Ruffle Ribbon Flowers

Last Friday I showed you a bunch of ribbon I received from Mindy Mae’s Market.   I wanted to give you the tutorial for how I made the ruffled ribbon flowers.   They are incredibly simple to make especially with a ruffle foot.

rolled ribbon-flowers


Sewing machine with Ruffle foot

coordinating thread

hot glue



Do you have a ruffle foot for your sewing machine?   I think it is a must have for anyone who likes to sew and adores ruffles.   I bought mine on Ebay for $23.   It looks kinda of scary when you see it but once you read the instructions it is really easy to get the ruffle you desire.

ruffle foot

I singed both ends of the grosgrain ribbon with a lighter to seal the ends.   Then I ran about 2 yards of ribbon through my ruffle foot with the foot set at 1 and my tension at a 4.   You will have to experiment with your stitch length to find the ruffle you desire.   Of course you could just do a long running stitch and pull one of the threads to ruffle it as well.   But it is so wonderful to just run it through a machine and get the desire ruffle without pulling, tugging or the possibility of a broken string.

I cut my strings and was left with one long ruffle.

ruffled ribbon

I started at one end rolling it up and rolled the entire flower up.

rolled ruffled flower

While holding it all in place I squirted out some hot glue into a circle shape onto a scrap of felt.


Then I cut around the felt to form a circle in the back.

felt back flower

At this point you can glue them on a bag, add an alligator clip for your hair, glue them to a belt or a pin to make a brooch.   I mean there are a zillion different things you can do with ribbon flowers, right?




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