Roadkill Rescue: Changing Table to Shelf

My latest curbside find was an old cracked and falling apart changing table.   It looked like it was probably pretty inexpensive.   After driving past it several times in my neighborhood I decided to pick it up and see what I could transform it into.   After much thought it became a hanging shelf for all of my heat transfer material and vinyl for my Silhouette machine.

baby changing table to shelf (10)

If you missed my thought process on this piece you can check out my video about it here.

changing table in the trash


2 can of Rustoluem Apple Green spray paint


12 feet of 4” primed MDF

nail gun and air compressor

hanging wire and 2 screws

hack saw

miter box

wood filler

medium sand paper

1.   Using a hack saw I chopped the top of the changing table off from its base.

baby changing table to shelf (2)

baby changing table to shelf (3)

2.   I cut down my 4” wide MDF to fit in between the side spindles which happened to be 36”.   I cut 4 lengths of board at 36”.   Then I formed them in an L and nailed them together with my air nail gun.   These became the shelves.   Then I filled the nail holes with wood filler so it would look nice.

baby changing table to shelf (4)

3.   I primed the shelves and then I sprayed everything with Apple Green spray paint.   When everything was dry I attached wire and screws on the back so I would have something to hang it from.   Then I just slid the wood L shelves in between the spindles.   That way if I ever choose to use the shelf for something else I can change the height of the shelves.

baby changing table to shelf (5)

baby changing table to shelf (6)

4.   Then I attached it to the walls with some heavy duty screws and added all my heat transfer material and vinyl.

baby changing table to shelf (8)

baby changing table to shelf (11)

Cost: $11 ($5 for MDF and $6 for spray paint)

My plan is to purchase buckets or something to hang from the bottom spindles.

baby changing table to shelf (9)

Here is the transformation…

changing table in the trashbaby changing table to shelf (8)


IC {loves} Roadkill Rescue!

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