Rocker Refab

My dad’s girlfriend Gina is the world’s best gift giver. She has the ability to find a novelty gift that I just love. For Mother’ Day she sent me a musical card that played “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” It said to relax and rejuvenate – I deserved it. Tucked inside the card was a Yankee Candle car scent called Island Spa. It is a small gift that says “I am thinking about you.”

When both my kids were born she got knitted sweaters with their names on them. After Isaac grew out of his I put it on a teddy bear that he sleeps with. He calls it his “Isaac bear.”

I found this brand new teddy bear at a yard sale for $.75. Score! All I needed to do to it was cut the red ribbon off of it (yes, I saved it -in case you were wondering).

Plus I had this sweet little rocker that Tim’s grandpa gave us. It was Tim’s mom’s rocker when she was a little girl. It had been taking up room in our playroom but Isaac never used it. I loved the thought of picturing Tim’s mom rocking on it when she was a little girl and now my little girl will use it someday.

Since it was so old I decided to sand, prime, and then paint it. I reupholstered the seat with some leftover fabric and plopped “Kayla bear” on it.

“Kayla bear” now sits in Kayla’s room ready to be cuddled one day when she is a little bit older.