Roadkill Rescue: Affirmation Board

So I was cruising along the neighborhood on trash day scouring for free junk minding my own business when I saw this sitting next to a trash can ready to be picked up by Mr. Trashman.

The dry erase board had long lost it’s writing effectiveness so it was out the door. I have had it sitting around for a while waiting for “inspiration” to strike. Well it struck.

Do you remember how I talked about my love language being gifts? Well my hubby’s love language is words of affirmation. (If you are shaking your head at that lingo you MUST READ The Five Love Languages…it will change your marriage). And let me tell you..I SUCK AT SPEAKING HIS LANGUAGE! I just feel like I am not creative in my words or that Tim gets sick of me saying the same thing over and over. Any of you whose love language is words of affirmation will say you never tire of hearing great things about yourself. But it jut seems redundant to me and I feel like he may say “Yah…yah…yah…I have heard that before…think of something different.”

Hold that thought while I explain my creative process now.

Right next to the door that goes into our mudroom we have had this hanging on the wall to hold our keys and my purse/bags. Tim is always complaining because I take his hook. He just wants one and I seem to take all three. Plus he puts change and random keys on top of the mini shelf and it drives me bananas. So it just was not working for me.

Since the dry erase part was also magnetic it gave me an idea. Instead of painting it I covered with “love” fabric.

Since three hooks are not nearly enough for me I decided to add four crystal knobs that I had in my stash. I also used my trusty Canyon Black spray paint and gave her a quick blast (after sanding and priming).

Ooooh it looks purdy and gives a splash of color into a boring little hallway.

I ♥ crystal knobs.

Since Tim grabs his keys from the same hook everyday and then hangs them up in the same spot (major creature of habit) when he gets home I figured this is the perfect place to attempt to affirm him. Since I already have a place to nag him I figured I also needed a spot to affirm him.

Using some cute magnets, my goal is to change out his “words of affirmation” twice a week (a girls gotta start small).

So I found a picture of us dancing 6 years ago at the first wedding he performed and put it on the magnet board with something sweet and “affirming.”

I told Tim my idea and he LOVED it…he also asked if he could have 2 hooks. Now that is asking alot don’t ya think?