About 2 months ago I found this ginormous gold gilded frame with this hideous boat picture in it for $5. I am sorry I did not take a before picture. I loved the frame and thought I would paint it and then paint the inside part with chalkboard paint. I decided to go a different route after I saw Brassy Apple’s studio (thanks again for the inspiration!). I did spray paint the gold gilded frame with the same apple green paint as my desk and then I called a metal fabricator and had a piece of galvanized metal cut to fit (You need it to be galvanized so that it is magnetic). Then I put it all together and got a fantastic new magnet board.

Well leftover from the frame and the gilded frame was a piece of acrylic used to protect the boat print (instead of glass because it would have been too heavy). So it got me thinking. It wasn’t quite long enough but it was wide enough for my desk. So with a box cutter knife and straight edge I cut the plastic to fit and then added those protectors to the bottom of it and laid it on top of my desk. You can see it was about 2 inches too short on the side, but I didn’t care.

Now it protects the top of my desk and also allows me to put things under the plastic like invitations, directions and confirmations.

My studio is shaping up SLOWLY but surely.

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  1. Expensive? Are you kidding me? No WAY would beckie get it if it was expensive no matter how perfect it was…she’d find an alternative of course. Right beck?

  2. Hmmmmm, I need to get me some galvanized metal. Don’t know where I can get that?! wink, wink! Love it!

  3. Your blog is so fun! The minute I saw your desk, I knew you must have seen Brassy Apple. I *just* finished painting an old desk black and I’m thinking about how to add something fun to it. There are only 2 tiny little drawers right under the desk, but I could still put fabric or paper over them. I really like the idea of the plastic sheet over the top of the desk to protect it. I was wondering if my paint job would get all scratched up…

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