For those of you that missed it, I found another Roadkill Rescue project. This time it was a vintage television laying curbside begging for a second life.   It was destined for the dump, so the night before trash day I hauled it home. I had a big vision of this becoming a console table for my entryway. If you missed yesterday’s post you have to go back to see where we left off.


So I left you yesterday and teased you with a cabinet cut in half.   It was stabilized and ready to take on a new life.

Since the inside was so jacked up with glue and other stuff I decided to line it with 1/4” luan I had in my garage.   That would cover up the imperfections.   So with a jigsaw I cut my pieces to fit.



It looks much cleaner now.   Next I cut some MDF (also in my garage) and made shelf supports.


Then I caulked all the seams so everything would look tidy.


I had some leftover shelving (from some closet space I redid) and I cut a board to size to make a shelf to fit inside.   I also had some leftover backer board from my Aqua Armoire and I cut a new backing as well.


Lastly I puttied up some blemishes with wood filler and filled the two holes on the bottom center where the old hardware went.   The “drawers” on the bottom are just for looks.   They actually do not open. I then redrilled a centered hole for some new hardware.

Since it isn’t solid wood I used the Zinnser BIN Ultimate Cover Primer that is made for laminates and plastics and gave it a coat.


Then with my air sprayer I painted it Lake Champlain by Dutch Boy.   I love how the Dutch Boy paints spray.   No thinning required.   (I promise I will do a post on my paint sprayer soon.   I get asked questions daily about it.)


So after reading the e-book from Altar’d on painting furniture I decided to try Mandi’s way of glazing.

It looks so much better than the glaze and wipe off method I had been doing.   My glazing always looked streaky to me.   Her method gives a nice marbled look that I think looks more natural. I also tried a black glaze instead of the normal brown I use. I used Ralph Lauren’s glaze with some black paint. I love how the black pairs with this turquoise color.



Then I used some metal primer and Krylon’s Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray Paint to give some simple, old knobs a new look.



Then I placed it in my hallway to serve as a console table.   We needed a little decor in my otherwise plain hallway.   I plan to put some baskets on the shelf for last minute items (keys, checkbook, coupon holder, receipt folder, etc).   The best part is that it is on wheels so I can easily roll it around for cleaning!


The next obstacle is to add some art to the wall above it and to decorate the top of the table.   I, of course, will continue to show you how this space evolves.

old television

This project was completely FREEEE! Free TV cabinet, free paint from Dutch Boy, free knobs from an old project, free wood laying in my garage and free glaze and black paint I already had.   Woohoo!

So what do you think?   Was it worth rescuing?

vintage television


Check out Mandi’s e-book.   It is only $10 and well worth it to learn the tips and tricks of the trade of painting furniture.


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  1. Looks great! I wish I had better vision for fixing up stuff! I have a nightstand in my garage now that I rescued but have no idea what to do with it!

  2. Looks great. I can't believe it was just an old TV a few days ago. I bet the people who threw it out wouldn't believe how it looks now.
    Way to go (again)

  3. Shriek…pull hair…jump up and down! You just took creativity to a whole new level. You are my hero. I wish I were so original…but alas I am not, therefore I copy. This one goes on the list. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  4. Well worth the wait!! And well worth rescuing!! You're my repurposing hero. I may check out Mandie's e-book, if for no other reason to find out her glazing technique. Her stuff always looks fab, as does yours. Glaze and I have a love/hate relationship. 😉

  5. Amazing! I never would have be able to look at an old T.V. like that and envision what you have created. You are very talented. I enjoy reading your blog.

  6. I will admit I was doubtful that you could do anything with an old tv. Not that I was doubting you, just the tv – it was ugly. I cant believe the difference! It now looks like such a nice piece of furniture. I may have to send you pics of everything I get rid of in case Im acidentally throwing away a gem that I just dont have the talent to see!

  7. Genius. Simply. Genius. I am a little creative, but not THAT creative! I would never look at an old tv and turn it into something that awesome! Great job 🙂

  8. Crazy but brilliant, girl you! I wondered how in the world you would rescue this one, but it turned out amazing. Great one!

  9. That turned out AWESOME!! I was gonna guess turquoise for the color too! Amazing, you have incredible vision! You should take a picture to the people who chucked it out, they'll want it back for sure!

  10. Now I'm kicking myself for scorning at the "what would anyone do with that thing" for an identical tv at a neighbors curb the other day… 😛

  11. Was it worth rescuing?? Um, of course!! 🙂 I need something exactly like this for my entry way (color and everything). I've got to find myself an old tv cabinet…a friend who knows how to turn it into a console table for free. 😉

  12. Get OUT of town. I cannot believe it!

    Honey, I am quite sure that this the very same TV we had in my home in the 1970's. I can just see myself watching "The Rockford Files" and "Quincy, M.E." on that set. Gosh, I'm old.

    But you're not old! You're young and brilliant!!

  13. WOW! This looks great! You are so creative! I'm going to have to keep my eyes open for free things on the side of the road! lol.

  14. Totally worth rescueing, yes. I applaud your vision!
    And what are you planning to do with the other half ;-)??????????

  15. Totally worth rescueing, yes. I applaud your vision!
    And what are you planning to do with the other half ;-)??????????

  16. I never doubted you for a moment! It is absolutely GORGEOUS and I want it for my breakfast nook. A fabulous job Beckie.

  17. Now I'm pissed! I didn't grab one of these when I saw one! I have everyone I know scouring for an old TV now and I bet so does a bunch of IC readers! Your the best…please do share the spraying gun post…also, quick ?, do you think if you glaze something it needs a protective top coat? What if I distressed it and "glazed" it with stain…what would be best to keep the stain from rubbing??? Any ideas? YOU ROCK…thanks!s

  18. Wow! That turned out great! You are very good at reinventing stuff! I wish people around here would put furniture like that on the curb. Then I might have a chance to try a roadkill rescue.

  19. Beckie!!! that is beyond fab. Girl, you have the DIY skills! Love it! And the color is amazing!!


  20. Truly brilliant! I would NEVER look at that awesome piece of furniture and even imagine its humble beginnings as an ugly, old TV. It turned out fab!

  21. A-MA-ZING! Really? Really! I can NOT believe that after photo is the same piece of furniture. I have to go back and stare at it a little more. Ok – I think you should challenge yourself to find something even uglier to transform, because I'm pretty sure you are magical!!

  22. I gave one of these tv away last year, knew I should of kept it. It was so heavy we had to put wheels on it to even move it. Solid wood, they don't make furniture like that anymore. Great find, and greater makeover. I love the color and the finish. Im thinking of going blue with my white bedroom furniture, not sure yet.

  23. OMGoodness, that is beautiful. I love it. I once owned a television like that one. For reals.
    Thanks for sharing.

  24. Fantastic transformation! Did I miss what happened to the part you cut off? I'm curious if you're going to do something with that, too.

  25. ok – – never would have guessed that one! And I definately would never have even thought twice about driving past an old TV. You win the prize for thinking outside the box!!!

  26. It looks really great! I'm thinking of painting my night stands a similar color. I've never glazed anything though.
    When I do get around to it, I will be using my spray gun, which I purchased due to your inspiration!

  27. I love the roadkill rescue theme, you have no idea how many good stuff I had rescue from dumster and sidewalks. Two dinning tables one for me and one for a friend, chairs, dressers, bed frame, nighstands. You made an amazing job with that TV Console. I find one the other day but was unable to pick it up myself they are to heavy. I love everything in blue, so it looks amazing. Lets keep the recue, lol.

  28. Fantastic! And I've been looking for a paint color just like that. You saved me much hunting! 🙂

  29. Barb of Knack Studio has a great technique as well and has recently done a string of DIY posts on design*….very worth checking out. Her milk paint is especially amazing!
    Well done!

  30. Wonderful transformation, I am dying to hear about your spray painter, I have had horrid luck when I tried one.


  31. Wonderful transformation, I am dying to hear about your spray painter, I have had horrid luck when I tried one.


  32. Wonderful transformation, I am dying to hear about your spray painter, I have had horrid luck when I tried one.


  33. Wonderful transformation, I am dying to hear about your spray painter, I have had horrid luck when I tried one.


  34. Saw this on "Better After." I had to come over and comment on just HOW impressed with this recycled/repurposed project. It turned out incredible. Good job!

  35. Awesome! I'm looking forward to your post about your paint sprayer! I've waffled back & forth about buying a Wagner sprayer, but have been unable to convince myself that the ease of use wouldn't be totally offset by the difficulty of cleanup.

  36. Wow! I have the hutch top of a flat screen TV entertainment center that is just sitting in my garage. It would be really top heavy to use for anything and was going to just get rid of it…but now I'm thinking I could turn it upside down, add a top and some molding and use your example for adding shelves in the middle. It would be one fabulous bookshelf!

  37. Oh!I don't know if I should be jealous or inspired! I think I'll be both..
    I have looked a those old tv's at GW lots of times thinking the cabinet was cool.
    Great Job!!!

  38. I'm sure with 84 comments already, you don't need another one but I had comment! This is just awesome. I have looked at these for free on Craigslist thinking what a waste of a good piece of furniture but never thought of what to do with them! Love it!! The glazing looks great!

  39. That…IS…AWESOME!! What a great idea!! I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for an old TV now…lol! I'm so envious of people like you and your creativity! : )

  40. this is really very cool. I have a question…my daughter has a laminate end table that is in dire need of a re-do. Did you have to sand the tv down before using the primer? If not…how well does the painting hold up? Does it chip?

  41. I was so inspired by your makeover of this old TV cabinet that when I saw a similar one on the curb two weeks ago, I snagged it and did my own version. I featured it today on my site, but made sure to give you credit for the original idea. Thanks for the inspiration. I now have a new piece of furniture and it was all free.

  42. WOW! WOW! WOW! I'm new to the world of refinishing/repurposing with paint and took a workshop with Mandie at Altar'd. I love her painting and glazing technique and have been thrifting like crazy ….. Now if I could only look at an old t.v. the same way you did…….. sigh. I want to be like you and Mandie when I grow up.

  43. I…LOVE….THIS…SO MUCH. I literally just went onto Kijiji to see if I could find an old tv for myself! Guess what…there is one in my city! Eep! Now just waiting to hear back from the person … hope they still have it! You can tell…I really love what you've done with this. Who would have thought! The color is amazing as well. Did I mention I love it?

    ~ ~

  44. AMAZING!! Gosh what an awesome job you did. Thank you so much for sharing and for the idea. Not these puppies are going to be flying out of peoples yards in the middle of the night. We all want one now.

  45. 1. So is Zinnser BIN Ultimate Cover Primer what you would recommend for repainting prefab?
    2. Is the Altar'd book okay for ridiculously-novice painters?

  46. I saw this and just kept looking and looking at it. I thought "I could turn an old TV into a changing table." It would be the perfect height for a shorty like me! Thanks for the inspiration!

  47. Ahhhmazing! 😀 We've got one of these TVs and I'm expecting it to bite the dust any day. Now I've got a great idea to reuse it when it's dead!!

    LOVE it!!

    (Found you on MoneySavingMom)!

  48. So very gorgeous! Wondering if the next time one of these shows at the thrift store, I can talk the thrift store to let me leave the guts in their dumpster, so it's not so heavy to bring home.

  49. OMW! That TV dates back to 1977 when my parents bought the family’s first color TV. An RCA identical to your ‘before’.

    They saved several hundred dollars on it at a ramp sale due to a prior delivery person scraped the bottom front centerish, on either the left or right side trims.

    I remember thinking what a great buy just because of a few small wood scrapes. My dad covered them with shoe polish and no one else ever knew they were there!

    Now I have an old phonograph/radio console to repurp. Hmmm, wonder where the shoe polish is…LOL!

    Loving the color and final finish. Great job!

  50. How fun! We had a TV just like this until I was in High School (actually I think it was still around when I went to college!)…so the title “Vintage” kinda makes me feel REALLY old! 🙂 It’s kind of like hearing 80’s and 90’s songs on “Classic Rock” stations on the radio!

  51. Great job! It looks amazing! I have one of these sitting in my garage that was in our home when we moved in, we were going to toss it out but you’ve given me the inspiration to start my first rescue! Thank you!!

  52. I have been drooling over this for a while, and my hubby just found me one of craigslist for $15!! I am so excited to get it! Hope I can make it half as beautiful as yours!

  53. I love what you’ve done with that old T.V. I had a T.V. exactly like that when I was first married. I wish I could have thought of something neat to make with it when it quit working. You did such a nice job, keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing more projects from such a crafty person.

  54. Wow, great makeover. I’ve just started redoing bits and pieces of furniture and am seriously thinking of taking your advise to read Mandi’s ebook on painting furniture. Would love to know how to do the glazing technique as it really sets of the piece beautifully!

  55. This is absolutely beautiful! I have one in the garage and I can’t WAIT to do this 🙂 I love to repurpose everything! Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

  56. I have a tv console that i am thinking of doing over. Want to cut it down lower and put a large tv on top of it. The prices of tv stands in wood are so expensive over $300 and not as strong.
    Was just worried how to get rid of the picture tube after taking it out.
    Thanks for the great ideas.

  57. Look’s good. I’d like to built that style contsole, and actually put my flat screen where the old screen was.

  58. This is a fantastic idea, but I have to ask…

    How did you dismantle it without killing yourself? Parts of such televisions can hold a charge for years. What measures did you take to prevent injury?

    1. I wrote gloves but honestly I didn’t think about it while I was doing it. My guess is also that it hadn’t been plugged in for a decade so I felt pretty safe.

  59. I’m so glad I ran into your blog! This is so perfect for a project I am working on at the moment. The bottom of this old cabinet look very similar to this one only it only has one fake drawer in the center and on both sides of it there are fake speakers…I’m still trying to figure out what to do with them.

    I decoupaged the middle of the doors (where your TV was) so I’m thinking about decoupaging over the fake speaker material and the middle fake cabinet.

    You can check out pictures of mine if you’d like:

    Advice is always welcome. Great site!

  60. Hi Beckie!

    So glad I stumbled upon this blog via pinterest I have been thinking of ideas of what to do with my grandmothers console tv for at least a year! We finally upgraded to a 42″ tv and she won’t go back which means I have a great piece of history on my hands! Thought i might make it into a bar but i need a console too! so this changed my plans! My biggest question is… how did you take the tv out? feel free to inbox me too. Thanks again.

  61. Great idea and you did a beautiful job! Just want to offer a word to the wise. Be very careful removing the TV chassis – long after it is unplugged there is still HIGH VOLTAGE in the set. If it slides out in one piece, you should be OK. But even then do not leave it where children or pets can get to it. Don’t want anyone to get a shock!

  62. Pingback: Television console make over | Fix My Find
  63. i have an old tv much like this just not quite as pretty i plan to transform it in to a changing table! i’m so glad i found this!!! i was just going to throw away the tv and go out and buy an over prices, not so sturdy changing table from Target.

  64. I am artistically challenged and am in the need for someone in Los Angeles to do this project for me. I will pay for supplies and labor.
    Please let me know if you are interested.

    Thank you

  65. I have one of these TV consoles and just got a new Smart Tv. Unfortunately, I am artistically challenged. If there is anyone in Los Angeles that would like to recreate this beautiful project, please let me know. I will pay for supplies and labor. Thank you!

  66. Hi! I just came across your wonderful project, five years later! LOL….. how deep did you cut the cabinet down to? I’m trying to figure something for my hall entry and need something 11-12 inches max…. Great job!

  67. I know this project was done years ago, but I just came across it and wanted to give people an idea .. if interested. I just recently had to PAY someone $50.00 to take away my OLD T.V. now, granted mine had a different type of cabinet that wouldn’t work for this BUT just think of the opportunities out there!! Go pick up some OLD T.V. — get paid for doing it – and then re-do it and possibly sell them .. hmm .. food for thought for all you D.I.Y. people out there .. 🙂 I do wonder though what is done with the “T.V. parts”, some of them I would guess could be used for steampunk items .. another thought .. 😉

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