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I know there are many wine enthusiasts out there.  Wine drinking has become a hobby in America.  Unfortunately I don’t drink wine.  I guess I am not sophisticated enough and still have the palate of 3 year old.  But I am hopeful I will find a wine a like SOMEDAY. However, I love the corks and the bottles and all the ways to upcycle them.  Today Carmel is showcasing a project that uses corks and books to create little storage accessories for your bookshelves or desk.
diy wine cork book boxes

Hello!  It’s Carmel from Our Fifth House, and I’m back today with an easy diy/craft project!  I love handmade home decor accessories.  They add so much personality to your home!  And anything that combines form and function is pretty much my jam, so I really love these little DIY wine cork book boxes.

For any book purists out there this may make you want to shield your yes, but we’re not destroying a book here people – we’re just removing and repurposing the cover.  These boxes combine two of my loves in life – books and wine.  Plus, since my husband and I save all of our wine corks and often times write the date to remember a special night these boxes hold some sentimental value as well.

What’s even better is they stylishly hold office supplies on my desk  – paper clips, tape, pens & pencils are within reach and neatly organized – so all in all it’s a triple win-  cute, special and functional!

Here’s the ridiculously easy how to:

how to make a wine cork craft
1.  Start with a book  – one that you really love the look of the cover.  I used a couple of old reader’s digest books that I picked up for 25 cents a piece a few months ago.
2.  Gather your supplies:  Wine Corks, Scissors, Leather Ribbon (or some other type of ribbon), a Nail Head, Washi Tape, a Hot Glue Gun and E6000 Glue (or some other type of really strong glue)
3. Using your scissors as a blade cut the spine and separate the book from the cover.
4.  With your washi tape cover the exposed spine. (This is optional, but it does make the inside of your box look more finished.)
5.  Using a dab of hot glue and a little E6000 glue arrange your corks along the edge of the book.  The hot glue basically just holds things in place until the E6000 has a chance to set.  If you only use hot glue chances are your cork sides will not be very durable.  Ask me how I know this?  😉
6.  Keep in mind that perfection is overrated.  This is handmade and corks come in all different sizes, so they may not line up perfectly – and that’s okay.  With the size of these reader’s digest books using one vertically at the back and then doubling them horizontally around the sides worked great, but the pattern really depends on your book size.
7.  Cut two small pieces of leather ribbon and use hot glue and E6000 to adhere them to the top and bottom of your new book box.   Cut a small piece of paper to lay over the ribbon & hide the glue on the top of the box.
8.  Use a nail head on top pushing it in just slightly but not all the way through.  This will enable you to close your box like this.
wine cork craft
That’s it – you’re done!
uses for wine corks
If cork’s aren’t your thing, you could use a couple of wood scraps or maybe even scrabble letters!  That might take a long time, but I bet it would work!
Do you like creating clever storage accessories for your home?  For more ideas on stylish organization visit the organization tab on my blog!

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