Wow I am overwhelmed by how many people took my survey. If you have yet to take it there is room for one more…click here!

Thank you so much to over 500 of you who were gracious enough to tell me about you.

Do you want to know who reads Infarrantly Creative?

*   99.6% of you are female (DUH!) But I do want to know who the 2 gentlemen are

*   70% of you are ages 25-40

*   82% of you have children

*   30% of you read 6-10 blogs a day (WOW! I am flattered to be one of them!)

And there is a three way tie between what you like the most about Infarrantly Creative: Home Decor, Craft Projects, and Furniture Revamps

And because it is against my religion to post without a picture….here is my daughter’s first tube ride a couple of weekends back.  She really enjoyed it…wink!IMG_0631IMG_0632 No…this was just a bad moment.  She did love it.  And my husband rode with her, just in case some of you are questioning my parenting.  I did not let an 18-month old go by herself in a tube behind a speedboat. 🙂

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  1. That's cool to find out some details about your readers. It looks like your little one is a master of sticking out her lower lip/pout. My youngest is too. Maybe if you let her drive the boat instead she'd cheer up? 😉

  2. Please forgive me for laughing, but that face is just priceless! She does not look like a happy camper!

  3. At least she didn't fall asleep like my lil' guy did last summer during his first inner tube ride. 🙂

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