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Do you remember this desk I got a week or so ago while I was running?

After further inspection I opened up the roll top and shoved inside was this carpet mat. It was a little grody but I spot-treated it and threw it in my friend’s front loading washing machine and it came out clean and spot-free.

Isaac’s PawPaw (great grandpa) made Isaac a train table for his second birthday. I primered it and painted it red. It had gotten scuffed up from the life of a two year old (now three year old). So I went with it and scuffed it up more and then rubbed brown craft paint into the scuff marks.

Using a box cutter/utility knife and a straight edge I cut the mat to fit the inside of the table.

Much better. The carpet piece protects the surface of the table and now Isaac has a place to “race” his cars.

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  1. You've got one great idea after another, Beckie! I am so impressed with your creativity!

    Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

    ~Michelle 🙂

  2. This is my first day to visit your blog and it is a beauty. I love your little racing mat! My 3 year old days are long gone…but it is a joy to see what you have done.

  3. Too cool! You are one of the most creative mamas! The next time you are in the Atlanta area, we will have to get together and go thrifting! I promise I'm not some crazy lady or anything like that!

  4. I agree with MomE… I was looking forward to a desk refab…. but hey, a freebie begetting a freebie? Awesome.

  5. No way! That is awesome. My son would love it too and I love the baskets with pictures! Have a great LONG weekend!

  6. Are you stinkin' kidding me?!?! That is definitely one of your best yet. I can't believe that was stuffed in the desk! Girl, you have trash luck!

  7. That is rockin', girl! My boys would die for a train/car table.

    I'm draaaaaagin' my feet 'cause…really? Do they need anymore toys? Not really. Not at all, actually.

    In fact, I think I'm gonna purge some toys for goodwill this week.

    Maybe then they'll get a train table….


  8. such a great idea! my boys would love that. and what a find on that desk. lucky you!

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