Reupholstered Love Seat

This week’s challenge on the CSI Project is Yard Sale/Tag Sale Makeovers.Visit I completely and utterly adore my wingback chairs that Amy from Design Intervention helped me reupholster.  I have been a chicken to take the plunge and upholster something by myself yet.  I felt so confident with Amy by my side.  But then I wimped out.  I even bought a beginner’s love seat and it sat in my garage for months because I was sceeeered!  Amy kept cheering me on so I finally decided to just go for it.  What is the worst that could happen?

I found this hideous couch for $25 at a tag sale. 

photo(14) It was built in the 20’s  Can I just say that I hope this was the only fabric on the face of the earth back then because this stuff is awful — in color and texture. No wonder why the couch was in such great condition.  No one probably sat on it because it was so itchy and scratchy.  It was a loose woven polyester that was BRUTAL to I just fell in love with how small it was and that it folded out into a hide-a-bed twin.  I thought this would be the perfect addition in my master bedroom.  We get brutal Midwest storms that wake my son up and he ends up freaked out and in our room.  Instead of letting him hop in our bed and kick me to death the whole night we could have him curl up on this knowing mommy and daddy are Plus the couch is on wheels so we can wheel it around the upstairs to bring it to another room if need be.

After working at it on and off for a few days she finally had all the old fabric removed.IMG_0244

I have been looking for a while for some fabric to recover her in. I almost spent $100 (on sale!) for some Waverly fabric that matched my pillows that were currently in the room.  Luckily, they did not have enough of it in stock.  During Joann Fabrics 50% off Red Tag Clearance sale I found some that was $3 a yard.  Total $24!  I wasn’t in love with it but for that price I was very happy.IMG_0273

So with fear, trepidation and my air stapler in my hand I began…

One piece on…”Wow that wasn’t so bad”…IMG_0246

The front back was a bit challenging.  The other fabric was sewn together and then put in place and stapled.  I wanted as little sewing as possible so I cheated a bit and made a fold instead of sewing it.  I think it looks pieces on…”Ok I think I can do this, just keep pushing forward Beckie.”IMG_0247 The scary arms were up next…”Bang…IMG_0248

and Bang, I am on a roll–keep going girl you are getting the hang of it!”IMG_0249Now the back was next.  I had to use tack strip, which I had only ever watched a video tutorial on.  It was a little challenging but I think it will get easier each time.  Here is a great tutorial on how to put fabric on the back of furniture if you are interested.IMG_0253 IMG_0267 Then I had the front of the arms to do.  This is was a trial and error process.  I ended up adding cording before I put the inserts on and I am so happy I did.  It gives it a more finished look.IMG_0268

IMG_0269 The last part was the cushion.  This is my sixth cushion I have done in my lifetime.  This, by far, turned out better than the previous 5 but I still HATE doing cushions.  They are tricky tricky and take forever pinning and sewing.

But she is all done and I am so freaking proud of myself I can barely contain my excitement. I DID IT!!!  Hip, Hip, Hooray! Gimme a huge pat on my back!  I am sorry for my prideful display but this was a monstrous undertaking for me.IMG_0275 IMG_0276 IMG_0277 IMG_0278 She needs pillows and a little side table.  All in due time.  For now I just want to stare at her and admire my handiwork.

Thanks for stopping by and letting me show off a bit.  🙂

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  1. Elizabeth & Travis Harville says:

    AWESOME! Can you come to my house next? 🙂 You have inspired me with how much money you saved and you really did a great job. Standing ovation over here!

  2. Elizabeth & Travis Harville says:

    AWESOME! Can you come to my house next? 🙂 You have inspired me with how much money you saved and you really did a great job. Standing ovation over here!

  3. Elizabeth & Travis Harville says:

    AWESOME! Can you come to my house next? 🙂 You have inspired me with how much money you saved and you really did a great job. Standing ovation over here!

  4. Elizabeth & Travis Harville says:

    AWESOME! Can you come to my house next? 🙂 You have inspired me with how much money you saved and you really did a great job. Standing ovation over here!

  5. Life as I know it says:

    looks awesome!!!

  6. That looks fabulous! Great job for a first time!

  7. Ann Marie @ Twice Lovely says:

    Yay you!!! Fantastic job! You know what you need now? An olive green or darker turquoise bolster pillow! That would be fab.

  8. Decorchick! says:

    WOW!!! I don't think anyone else needs to enter the CSI challenge after this! haha. That is amazing! HUGE pats on the back for you! 🙂

  9. Christine says:

    Nice, nice job! Very ambitious, and it totally paid off.

  10. excellent job! Love how it turned out.

  11. Wow – that looks great. I've redone a couple couches as well and i'm always amazed at what a difference it makes. great find on the twin-sized pullout bed also! How's the mattress feel? with all the back-to-school sales coming up, you might want to invest in one of those cheap twin-sized foam covers if you can feel the bar!

  12. Stephanie@cre8tive says:

    Well, I would be stepping back and admiring that too! You did an awesome job! I can not believe you did that! It is like night and day. I love your choice of fabric too. Hands down my favorite

  13. Megness@Murphy'sLawOnlyWorse says:

    You did an amazing job!!!
    I recovered my living room sofa (it was a sectional that I broke apart) and decided to skip the back because it was going to be against a wall anyway! LOL! It has sat in the same spot for six years now and no one is any the wiser!

  14. Shannon @ Quarry Orchard says:

    This looks amazing! It looks like you've been reupholstering forever!

  15. Kasey Hunt says:

    It looks great. Way to go!!

  16. tinahead81 says:

    umm…WOW!! i've had a chair in my garage for some time now…still scared to give it a go…and haven't found a fabric that catches my eye!! great job!!

  17. Wow! Wonderful work!

  18. Centsational Girl says:

    That is so incredible !!! I'm so impressed with the way it looks now, so fresh and modern. Hip hip hooray to you today, just perfect !


  19. says:

    Awesome =) Thanks for showing us how you did it. I might just look twice at the next ugly tag sale sofa I come across!!!

  20. Wow! I would never be so brave to tackle something like that. It looks great!

  21. :::APPLAUSE:::

    You did a great job!!!

  22. Whoop whoop friend!!! It turned out great and I love the cording!!

  23. Crafty Batches says:

    Looks amazing, great job!! ~Sam

  24. Katie @ On the Banks of Squaw Creek says:

    Wow! I'm VERY impressed! You did a great job!

  25. The Thriftress says:

    Beckie the sofa came out adorable! I have two chairs I am terrified to reupholster. So two questions: Did you make the cording on your sewing machine? And when you wrap the fabric under the arms for the backrest, do you secure it? What would you staple it to?

  26. Amazing transformation. It's beautiful!

  27. This looks amazing!

  28. Emily S. says:

    Absolutely and totally impressed! Good job!

  29. Cassie @ Primitive & Proper says:

    WOW! Are you sure that is the same couch? 😉

  30. Cassie @ Primitive & Proper says:

    WOW! Are you sure that is the same couch? 😉

  31. Cassie @ Primitive & Proper says:

    WOW! Are you sure that is the same couch? 😉

  32. Cassie @ Primitive & Proper says:

    WOW! Are you sure that is the same couch? 😉

  33. What an amazing job~ true talent! I hope someday I can be like you HE HE!!

  34. Atta girl! It looks UH-MAZ-ing! So proud of you girlie for getting out of your comfort zone and still doing a fantastic job (to get BECKIE out of her comfort zone is pretty darn near impossible if you ask me–all the more impressive.)

    Now you just HAD to throw a little bit of kayla in there huh? I got all distracted and had to start my reading all over again. Can I just SQUUEZE her?!?!?

    See you soon! *squeal*

    p.s when I get there can we try making labels for my crafts? I don't know where to start. pleaseandthankyou.

  35. Lori Lay says:

    Wow! That looks great! I looove the fabric. The piping on the front really does make it look finished and professional.

  36. Annie Wilcox Designs says:

    You should be so incredibly proud of yourself. Dance around the house and sing out loud. I am way impressed but still terrified to attempt this project yet.

  37. Amy @ Positively Splendid says:

    Beckie!! Oh my goodness, color me inspired! I have never done a reupholstering project, but maybe I can channel some of your intrepid attitude and go for it now. 🙂

  38. Revamped French Maison says:

    Cute fabric! My grandmother used to have a little sofa exactly like that in her office. Same itchy fabric and pattern of plaid. Hers was that atrocious green from the late 60's-70's.

  39. WOW!!!!!

    I'm speechless! :0

  40. Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality says:

    Beckie, it looks fantastic! Way to go girl, that would be very daunting, but I love the way you tackled it. Looks like a brand new piece now!

  41. You SHOULD be proud of yourself! You did a fabulous job!

  42. wow!!! great job!! can you come help me with my chair?? i'm so stuck and scceeeeered too!! 🙂

  43. Kimberly says:

    oh, Becky, it's gorgeous! It looks like it was always that way… not like it's been redone. Soooo nice.

  44. Fabulous! You did an amazing job. Can't wait to see where you get the pillows and side table and how you clean them up. You make it look so easy and I don't have anything to upholster right now but I am still in the scareeeed stage.

  45. That looks so good. Really!

  46. Laura Zarrin says:

    Wow! You did a fantastic job. It's beautiful!!!! I really like the idea of it being a hide a bed for the little guy. I could use that, but don't have the space. Congrats!

  47. AWESOME!! It looks GREAT and very professional! I love it!!!

  48. Shelley Fuge says:

    holy moley cow girl!!! That is amazing!!! You are always so awesome.

  49. Worthy of the Prize says:

    I will never look at a plaid couch the same way again! Yours turned out beautiful!! How handy that it has a little twin bed that folds out! I'm on the look out, now. 🙂

  50. Madigan at madiganmade says:

    Wow, great job!!

  51. Lori @ Projects Plenty says:

    HOLY, MOLY, Becky… you rocked that upholstery job!!! Honestly, I am floored that this was your first piece. You most certainly have some talent. Thanks for the tutorial.

  52. Megan @ says:

    It looks awesome! I bought a sofa with the intention of reupholstering it but haven't found the time or motivation to actually do it. Your post has definitely gotten me thinking about it again!

  53. Holy moly! This fabulous! Great job.

  54. Danielle Daws says:

    Brilliant! You've definitely inspired me to have a go!

  55. Great job! I have yet to tackle recovering furniture! I have 2 wingback chairs that are pink..(currently slipcovered) that I want to recover, but am too afraid! Thanks for the inspiration!

  56. Jess @ Frugal with a Flourish says:

    WOW!!! That looks fantastic! Love it!

  57. That is an awesome job! The chair looks so sweet and comfy. You definitely have a winner with this!

  58. says:

    oh my gosh girl! that is fabulous!

  59. Singing4Him says:

    Wow Beckie — you did an AMAZING job!!! I was given a curved- back loveseat when we moved into our new home but the fabric is awful. My first thought was, "Well, maybe Beckie can teach me how to reupholster it." Now I see that I was right! So when are you coming to visit??? =) ~Dana

  60. Patricia L says:

    My grandparents had a couch just like that when I was little (only their's was blue & gold). Uncomfortable? Yes. Itchy? Yes. And then if you started sweating it only got worse!

  61. seriously cute!

  62. felicitouschick says:

    Wow! You nailed it! I love how the fabric goes with your flowered canvases. <3

  63. I love it and am stinkin' proud of you for overcoming your "sceeeredness" and gettin' 'er done… you rock!

  64. That looks AMAZING!!! Great Job! You have my vote!

  65. Aubrey@My Forever House says:

    Looks beautiful! You have inspired me to recover an armchair I have had for over 3 years! Thanks for sharing.

  66. You did an amazing job! I'm totally jealous and I wish that I could get you to come to Florida and make a slipcover or something for me for the chair that I bought last year on Craigslist … wink wink.

  67. YOU ROCK! Has anyone told you that lately? Cause seriously, you ROCK! That is a freakin awesome chair/hide-a-bed and I want one SO bad! And the fabric looks great too. Somewhere the fabric angels are a-praisin your name!

  68. Waaaaaaay impressed with your mad reupholstering skills!

  69. shelly @ the familyblt says:

    It is groov-a-iicious! love your skillz! pat pat pat your back!!!

  70. ificould says:

    Wow!! That is incredible!!!!

  71. Stephanie says:

    I have two naked wing chairs that are sitting waiting for me to finish and you gave me the motivation to keep trucking!!!

  72. Kelli @ RTSM says:

    That is an awesome makeover! I love the fabric you used, and you are so right about the cording giving it a finished look. My hubby and I recovered a love seat a few years ago, and ours didn't turn out nearly as cute!

  73. Impressive!
    The cording is what scares me….
    Your finished project looks fantastic.

  74. Amanda @ Serenity Now says:

    Beckie, that totally looks professional!!! I am so impressed…it's really lovely. 🙂 Thanks so much for the visit this morning. 🙂

  75. That looks amazing! GREAT job!

  76. Restorative Living says:

    WOW! What a transformation! Those sleeper chairs are EXPENSIVE brand new and it looks like you bought it at a furniture shop! Great job!

  77. thriftytickle says:

    Beautiful job! I love that it's a twin size bed too, very convenient! I'm so impressed that you reupholstered it and I know just how you feel about admiring it. I'm doing the same right now with my newly finished slipcover!

  78. You are VERY brave. That was a monsterous undertaking and you came out on the other side with your sanity and finished product of which you SHOULD be very proud.

  79. Whoa! So-o-o professional looking. Congrats on a great job.

  80. Sarah@Neoteric.Traditional says:

    Wow, that looks really great. Your "prideful moment" is deserved!

  81. Life in Rehab says:

    Awesome as usual! I love that fabric, and you did an amazing job first time out.

  82. You go girl!!!!! Amy is my niece, and I wish she would come and teach me a few things. At least you got to work with her on your other chairs. BUT – YOU have given me hope!!!! I keep trying to decide if I want to reupholster or slip cover – OR just buy a new couch. If you make it look so easy maybe I CAN do it!!! Keep up the great work!!

  83. Love it. Can't wait to see the coordinating pillows. I am thinking a long tall one across the back. I want to recover a recliner, but I don't think I dare. Did you clean the cushions at all or replace any part of them…what about the mattress? I'm so uptight I don't know if I can stand to do mine not knowing what has been absorbed by the foam??? Any suggestions?

  84. stephjacobson says:

    Wonderful job! I just got a free chair and want to reupholster it. This gives me some inspiration that I can do it–maybe!

  85. This looks amazing! It'll be fun to see what kind of pillows you choose to go with it.

  86. It looks great! When you say "inserts" for the front…are these cut outs of some material and covered w/ the cloth …not sure I'm picturing exactly how you did it. I've been too chicken to attempt one but after seeing this I'm inspired to at least try…I could "see" how you did everything else but those two front pieces w/ the cording are eluding me.

    Thank you for sharing this.

  87. Thats a great job…I am looking through your other recovering projects as my sin and DIL have a cute loveseat to recover…this may help them.
    I am also a Farrant…are you the British said ot the french side of the family? (it's my married name)

  88. sorry that last post went before i checked SON (he is no sin)

  89. Great job! I'm proud of you too! I'm a bit (well, A LOT) intimidated by upholstering!

  90. WOW, you are amazing! Great job!

  91. WOW!!! Can you please show us how you do "the front of the arms"? Amazing work, so neat 🙂

  92. WOW WOW WOW Speechless! It looks AMAZING!

  93. Linda H. says:

    Amazing! It such a bloody wonderful feeling to accomplish something of this magnitude. Pat yourself on the back. You are an inspiration!

  94. So...Look What I Made says:

    Wow you are amazing! It looks like a professional did it!!!

  95. Kendra@My Insanity says:

    It's lovely! You make it look easy!

  96. jen @ {decor junkie} says:

    Oh! That turned out SOOO cute! I would never have guessed this was your first time going at it solo! I am so impressed!

  97. Anonymous says:

    I have that same couch and it needs recovering even more than yours! Did you have to puff up the cushions any? Not sure I have nerve to try this…but maybe…it sure does look nice! (and very handy as a pullout bed!)


  98. kelly gibson says:

    that looks fantastic! great job!

  99. WOW what a great job! I have never attempted to reupholster anything! I might get up the nerve to do it one day.

  100. Wow, you did an amazing job!!!!!

  101. sharercoupons says:

    It looks amazing! I one day will find the courage to do some thing like that!

  102. Thanks for linking up to the Mad Skills party!

  103. Oh.My.Word. Look what you did!! Do you even know how impressed I am right now? Seriously, I've wanted to try this but have been a coward.. of epic proportions. You are now my hero. Well done!

  104. Rachelle @ Adventures in Creating says:

    Wow the couch turned out so good. You did a great job! I've been wanting to reupholster a chair but haven't been able to find any fabric inexpensive enough to attempt it. I'm jealous you found some so cheap.

  105. Wowsers! I LOVE it! I was just looking at my old sofa in the kids' playroom today and was wondering if *I* could recover it. You did a fabulous job!

  106. That looks great! What did you do with the mattress that was inside, though? Did you swap it out or use the one that was already in there?

  107. You did a wonderful job! I think I just may tackle my sofa after seeing this!


  108. Anderson says:

    I found you via Better After- and I just have to say: WAY TO GO! The lil' couch looks super awesome (really- and I love the fold). I also love that you showed us the step by step process. That inspires and encourages me to "man up" and take on something similar myself. I love it. Thanks for sharing, and again- GREAT JOB!

  109. OK, you already have a bazillion comments, but seriously that is really good! I LOVED the couch, wish I had something just like it for similar reasons. Enjoy it:)

  110. It looks amazing!! Great job! I love the size of the couch too!

  111. ★All Thingz Related★ says:

    You did a fabulous job! Love that fabric too! Thank you so much for sharing this at Anything Related!

  112. Kat @ Black Kats Design says:

    Great job! Upholstering can be fun. It's not so bad when you take it one section at a time.

    I’m having a new link party “Cheap Thrills Thursday” starting the 29th. It’s for creative ideas that cost under $20. I’d love for you to stop by and join in!

  113. Um, seriously? It looks AWESOME! I have never tackled a reupholster job, but maybe I could pull it off.

  114. Ashlee @ I'm Topsy Turvy says:

    This turned out just amazing! I've been wanting to try reupholstering. You make it look so easy though! I think in this case I need to find a friend to do it with the first time. Thanks for linking up to Topsy Turvy Tuesdays!

  115. How fantastic! It turned out so great! I may have the opportunity to purchase the twin sister to this couch! The one I am looking at is 4 feet long, 32 inches from floor to top of the back and 34 inches deep. does that sound about the same as yours? The reason I ask was I was trying to estimate how much I would need to spend on fabric and such. The one I am looking at needs new foam and is missing a leg. She looks a bit sad, but if I only need 8 yards of material, it won't be as bad as it could be. I was thinking it would take more material. Thanks for the inspiration. I wouldn't have even considered this without your step by step photos, etc.

  116. Buddy Rooster says:

    Very impressive! I am wondering about the cording – did you make that yourself and if so, how did you do it?

  117. says:

    Wow! Here's another Pat on the Back! You did a fantastic job! I really want to reupholster something and you just gave me the inspiration!

  118. This is just adorable. I love the size and scale of this tiny love seat, and a hide-a-bed to boot!

  119. Jessica @ Decor Adventures says:

    This is beyond amazing! I almost brought home a chair exactly like this and now I have the guts to really do it!

    Congrats to you, really fabulous job 🙂

  120. mariella09 says:

    Thankyou so much for posting this! I would never have had the courage to do this without your tutorial. I finally purchased a sturdy but grossly 70’s sofa for $15 and reupholstered it in a light grey. All in all i probably spent $60 and I now have a fabulous modern custom made sofa!

  121. I have been searching the internet for a diy like this, it gives me more confidence to do it myself. I live in LA and have a great selection of fabrics in the downtown fashion district. So I just need to stop making excuses and start the project already!

    • You for sure do! I was just in LA two weeks ago and was coveting Indianapolis to have that awesomeness of fabric here. You have a great resource there I can’t see what you do with it.

  122. I am trying to work up the courage to reupholster or slip cover a loveseat for our basement. You make me want to do it! Thanks for the inspiration!

  123. Good job. Your $25 find looks like it’s worth a couple of hundred now. Just to let you know, your $25, 1920’s loveseat can’t be from the 1920’s. It looks a lot like one I had in the 1980’s from Montgomery Wards. I doubt a 20’s sofa would have that foldout mechanism. But, the fabric is exactly like my old sofa.

  124. This looks fabulous! How did you remove the fabric without cutting the cushions?

    • Thanks so much, Nikki. They had zippers on them so they were pretty easy to remove. Then I just cut the seams open with a seam ripper to use the old fabric as a pattern.

  125. Hi,
    I am all ready to go. Scared but keen. Could you explain how you finished the front of the arms? What do you mean by putting the inserts on?
    Hope you can help.
    Thank you

    • No problem. I used a small brad nailer and then nailed them on the front. Then I pull the fabric over the nail head so you couldn’t see them. I am sure there is a better way of doing it, but I didn’t know another so that is what I did. I hope that helps!

  126. You sure are a little girl to be doing such a great big job. 🙂 Nice work.

  127. Ok, I think I can brave this now. Here goes nothing!

  128. greatpty765 . says:

    How did you remove/reinstall the bed without the couch coming apart?

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