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Have you started your Roadkill Rescue project yet?

You have one week left!

Here is a Roadkill Rescue project that I found this week. I saw this bed frame in pieces in my neighbor’s trash. At first glance it looked like a double bed frame. I didn’t have a need for a double bed frame so I just dismissed it. Then I thought, “Surely someone could use it.” So after running on Monday (Tuesday is trash day) night I walked past it again I decided I would confiscate it out of the trash. A 10-year old neighbor boy helped me load it in my van. (Thanks Aaron!)

The next day I put it together and after careful measuring I realized it was a queen bed frame. I was DELIGHTED because I was in need of a queen bed frame for my spare room. HOT DOG!

We were dealing with one broken spindle…

and a lot of scuffs and scratches…

But it was solid wood built by Bassett. It can’t be too bad right? The frame probably isn’t something I would purchase from the store, but for free I LOVES IT!

The funny part about the whole thing is as I am refinishing it the people who I “stole” it from could see me working on it if they looked out their window. So I was a little insecure. I kept having insane thoughts like they implanted termites into it and they were sitting there laughing at me. Or that the police would come and arrest me for trash picking after I refinished it and that I would have to return it. Or that they read my blog and they “planted” it there seeing if I would take it. After I got over those thoughts and applied some paint and patched up some spots it turned out wonderful.

Yes it was white and scuffed up before and yes I painted it white and scuffed it up. It looks better my way I swear (as my husband rolls his eyes).

I got the Lisette bedding from Ballard Designs Outlet on clearance. I was looking for a snow white quilt with shams for under $75. I got it for $59.99 plus 20% off (regularly $169.95)and the shams were $11.00 total. I was happy with that.

I painted the walls Barely Pink by Behr. The perfect shade of pink paint is really hard to pick out I have learned. This color has a lot of purple tones to it. It wasn’t exactly the color I was looking for but I still like it. It was a two coat job though which totally sucked.

I am planning on making a bedskirt and some pillows for that punch of color I am looking for. Stay tuned to watch the room come together.

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  1. So how did you fix the spindle?? It looks awesome. I wish my neighbors had good trash. Their trash is trash. Yucky stuff.

  2. I love it!!! WAY TO GO!!!

    I wish we were neighbors – we'd get in so much trouble stalking the neighborhood for "sweet finds." My hubby won't let me wander out anymore for all the stuff I find. (He has to fix it.) 🙂

    Blessings to you!!!

  3. God must have been whispering in your ear to look again! It looks great! I need to start driving the alleys I guess! I never see these kinds of things by my dumpster!

    ~ Pam

  4. Your project redo turned out GREAT! I have to tell you…I laughed as I was reading this post 'cause I could really relate to the part about the neighbors possibly watching you! I have passed up more things than I snatched up because I was afraid of what the neighbors would think of me! LOL (I should have been more brave…shoot, I don't even live in that neighborhood anymore!)

    Thanks for sharing your project! I should link up to your upcoming party – there are many "junk" stories to tell from around here 🙂

    Have a great day!
    ~Michelle 🙂

  5. It looks beautiful and yes, it is a big difference from the original white scuffed up version to your white and aged version! No one would ever guess that it was free…unless they read your blog. 😉 What a find!

  6. That looks awesome. I especially love the bedding, and am wondering if you have a review of it…. is it comfortable, durable, washable, etc.? I've been searching for a good white quilt/comforter forever!

  7. Okay, so I'm not afraid of some one else's trash, but you literally go around trash day looking for good stuff? I am gonna have to try it! So you just jump out, haul it into your car and drive off? Dangerously cool! I totally want to do it!

  8. Do you have a tutorial on the ruffled pillows? I've been digging ruffles for awhile and would love to make some pillows! THANKS!

  9. It was very interesting for me to read this post. Thank author for it. I like such themes and everything connected to this matter. I would like to read a bit more on that blog soon.

  10. I am new to your blog, it is fantastic. I have been looking over your blog to find the headboard made out of that couch. Did you do it or is it from somewhere else?

    Back to this post, I love that you were able to take someones trash and turn it into this treasure of a bed. I passed up a really neat iron bed because I was too scared to stop and take it….bummer!! I definately will not make that mistake again!!

    Thanks for your blog!!

  11. Hi there I am new to your blog, but I totally love the whole recycling thing. I have been doing it for years. only back then every one seemed to think that we were a little weird or cheap. but the jokes on them !! We travel to yard sales and always hunt around at night(people in our town seem to drag their trash out in the dark ) for treasures that others have discarded. Anyways cant wait to see what other amazing things your going to craft!

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