Here is the new lighted end table for my husband’s office.   It it my latest Roadkill Rescued project. You will never guess what this originated from…

lighted end table

Our church is currently being remodeled to accommodate more people.   It is such an exciting time to be part of my church’s history.   Along with tearing out pews and adding new theatre seats they are upgrading their lighting, which means tearing down the dated chandeliers.

The chandeliers are HUUUGE!   They took them down and before they hauled them off to the dump I snagged a bunch of the arms.   ROADKILL RESCUE HERO IN AFFECT!

Here is what one of them looked like.IMG_1377

On the inside was 8 sockets for lights.


So after tugging, twisting, turning, clamping, and unscrewing I had everything taken apart.


I decided it would be fun to make two of the arms of the chandies some lighted end tables for my husband’s office.   See my husband is a pastor at the church.   It is kind of symbolic for him in a sense, since he is such an integral part of the growth and change happening right now.

I lightly sanded all the brassiness with my 3M Sandblaster Pad and then wiped it down.   I sprayed it with Clean Metal Primer by Rustoleum.   After it was dry I sprayed it with some Oil Rubbed Bronze Metallic spray paint by Krylon.


I purchased a pine tabletop at Menards for $9.44.


In order to accommodate the threaded pipes I needed the tabletop to be drilled a bit so it would fit in place.


So I flipped it upside down and had my husband press it down so that it made an indention into the wood top.   Since pine is a soft wood it worked pretty well.


Then I marked the spots and used a drill press to drill down into the table top.   Then I placed the tabletop on top. Perfect fit!


I primed and painted the tabletop (Krylon’s Oil Rubbed Bronze) as well.

I wanted there to be a light still inside the table.   So I asked my licensed electrician friend to show me how to use the parts I had to created a light fixture inside with an attached cord (Thanks Nate!) After cutting some of the wire and removing the extra sockets.   It went from this…


to this…


I measured the bottom harness and cut a circle out of a piece of scrap wood to fit perfectly inside.


Then I drilled a hole in the middle of the wood circle and added the light fixture securing it at the bottom with a nut.


Then I set my light into the harness and added 3 fifteen watt bulbs.


Then I put the white plexiglass in place and the top of the fixture.


Then I dabbed some Gorilla Glue onto the thread pipes and then pressed the wood tabletop in place.   I weighted it down and let it dry.



And there it is…from church chandie to hub’s new end table.


And here it is plugged in…


Roadkill Rescue…success!

I have some more.   What else can I create with them?   I have two more projects up my sleeve but would love to hear what you think they could be.



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  1. You have an amazing vision when it comes to this stuff. The transformation is amazing and meaningful!

  2. I love the table! Especially that it has such a personal history to you and your husband. I framed two ceiling tiles from the church we (and a slew of his family) were married in as a gift.

    Why did the church toss the original lights? Couldn't they have donated them to someplace like Habitat for Humanity or consign them? I'm sure that they could be sold. My church was going to toss the old tin ceiling tiles after a repair job but luckily there was an antiquer in the group who convinced them otherwise. The proceeds went to our youth group fund.

  3. Love it. I'm thinking you should have grabbed them all and made them into table and used them at the church.

  4. nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn…Sorry…my jaw dropped and hit the keyboard. I LOVE it. So much meaning behind it. Do you sleep? Pretty cool for your church!

  5. Not only an AMAZING looking table – but what a "relic" for your husband and anyone in his office to be able to reflect on the history behind it! Bet new members will get a great story!

  6. You seriously are amazing. It just blows my mind how ridiculously talented you are!
    And how cool that your church is making changes because of expanding! That is awesome! I'm a pastor's wife too 🙂

  7. Not only an AMAZING looking table – but what a "relic" for your husband and anyone in his office to be able to reflect on the history behind it! Bet new members will get a great story!

  8. Wow. You are amazing. Simply amazing. I LOVE the idea. I love that it has history too, that's great!

  9. Okay — I did not see that coming at all! A real genius work – re-purposing at it absolute best!
    I LOVE it! I would love to crawl around the creative corners of your brain for about 5 minutes.

  10. Beckie… I looked and looked at it before I scrolled down to try to see "what" it had been. NO WAY would I ever have figured this out. Super job! I love how it turned out!

  11. Not only is it amazing , but the history of it will be passed down for ages!


  12. I think you are some kind of evil genius, coming up with crazy good projects like this!!! 😉

  13. Wow! The table looks great in it's own right, but such an amazing repurpose job! I never would have thought of that, but it looks awesome!

  14. Beckie, I didn't know you went to Emmanuel. That's where my family went before we moved to ATL.

  15. I jumped here from Tatertos and Jello. You have amazing vision! How fun for your husband to have this for his office, and what a lucky man too. Good luck with the other projects, too cool!

  16. My goodness you have amazing vision! Fun fact: my church just finished adding on a balcony to accomodate more people as well. An exciting time indeed!:)

  17. What a cool transformation! Oh my gosh! I can't wait to see what you do with the other chandies you have. Amazing – like always!!

  18. So, so impressed! Beautiful job, and what a great idea for the symbolism of the old church for your husband's office.

  19. So incredibly cool!! Now I have an entirely different reason to push for the remodel at the church. My hubs and the finance committee thank you. 🙂

  20. Ok, I've seen a lot of re-dos, but that has got to be one of my favorites. What a great idea! You're quite clever. 😉

  21. Holy WoW, WHAT a rescue this turned into!!! Girl, you should have nabbed them all and sold the tables at a church bazaar- what a great item to have as a reminder of how much your church has grown!!! *Hugs*

  22. I love the way this looks, but now that you’ve glued the top down, how will you change the lightbulbs? 🙂

  23. I love the table! For another….tomato plant cage for the frame. Put a bottom on the glass part and stain it blue or whatever you like. Use as a vase for tall dried flowers, cat tails, curly bamboo sticks, etc., or as an umbrella stand. You could decoupage old church pamphlets, hymnal pages, pictures of angels, crosses, photos of the church, members, former pastors, socials and events, etc. on the outside of the glass. You could decoupage or paint on a filigree pattern and put a light on it and use it (the glass sleeve only) as a table lamp. You could stack 3 of the glass parts together and use as a floor lamp with a string of rope lights inside to light the whole column. I don’t know how you could attach the 3 to each other, though. You could paint the metal to look rustic and rusty, put a bottom in it, and weave twigs or grape vines through the sides or attach rusted chicken wire to make a big basket. You could probably turn it into a cage for a small animal or bird. A stool, or table for a child. A 2 story cat tower with a cushioned top. A plant or display pedestal. Wrap something sturdy around it and do a mosaic on the sides of it. Do a mosaic with stained glass on the glass tube for Easter or Christmas and put a light inside it for a decoration. Cut the glass tube in half and use the 2 halves as a holder for a large diameter, multi-wick candle. Or make a couple of lamp posts and use the halves as shades. Cut the glass into several sections, add glass or plexiglass bottoms and use as bowls. Or attach the sections to a board and then mount on a wall and use the open glass niches to hold things. You could probably turn at least the glass tube part of it into a fountain, even a lighted fountain. Just set it into a waterproof container for the pool and run a water pipe through the glass tube so the water flows out and over the top of it.

  24. Hi, I am completely new to the world of blogging, I have literally been online all evening and night going through blog after blog! I must admit, this is the first one that I couldn’t leave without commenting first 🙂

    WOWOWOWOWOW!!!!! How creative you are! This is amazing that you were able to create this in your mind and then in reality! I am just blown away at how beautiful they are! The meaning behind them are priceless and wow I am actually a bit lost for words!


    <<—SUPER JEALOUS & wish I could find a unique lighted end table 🙂

  25. Brigitte,
    Well welcome to blogworld. I am glad you found me. I hope you have found a home here. It is a big talented world out there thanks for spending a little of your day with me.

  26. Wow. Pretty awesome! I can usually think of cool things I want to do but I can almost never put it all together. Great job!

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