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re you ready to party?

Cue the music…whoop! whoop!
I am sorry no music…I couldn’t handle it anymore.

I told you I would bring food. What is a party without some amazing sweets? And what is sweeter than a cupcake pop by Bakerella? Ok pass them around…there is enough for everyone. Alright now that everyone has a little sugar, let the party begin.

Before you get to showcase your Roadkill vRescue let me start by sharing mine. When running one night I ran past this hutch thing. I am assuming it went on top of a dresser or maybe a desk. I am sure someone has the exact same one and can tell me where it came from.

I didn’t have much interest in it and ran right past it, but I was thinking about what I could do with it in case it did find its way into my garage. The next morning I was cruising our neighborhood and saw it was still there. I had no idea what I was going to do with it but I hauled it into my mom van the whole time thinking, “What am I thinking?”

So I brought it inside and let my mind wander regarding what it would become. Does anyone else do this? At first it was a shelf and quilt rack for Kayla’s room painted white with her quilt hanging from a rod I would nail in place. Nahhhh….too big for Kayla’s room. Then I was going to chop off the bottom and hang it on our room and put little trinkets on it….nope no wall was going to work for it. Then it was going to be a red bookshelf in the playroom…but the shelves were too narrow for some of the huge children’s books. Then a vision came to me…

Ahhhhhhhh perfect! Isaac is a very imaginative little boy and loves to play make believe. I love to foster that creative spirit in him. HE LOVES IT! I am sure I will be doing some puppet tutorials soon. If you know of any good ones pass them my way.

I don’t want to steal the spotlight so I will post a full tutorial of how I did it later on in the week. For now, come on join the party and one of you party animals will win this…

1. The object you makeover must have been completely free to you, meaning you found it on the side of the road, in a dumpster, someone gave it to you, or Aunt Nelly died and left it to you in her will. YOU DID NOT PAY A DIME FOR IT…got it? Good!
2. You can use or buy other things to help fix it up (spray paint, embellishments, ribbon, fabric, etc).
3. You have to be a subscriber of Infarrantly Creative.
4. You must have the Roadkill Rescue button somewhere in your post or sidebar.
5. It doesn’t have to be a new post, you can use an older post as long as it applies to rule #1.
6. Enter your permalink to your Roadkill Rescue post and NOT just your blog url. All links that do not go to your party post will be deleted.

Note: I am not a fan of music on blogs…the song will be gone tomorrow. I thought it would be fun for today though. I am sorry if you hate the song or had your speakers up loud. And no, I am not sending everyone a cupcake pop, it was just for fun people…just for fun!

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  1. I finished these schoolroom chairs just in time!
    Woo hoo!
    Loving the puppet show πŸ˜€
    Loving the party….Holla!

  2. Waow! Once again you amaze me with your creativity and imagination !!! You are an awsome lady !

  3. Well, I ended up using my coffee table post for your party…but sister, I am ON the look out. Your puppet theater is UN-BELEIVABLE! So creative. And Isaac is so grown up!

  4. Hey there~ We just linked our goodies up! Love the puppet theater! Take Care… Ashley & Whitney

  5. thanks for being such a gracious hostess. there's nothing i like more than cake pops with my coffee.

    your repurpose was great. lucky isaac! and i've already gotten a lot of ideas from the other posts.

    blessings & peace –

  6. I have to finish my project up this morning thanks to a delay in materials… ugh! But seeing that adorable puppet theater gave me the boost I needed. πŸ™‚ And all those goodies to win. πŸ˜‰

  7. Seriously – a puppet theater and I have a basket!! It is AMAZING and something that can be in your family for decades. You have given me a new found appreciation for roadkill! Thanks again for the great party!

  8. Woot Woot!!! It's a party in here!!!

    That puppet theater is AMAZING!!! I would have never come up with that. Great job!!!!

  9. Yeah' I am a part of the party Hollar! Woop woop! K- love the puppet show creation, how clever and darling!

  10. What a great idea! I have to share… I passed up a piece of furniture at a thrift store last week because it had a hutch, and the only thing I really wanted was the bottom part. I didn't buy it because I didn't want to wind up putting the hutch on the curb and have it wind up in a land fill. I'm thinking a trip to the thrift store is in order today to see if it's still there…

  11. I love what you did.. my son would be jealous!

    I found a dresser on the side of the road….and made it over!

    Happy Roadkill Rescue Party Day!

  12. You are so funny pulling heavy furniture into your mom van. You must have some muscles! Looks good! Very creative idea

  13. Just squeaked by on a technicality. I may have lost points from the Austrian judge, but it was worth it just to participate! (Be sure to scroll back a couple posts to see your blog love…)

    Can't wait to see your tutorial!

  14. You did a great job on the puppet show.
    It's awesome.
    I finished mine up thanks to you…it gave me the drive for a weekend project!
    Chrissie Grace

  15. Ok Ok……….what's with the video of a rock star playing music during Isaac's puppet show? Did anyone else get that interference?

    Anywhooooo…… very very cute! Isaac and his imagination should really be working overtime now. LOL. Good puppet show buddy!


  16. That Rocks! We so need a puppet stage here!

    We were driving along last night and saw a FREE dining set. Steve immediately did a u-e and went to check it out. Solid wood. He kept saying….but what about Beckies' road kill thing. And I kept saying, where in the world would we put it and who is going to re-do it?

    In the end we left it for someone who could really use it.

    But man am I jealous of your puppet stage!

  17. Creative genius…pure genius! That puppet stage is the best thing I've seen in ages and what a cutie patootie you have there! We always just put up a tension rod, but that one rocks!!!

  18. Fun party & what a great makeover for your son. That's wonderful! I'll have to check out some of the other links.

  19. Hey just found our blog through one of your roadkill participants that linked to my project as her inspiration – whew! did you get all that??? LOL

    anyway, love the blog! I will be linking so I peek back in πŸ™‚

  20. adorable project, Beckie!

    BTW — can you leave up a Roadkill Rescue banner — then we all always have a valid "dumpster diving" excuse! πŸ˜‰

  21. oops…i need to read better…i guess mine wasn't free..sorry. Anyways…thanks for putting my link in your sidebar! πŸ™‚

  22. What imagination with YOUR roadkill!! Love it and love this post…
    My entry to your party is a footstool my dad pulled from a dumpster! Yeah for dumpster diving, though he didn't tell me where he got the footstool until after I transformed it…

  23. What imagination with YOUR roadkill!! Love it and love this post…
    My entry to your party is a footstool my dad pulled from a dumpster! Yeah for dumpster diving, though he didn't tell me where he got the footstool until after I transformed it…

  24. What imagination with YOUR roadkill!! Love it and love this post…
    My entry to your party is a footstool my dad pulled from a dumpster! Yeah for dumpster diving, though he didn't tell me where he got the footstool until after I transformed it…

  25. What imagination with YOUR roadkill!! Love it and love this post…
    My entry to your party is a footstool my dad pulled from a dumpster! Yeah for dumpster diving, though he didn't tell me where he got the footstool until after I transformed it…

  26. What a fantastic party this mornin'. You know how to liven a Monday morning.

    I don't have a roadkill rescure project to submit but you have me inspired to take a beginners sewing class. It's something I have always longed to learn but let's just say I'm very sewing challenged.

    Loving your puppet stage. You must have a ginormous house!

    So who won? Do you get to pick? My favorites: eryn's table, the dress up closet, and the polka dot stool. But I am so partial to red and my Crystal girl has me hooked on polka dots lately.

    Well you are amazing girl. I don't know how you do all this; I can't even get to the post office to mail your birthday gift. I'm sure you won't mind getting something in September. You are gonna love it. I so hope you blog about your birthday month gifts….hehehe!

    Thanks for the disclaimer on the music thang. I was so surprised cuz I so know that is one of your pet peeves about blogs. And yes, you woke me up. I needed to though, I need to get going on laundry.

  27. Sooo cool a use for the hutch. I saw a few a GW recently and was thinking about getting for my kids room for a book shelf. Keep up the Rescue work

  28. The puppet show is so cute, your son is just adorable! Jimmy would love that, I will have to be on the lookout for something to use…I am loving this party, all the ideas are great and so inspiring.

  29. This is my favorite project of yours ever!!!! You have such an amazing ability to transform stuff =)

  30. Your creativity is so impressive. One of these days when I come across something similar, I'll know exactly what do with it.

  31. That is SO FUN!! You find the best stuff woman! My original plan for the party didn't work out — looooong story — so I'm linking up my sewing table. Awesome party!

  32. Ahhhh…I'm dying here. I am so disappointed I didn't get to finish mine. Two of my 4 kids got sick last night and I had to abandon my project. Serious bummer! If I get a minute between yucky cleanups, I'll try and link to an older post. Have fun partying everyone. I'll be back to check out all the fun projects later.


  33. I LOVE THE PUPPET THEATER!!!!! So cute!!!!! You are officially the most creative person I know!

  34. I joined the party but have not been able to put the button on my sidebar, I copy, but it will not paste in the gadget area, I did link to the party though. Jackie

  35. Ingenious re-use! I'm sure Isaac LOVES it! What a fun idea! I'm glad you snagged it knowing you could come up with some use for it!

  36. Hey there! I LOVE your puppet theater! Would you mind if I featured it on my blog? You rock. πŸ™‚

  37. Oh my goodness…this is awesome!! And I am so bummed because I forgot to link up…AHAHAHA!! I had such great intentions. I needed to set my timer but I forgot since I also had Tasty Tuesday post to due .So sorry, but what fun this is. πŸ™‚

  38. Great party, girl! Only wish I had some free stuff so that I could join in! Anyone care to GIVE me anything?

  39. Riggins-Love the recycle idea-Love the choco. pops. I promise I'll only take a TINY bite. I dig the puppet show. Keep up the good work!

  40. saw this super hot picture… check it out


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