I was sent a Redi-Shade Simple Fit  for one of my windows in my home. 

Redi Shade

They boast that installation is quick and simple.  Here is a quick video to see the process of installation.


Holy cow they were not kidding about the easy installation!  It took me longer to get it out of the box than it did to install it.  Seriously!  It was by far the easiest thing I did this weekend. I ordered a cream colored one with no light filtering abilities.  And seriously…it blacks out the room…like dark dark!  It also matched the paint perfectly.

IMG_1229This would be perfect if you wanted shades on all your windows in a new construction house.  You could literally install them all in 30 minutes and have all your windows covered before you moved in. IMG_1231Redi-Shade wants to give you a chance to win one Simple Fit shade for your window. 

1.  You must be a resident of the United States.  Sorry, this offer is not available internationally.

2.  You must watch the 42 second video and see the quick and easy installation process.

3.  Leave me a comment telling me which window in your house could use a Simple Fit Redi Shade and that you watched the video.

The winner will be announced Wednesday, October 20th.

Redi Shade

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  1. I would use it on the window above my master bathtub as my home depot shades have reached the 7 year breaking point.

  2. I'd use this in my master bath for ultimate privacy. I love that there's no drilling or screws involved – too cool!

  3. Oh, I forgot, which window…well if we get this one house I could actually use 10 but one would be a start and if it is in the GA house I already own up in the guest room would be nice.

  4. Why, in 42 seconds, I could be putting a blind in my office window and finally not need sunscreen just to read blogs. 🙂

  5. I saw these this weekend and was tempted to buy them but I wasn't too sure the self stick would really stick. It would be nice to win one before I buy one. I would use this one in the master bath as the window there still has the original curtains the previous owner had.

  6. I watched the video. I would love to win one to put in my kitchen window when/IF I ever get finished painting my cabinets! hahah
    good luck to ME!
    thanks for a great giveaway beckie and Redi-Shade!

  7. That looks easy enough that even I could do it!! 🙂 Very cool Giveaway. I'd put it in the guest room b/c we need new window treatments in there. 🙂

  8. Wow! i can't believe how simple that is!! I watched the video and I need one of these in our guest bedroom. There is a huge east facing window on a wall that is just barely bigger that the window, so impossible to hang curtains. And because we rent I don't want to pay to have shades installed. Our guests would be thrilled!

  9. Video sure makes it look easy enough! I could use one in my son's room…. so he won't get up so early in the summer. LOL

  10. I watched the video and those are awesome! I could really use one on a new window we installed on the back of our house. The window is great, but it faces west so we get blinding light in the evening. A shade on it would be so helpful!

  11. Would love one for my master bedroom…I have the decorative curtains, but 4 years later, I still haven't put a shade up. Silly, I know.
    Info at

  12. I watched the video and I would put it in our guest room. The blinds are so in need of changing.

  13. I would love to have light blocking shades on my kiddos windows; maybe they wouldn't get up so early! 🙂
    The installation looks so easy on the video.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. i'd use it in my kitchen where the sun blares at you while you are cooking and cleaning up the kitchen!! I watch the video 🙂

  15. Wow, that video sure makes it looks short, sweet and simple. 🙂 I would put it on the window in our 3rd bedroom. The blinds are starting to fall apart in there, so I could definitely use some new blinds for that window. 🙂

  16. We are currently living in an apartment because we are renting our home and building a new one. I can't wait to get into our new house!!! We eventually want shutters but for now, we would love something easy that looks nice. I would LOVE these shades in our all rooms!! Four bedrooms, an office, three baths, a living room, and dining room…If I have to only pick one room for this giveaway, lets say my one year old daughter's room… Pick me, pick me! 🙂

  17. I'd use it in my bedroom and I did watch the video. How fast and easy…loving that!

  18. I watched the video and can't believe how easy these would be to install! My husband works graveyards and I would use this on the window in the bedroom he sleeps in during his workweek. He currently has thick dark blankets draped all over the window to black out the room. Im sure he would appreciate some blinds that would get the job done. Thanks for the chance to win these!

  19. I would use it in the nursery because my little guy has a very sunny room and it is impossible for him to get to sleep sometimes! And I think I could even install this!

  20. I watched the video and could definitely use the shade in my little girl's room. Our blind broke in there and we haven't been able to replace it. The bad part is that my hubby had painted around the blinds rather than taking them down, so now the the blinds are gone you can see where he didn't paint.

  21. I need this soooo bad!!!! I cannot sleep when I have ANY light coming through so right now I have black velvet panels attached to my windows with push pins to block any light coming through. I've been looking for black out window treatments and these would be PERFECT and the video made me want them even more!

  22. Would definitely use this in our bathroom for more privacy! That video made it look so easy!

  23. I love this idea – its so easy! I would put it in my son's room – he has some pretty banged up metal blinds right now.

  24. I LOVE this concept (I watched the video)! I would use it in my family room (where I really need 2)

  25. I LOVE this concept (I watched the video)! I would use it in my family room (where I really need 2)

  26. I LOVE this concept (I watched the video)! I would use it in my family room (where I really need 2)

  27. I LOVE this concept (I watched the video)! I would use it in my family room (where I really need 2)

  28. Would definitely use this in the bathroom for more privacy! The video made it look soooo easy, which would be awesome! (I'm such a simpleton! ;p)

  29. I watched the video. I would love to have one for my baby girl's room to block sunlight when she's napping during the day.

  30. Wow these are awesome. I love that you don't have to add any holes to your window frame/walls! I could really use one of these in my playroom. We've lived in our house for a little over a year and still have nothing for that window!!

  31. Wow…that is easy! I'd love the light filtering one for our nursery. We've tried everything, and it's still bright. That darn sun wakes up our sleeping kiddo early every morning!

  32. Wow, that is amazing! We are just finishing up our new house so I need to find out how much these cost! Thanks for the chance!


  33. I am sure I could use these in every window of my house. I am impressed with how quickly they install. To start with though I would put them in my sons room. He seems to think a little light means time to get out of bed!

  34. I would use it in my son's room. His blinds aren't mounted correctly, and they're kinda broken in spots. They're the original blinds to the house when we bought it… I couldn't believe the simple instructions on the video!! It looks so easy I could put it in without my husband!! And, really, any time I can leave the power tools out of it (except when it comes to crafting, HA!!), I'm all for it 🙂

  35. Watched the video, very neat. I could really use a new shade on my bedroom window!

  36. I watched the video!! No hubby needed for that install!! NICE! I would actually be a nice daughter in law and give this to my husbands mom for her den window!

  37. WOw. This would be wonderful in my kids room. Then maybe they'll stop waking up with the sun all summer long!

  38. Ooo that looks way easy, I will use it in our future home and I watched the video.

  39. I watched the video and would love to have one of these shades for my kitchen window. I'm very impressed with how easy they are to install.

  40. What a fast installation! No more screws and crooked blinds!
    I could use a new window covering for my daughters room and this would be perfect! And hopefully block out enough light that she will sleep later 🙂

  41. I watched the video and I would use this in our baby's room! I love how dark it can get in the room.

  42. Impressively quick–good video tutorial! I'd put this in my bedroom window to block out the light for when I want to sleep in on weekends.

  43. Wow! Wish I knew about these when we moved into our house. The shades and installation look fabulous! I'd want one for our dining room window which gets lots of sun.

  44. I would love this in my master bedroom! I watched the video too!
    -Lacey (

  45. Well, we are moving in two weeks and there is a window in our new den that would love some shades.

  46. These seem so easy to install! How wonderful it would be not to have to worry when my husband would get some time to install the blinds 🙂 I would install this on our dining room window. Love the easy install concept!

  47. I watched the video and I could totally do that! My daughter's room REALLY needs a new shade!

  48. I need one in my room and the kids room, but I would choose the kids room as we need to blackout the bright sun in the AMs.

  49. Wow! I can't believe how simple it is! I watched the video. I'd use it in what will become the new nursery. The block out portion worked so well!

  50. Wow! I watched the video and that was amazingly quick. I would put these up in the kids' playroom.

  51. Wow, popular post! Having watched the video, I would love to have one for our nursery window since our neighbors just got a brand new flood light. Thanks for showing the video and offering the giveaway!

  52. What a great product! I would use it in my son's bedroom, he has old nasty curtains that come with the house that I haven't gotten around to replacing yet.

  53. I am desperately needing two blackout shades for my soon-to-arrive daughter's nursery so I would definitely use this for one of those windows if I won. The video makes this look so simple to install, even at 8.5 months pregnant!

  54. I watched the window and then watched it again..that is amazing! Every window in my house could use these but I would start with my daughters room. They have a large window that they have difficulty with opening the shade we have in there. This looks like just the thing for their window. Thank you!!
    aimhighschool at wildblue dot net

  55. I would love to have one for my living room window. Our home faces South and the sun is pretty intense here. I canNOT believe how easy it looks in the video. Hope I get the chance to try it myself. 🙂

  56. I watched the video. I would use it in my basement. THe blinds that are there now don't quite fit and the kids have mangled them!

  57. My daughter's window needs that shade so she will sleep longer/more. And I watched the video!

  58. That was easy, I watched the video. I think my son's room could use it as it get the afternoon sun and I need it to keep the heat out.

  59. What an easy way to install shades. I would use it in my bedroom — my bedroom faces east so the sun shines directly in my window by 6 am all summer. What nice reprieve it would be to would to sleep in!!! I teach 7th grade, so summer is my sleeping in time!!

  60. okay .. I love how these install and I would put them first in my living room .. then all over the rest of my house.

  61. We're still remodeling, so none of my windows have shades! I need 8! But for now I'd put one in my office window!

  62. It only took her 28 seconds. Wow that was fast. I would love one for my bed room. I work crazy hours so keeping my room dark is important. I would so love one of these.

  63. I love a pair of these, ideally, for my bedroom. We really need blackout shades. This looks so simple to install and still very attractive.

  64. I have a window in our bathroom that is in desperate need of these shades. Our house is relatively private so the previous owners had lace curtains in the bathroom which we have yet to replace and everyone is bothered by going to the bathroom without coverings but I don't want anything that will block the light. This is perfect because it can be pulled down when guests are visiting but then we can enjoy it open every other time.

  65. I would put it in my family room and the video makes it look super easy. Even I could probably not mess it up! 🙂

  66. This is great. I have been wanting new shades. One is in guest bedroom so they can make it dark at night. Then I would need 6 more. Thanks, Nancy P.

  67. Wow! This would be perfect for the window by my front door! It is in desperate need of new blinds!

  68. About the video? It showed me I could certainly do this! Thank you. And I would love to have the Redi Shade for my son's room. His current blinds are all twisted up and old.

  69. I watched the video. So simple! I need a shade in my boys' room. Their window get sun all day long and has no shade on it!!

  70. I watched the video. Quick installation is AWESOME for this busy mommy.
    I would (quickly) install it in our one, lonely bedroom window. Paul has learned to sleep in daylight, but when he works into the wee hours of the morning and has to sleep in, this shade would be great!

  71. I watched the video…sweet!
    I would use it in our master bedroom. We are in desperate need of something on our windows…we have been living with sheets on our windows for over a year! Winning this giveaway would be fabulous!

  72. How easy is that? I'd put it in my son's window…poor kid has the sun in the day and a streetlight at night! Thanks for the giveaway!
    justaduck at

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