Creating a beautiful garden doesnt have to cost a lot. Check out these creative DIY garden art p 1 1

While it’s not officially summer yet, it sure does feel like it! Temperatures are heating up, the kids are home from school, and my garden is in full swing. I love getting outside in the cool of the morning and have been on the lookout for inexpensive ways to dress up my garden without spending a lot. Enter these repurposed garden projects! They are all simple DIYs that you can easily do in an afternoon with your kids underfoot, and a couple are even perfect for getting your kiddos in on the action.

Creating a beautiful garden doesn't have to cost a lot. Check out these creative DIY garden art projects that are all made from repurposed items!

Broken China to Beautiful Garden Stones

Repurpose broken or chipped china into beautiful garden stones!

After her grandmother’s china teacups were accidentally broken, Pam from Over the Big Moon couldn’t bear to part with all the pieces and tucked them away until she found a  way to repurpose them. They were perfect for making these lovely DIY garden stones!

Garden Bike

Use paint to transform an old bike into a colorful statement for your garden!

Kimberly from Quirky Cool Living used paint to transform an old bike into a colorful statement for her garden. I love the flower box on the handlebars!

Golf Ball Garden Critters

Have fun with your kids this summer turning golf balls into adorable critters for your garden!

Melissa, The Empress of Dirt, was challenged to turn old golf balls into a kid-friendly project for Earth Day. She certainly did not disappoint with these adorable golf ball critters. Melissa provides the step-by-step instructions for a frog, ladybug, bird, and bumblebee, but the possibilities here are endless!

Dollar Store Plates to Flower Garden Art

Turn plates from the dollar store into pretty flowers for your garden!

I gathered dollar store plates and bottles of glass paint to make these garden flowers. Again, this is a fun craft to do with the kiddos on a rainy day or scorching hot summer afternoon!

Watering Can with Crystals

Add crystals to a watering can spout to create beautiful garden art!

I adore this watering can art featured on Crafts by Amanda. Amanda’s neighbor found the watering can at a garage sale for $1 and added crystal strings so it looks like water pouring out. I can only imagine how pretty light looks reflecting off the crystals!

What’s the most unexpected object you’ve repurposed into art for your garden?

Here are some more DIY projects for your garden. Enjoy!

Creative Garden Containers

Creative Flower Pot Ideas ~ Think outside the traditional planter with these creative repurposed planter ideas! You probably have items in your home you could upcycle into a planter!

Biodegradable Plant Pot Maker

DIY Plant Pot Maker

Garden Markers from Sticks

Make your own garden markers from sticks!

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