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Ruffles are everywhere. They are so trendy right now and I love it. I have seen them on shirts, onesies, aprons, skirts, tank tops, socks, necklaces, shoes, purses, and pillows.

I told you I wanted to add some color to the Roadkill Rescue headboard and bedding. I love all the stark white and how versatile it is. With a change of pillows I have a whole new look. However, it was killing me not to have some color on the bed. So I had to whip up some pillows to change that and ruffles were necessary.

What do you think? Do I need something more? Maybe one more pillow between the two of them? Or is the outrageous pattern and foofy frills enough?

And for Today’s Thrifty Treasures how about a little curbside?

See that beat up desk in the corner? Yep… found it roadside. FREEEEE BABYYYYY! I haven’t decided if it is going to stay there yet. I usually have things sit there for a couple of days before I make a decision of whether or not I like it in that spot or not. Then it gets a refab.

Amazing someone threw that away isn’t it? I see some major potential in it, don’t you? A fresh coat of paint, a change of hardware and she is going to be a babe.

Speaking of free…I always run the night before trash pickup. This week was heavy trash pickup which means you can throw out anything. I loves me some heavy trash pick up days! I always seem to score some incredible treasures. Do you like how I schedule my runs around trash? LOL!

So I was doing my 4 mile run and I spotted that desk. I didn’t know if it was truly trash or not because there were no trash cans around it. I went up to the door all sweaty and gross and asked the guy and he looked at me like I had horns on my head when I asked if I could have it. So I moved it out of the way so no one else would snatch it up.

Then I spotted another beauty that was clearly being thrown away…

And would you just look at the inside? GASPPP!

So I actually did my four mile run in 37 minutes, 15 seconds. That is the by far the fastest I have ever ran four miles. I was so nervous someone would take the chest that I think I was kickin’ chickin so I could get home, hop in my mom van, and go grab it before someone else saw the potential in it.

No I will not tell you where I live or what day trash pick up is. It is my trash…step off!

Tomorrow I will show you the uber cool prize pack for the Roadkill Rescue party on Monday.

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  1. Love the ruffles. I gave you an award on my blog. Hope you have time to swing by and get it. Thanks for being the real deal!

  2. Love it. The desk, and trunk are awesome. I think I will have to drive around behind you in the pick up on trash night and see what treasures you "run" by. Or would that be considered Stalking?? Hummm. Cool finds can't wait to see what you do with them. I pulled some stuffed animals out for you, hope they work.

  3. I think a throw at the end of the bed would be cute, maybe in place of another pillow. And, I like the desk– the size is just right for that space. Can't wait to see the room all done; maybe I'll even come see it in person!!!

  4. I LOVE the pillows….they add so much color to the room and bed. I too vote for one more pillow in the middle to close the gap between the two you have. Can't wait to see that desk transformation, it will be amazing!!

  5. So I think I own the chair that matches the couch in your Roadkill Rescue picture. Actually, OWNED it. I gave it to Goodwill when we moved. Which is why I think there are no major trash finds around here. In the PNW we just don't throw away stuff bigger than a banana peel – and even that we try to compost!! All our finds have to come from resale shops because we just can't bring ourselves to put a bed in a landfill. But it leaves no good free finds for running trash pickers, that's for sure!! 🙂 BTW, love the pillows. Never would have pegged you as a ruffle girl…but I think they are adorable! You amaze me with your creativity!

  6. Hmmm… I think it's funny you said to step off… I was just thinking, "wonder what day trash pick up is for her……"…., but I already know where you live. MWa-ha-ha-ha-ha! : )

  7. My neighbor's stink… they never throw away good stuff like that. My best find ever was a high chair that I cleaned up and gave to our church.

  8. Cute ruffles on the pillows. I was thinking of something different in the way of curtains, and cute little ruffles like that would be great! I am sure I am not close enough to steal your curbside treasures. They are great! That desk is going to be very nice when you get finished. Jackie

  9. Becki,

    Reading the comments, I told you that everyone loves your creativity. Those pillows are adorable, maybe another one in one of the colors from your print and a colorful throw at the end. The desk might look good painted one of your colors, then paint it white and distress it so the color comes through it in spots (lots of work I know) but you can do it. Just my opinion… I am not as creative as you.

    You are so lucky to find your road kill, can't find that here. Is your mom able to find road kill since we live in the same state?

  10. Ummm wish we had a heavy pick up day!! Those are fantastic!! The pillows are adorable!! Maybe one more skinny one right in the middle? Luv those ruffles!

  11. I have a feeling no one else is going to fight you for the trash! However, if it makes you motivated to run faster, the more power to you! 🙂

  12. 4 miles in 34 minutes???? Girl – I don't even know if I could walk 1 mile in an hour….(Confession: I used to run long distance – BEFORE 5 kids!)

    Love that desk! LOVE IT!!! The trunk – LOVE IT TOO!

    Have an awesome weekend – Is Spray painting in the schedule???

  13. I think the bed could use one more pillow, just to satisfy the design rule of using odd numbers. Maybe a pink neckroll style pillow or something like that, using the fabric you used for the ruffles?

    I am so jealous of your curbside finds. AWESOME!

  14. O.k. Now you are truly amazing in finding all these goodies… I wish I can find some aroung here…

  15. Oooh…I love it! I was thinkin' another pillow…maybe in the color of your ruffles, or even in the green that the floral had.

    And so then, I'm also thinkin' that the desk would be nice in a distressed green.

    Gawking over your trunk you trash-pickin' woman!

  16. Lovin the ruffles,baby! How about a bed skirt with the same material.

    I am so finding out your trash days! Heheh!

    I'm also lovin my travel bag. I always think of you with a smile.

  17. those pillows are awesome but that secretary desk is TDF!!!! What do you drive to pick that stuff up?

    Oh and for Monday, not revealing my creation, does it count if something was in your house when you bought it?

  18. your pillows are adorable! great roadkill finds too! i think after you refab the desk, you should open it and use it like a bedside table for favorite books, phone and a lamp. love the trunk too.

  19. That trunk is so fun! Love the inside!

    The pillows add a lot of character and color to the bed. I adore the ruffles. I think it would add another great pop of color if you put a throw with one of the colors from the pillows at the end of the bed, and it would another layer of cozyness and texture.

  20. You really have a fantastic amount of rubbish to pick from ;-). None of that going on in good ole Europe. People being to aware of the value of old things? Can't wait to see how you transform everything!

  21. love the ruffles and the color, how about a couple of solid pillows in green and pink.. you can NEVER have too many pillows, at least that is what I keep telling my hubby!

    I love the desk… if you leave it in the room how about a lovely shade of green or mostly cream with some green accents ?

  22. oh yeah, I finally found someone who loves curbside shopping as much as I do!!! I just added your blog to my googlereader, I'll be back!

  23. Cute pillows. I need to find a few tutorials on how to do pillows. Also, it looks like you don't need yard sales or thrifts stores. Just take a run on heavy trash day. I'm just a wee bit jealous.

  24. I love the ruffles! I think one more in the center would look nice.

    That desk is great, I love rolltop desks. I never see anything worth stopping for, but everyone else seems to!

  25. Those are some sweet finds on garbage day! And wow – excellent run time too! LOL … just stopping by from SITS to say hi & hope you have a great day.

  26. Maybe a long round pillow in the middle? I love the ruffles though. And I can't wait to see what you do with that chest.

  27. Ruffles are far too cute! They remind me of an 80's tuxedo (Okay, totally dating myself! LOL)

    Thanks for linking to me.

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