factory my lawn had become. Despite my meager budget, I hired a lawn service to get the yard under control, but this year, there’s no way I can afford another $500. I really, really want this new green machine — it’s like lawn salvation! Thanks for the chance to win.

  36. I have a huge lawn that has many bare spots and weeds-this would help tremendously to get it into some kind of shape! What a neat system-would love to try it! Thanks for the chance to win!

  37. I would love one because I have some patches in my grass that looks like I should have mulch instead of grass and I would love to grow some grass there!

  38. We worked so hard on our lawn when we first moved in 8 years ago. A neighbor’s weedy yard and 2 babies later do not equal success for our current green space. This is just what we need to get on the right track again!

  39. We need a good backyard for our Jack Russell Terrier, Pepper. She loves running and rolling in the grass!

  40. My yard desperately needs help – it looks like yours! I have (too) up until now…spent more time indoors than out – that will also change this spring! I can hear the grass clapping in the wind already…hoping to catch my attention and give it some much needed love! Thanks!

  41. my lawn is a hot mess! the dog has done a number on it! thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  42. Oh my lawn would love me if I had this. We are the people with THAT lawn in our culd de sac. We need all the help we can get.

  43. We need this spreader because we have not been able to do anything in our yard since we purchased our home.

  44. We have been trying to get grass to grow for 5 years and have not been successful…maybe this would help…

  45. I would love to win this! We moved in our new house 6 months ago and we literally have dirt, rocks and a few weeds in our backyard-NO grass! YIKES! Thanks for the opportunity to win

  46. We’ve been in our house for 5 years and the yard is awful!! We could SO use this. Thanks!

  47. My Lawn is a mess with bare spots & all sorts of weird things popping up – this system would really help!

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