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I can’t hold out any longer on showing you my purple board & batten bathroom.   I am absolutely over the moon with how it turned out.   I took a huge risk on painting it purple and I couldn’t be more pleased!   It is bold – but the cream board & batten softens the color and they look awesome together.   The shower curtain was perfection.   I looked at about ten different stores before I landed on this beauty.board & batten purple bathroom


I also ended up painting my bathroom mirror the same cream color as the board and batten.   I left the vanity black.   I am glad I did.   I like the contrast of it against all the cream.

purplebathroom (1)

purplebathroom (6)

I added a new towel ring and purchased some new hand towels.

purplebathroom (3)

I still have to spray paint the door knobs but I will do that before we go on vacation in May so it has some time to cure.

purplebathroom (4)

Click here if you missed my post on the interchangeable faucet words.   I totally smile every time I wash my hands.


I replaced the Hollywood light bar with a new modern light fixture I found at Lowes.


One more before picture:


And the amazing after pictures…

purplebathroom (7)

board & batten

Cost Breakdown:

Board & Batten: $48

Purchased at Menards

Pre-primed MDF breakdown: 1x6x8 MDF boards $6.99 each times 2

1x3x12 MDF board $4.59 times 6

1x4x12 MDF board $6.19

New Shower Curtain: $25

Purchased at Bed, Bath and Beyond

Reflections Purple Shower Curtain

Towel Ring: $9 (Lowes)

New Hand Towels: $6 (Bed, Bath & Beyond)

New toilet Seat: $6 (Lowes)

New Light: $43

Purchased at Lowes

Portfolio 3-Light Brushed Nickel Transitional Bathroom Vanity Light

Paint: $25

Purchased at Home Depot

Behr Eggshell in Violet Bloom

Total Cost: $162

So what do you think about the purple?   Terrific or a travesty?

Thank you to my dear friend Annie for taking pictures.   It is so hard to photograph a bathroom with no natural light.   You rock!

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  1. This is a great makeover. You put a lot of work into that. The purple is a fun and unexpected color, and beautiful in that space. Love all the details you put into it. You did well. : )


  2. I like the purple. I have a purple bathroom myself! It is the world’s smallest full bath, tucked under the curve of the stairs, with lots of strange angles. I painted it all purple and went with a solid white shower curtain. It’s cheerful and unexpected but not for everyone! I think your shower curtain gives it a bit of elegance.

  3. I LOVE the purple!! It looks awesome!! I really want to redo rooms but we are renting… a few more years, then I will able to decorate! I love the look, it is fabulous!

  4. I love it! I’ve been wanting to redo our main bathroom, which is also my girls’ bathroom, and this would be perfect! I actually saw that shower curtain at BB&B last weekend and contemplated getting it, but couldn’t picture how it would look in the bathroom. This is great, and my girls would love the purple!

  5. BEE-YOU-TEE-FUL!!! What a yummy shade of purple 🙂 My office is the same color, and I just love it. What an amazing transformation!

  6. Oh, I do love that purple! Love the shower curtain too…I love how it really makes the white pop.

  7. I have to be honest when I heard your bath was going to be purple I was a bit scared. But with the majority of the wall white board & batten and the soft shade of purple it’s actually fresh & pretty. How could I have doubted you? 😉

  8. I LOVE the purple! My last bedroom was pretty close to that shade of purple, and I too left half the room a cream color to soften and lighten it. Beautiful! If it was my bathroom, I’d be tempted to paint the mirror frame that deeper purple color from the shower curtain, just to accent the mirror more and bring in more color depth. But the clean white is lovely too!

  9. Beckie..
    Your Paint choice is So funny! Because guess what color my Downstairs Bath is?? Yep, And almost that exact shade!

    I paired mine with a grey (non metallic pewter) and the accents are in a cream and dusky green so it has a modern-victorian feel to it. I LOVE my purple bathroom and I’m sure you will too!

  10. It is beautiful..of course I LOVE purple (my living room is that color). The board and batten love great…I need to try that somewhere in this house for sure.

  11. Oh my, Beckie! It’s BEAUTIFUL! Such a big change, but the color is gorgeous, and the board and batten just makes it perfect! Great job!

  12. oh my fricking frick! I LOVE it. I am redoing my bathroom this summer so I am definitely putting this away for inspiration. Love how it all comes together, you did an amazing job!

  13. I love everything you do, but I am not a fan of the purple. At all. Everything else looks great, though!

  14. That looks amazing! It’s so fresh and clean but with a lot of personality! And your birdy is just too cute! Did you paint it to match?

  15. Mind if I copy like… Every single thing?? Fantabulous. I literally sighed out loud.

  16. Thanks I am adding a couple little things to decorate. I will show you this week. But I definitely tend to hang on the side on under decorating rather than over.

  17. Purple is hard. I totally see why you doubted me. I bought 4 sample cans first. Oops I forgot to add that into my cost. I never buy samples but purple is a hard color to pick. I am pretty pleased with this one though.

  18. Thank you Lindsey. I went from one dramatic color to another but I think the board & batten just makes it look awesome.

  19. I wish I had a purple bathroom! This is sooo very elegant! I also wish I had that faucet still. I would be changing those words out all the time! 🙂

  20. I’m flooded with curiosity on how the board and batten is done. I am not familiar with it but would really love to do it. Help? :o)

  21. It looks amazing! So, so, so much better! 🙂 I really like the purple with the white board and batten, and I love that shower curtain.

  22. love the shower curtain 🙂 the purple works, even though if you said I painted my bathroom purple, people might not think so!

  23. I am not usually a fan of purple, but it looks AMAZING! I am in love with board and batten and determined to get some in our house. Great job!!!

  24. I would just like to point out you painted the ceiling AND the vent AND it looks amazing! I would have never had the courage to paint the ceiling, let alone a vent! You inspire me in a gazillion ways! Move next door to me and be my best friend! 🙂

  25. Oh how I am loving all these board and batten projects! It makes your bathroom look so much larger! Love what you did with it – if you’re into purple, I think it’s a very pleasant shade that you chose, and it’s certainly tempered by all the cream. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  26. Beautiful! Love the violet! So glad you painted the ceiling– normally I’m not one to suggest paiting the ceiling but in this case it is totally appropriate! Have you thought about changing out your vanity knobs for small glass knobs? Just an idea… also, a few green decorative accents would look snazzy. In any case, it is perfect as is. Great job! 🙂

  27. Whit, thanks! I felt with the dark color the white ceiling would look totally awkward so I decided to go for it. I am glad I did. The knobs on the vanity are glass knobs, they probably just didn’t photograph well 😉 Brilliant minds think alike 😉

  28. Yes I failed to mention that. I think if I wouldn’t have painted the vents it would have totally stuck out. Plus with such a dark color I totally needed to paint the ceiling. Thanks for noticing 😉

  29. I LOVE the purple! We did my Mom’s bathroom in a very similar color palatte last summer, and it’s still one of my favorite rooms to go in. The walls look amazing, and the shower curtain? Are you kidding me? SCORE! I really do love it. Way to go Beckie!

  30. Love the purple walls with the B&B! Great contrast! I’m a big fan of purple, and I think the bathroom is the perfect place to use bold colors since you’re (hopefully) not in there that long LOL!

  31. Love the purple! Any tips on how to sell the hubs on the idea of a purple bathroom? LOL
    Also, Beckie- can you please (PLEASE!!!!!) share some info on your paint sprayer and any suggestions or things to consider when buying one? You seem to get such awesome results with yours but I often hear horror stories about them clogging up and being a beast to clean…… We’re hoping to spray paint all of our gold door knobs and hinges soon with some of the new brushed metal finish paints. I’d love to hear how yours goes and any pointers you might be able to share. As always thanks for the inspiration and keeping my project list never-ending! =)

  32. Absolutely Divine! Love the board & batten, and the purple/violet is scrumptious! I painted ‘my’ bath (in the house we just moved out of) a ‘lilac’. I adored it! Only room in the house that was ‘girly’.

    Now I’m in a house that needs every room painted – that’s why I call it my Blogging Project. Tons of work needed! But I still have my luxurious purple towels and accessories in this hovel of a bathroom. There’s just something glorious about purple!

    And I just bet, with your lovely hair color, that you look sensational in that room! No, really! I bet you do!

  33. Thanks Lara. I am in love with it. Usually I don’t go for dark bold colors but I could resist the purple. It is popping up everywhere in design mags right now.

  34. It turned out lovely! I had a very similar color of purple in my bathroom before I got married with a white shower curtain that had purple floral embroidery on it. I loved that bathroom! Your board and batten adds so much character. And I really like that you decided to paint your ceiling too!

  35. Perfection! That is one of the coolest bathrooms I have ever seen. I think I will paint my daughter’s room that color. She loves “puppol” (sic 🙂 ) It is georgeous!!!!!

  36. You’re right, the old version was okay, but your purple version is perfect! The board and batten is beautiful, the colour isn’t overwhelming, and that little bird makes me happy.

  37. Becky,
    AWESOME JOB!!! I just LOVE it…..I have plans to put B&B up in my bathroom also I was considering putting blue on my walls but now that I see the purple I”m LAA..HOOV..ING IT!!! Now to convince the hubs from blue to purple!


  38. Thanks Cara! it is a really fun purple. I had a heck of a time picking the perfect shade. But I really do like it paired with the cream.

  39. Your room turned out great Beckie! I am living vicariously through you because, wouldn’t you know it, I bought that EXACT SAME shower curtain and it sat in my closet for 6 months before we started on our bathroom. When we decided on gray walls, I already had gotten paint mixed to the tan color in that curtain and had it re-tinted to the gray.

    Toooooo crazy, but your room looks AH-MAZING!! Yep, our bathrooms could definitely be friends. 🙂

  40. Love it! I painted my bathroom this color almost a year ago and I am still in the process of redoing it. Have been looking for a mirror’s and lights that my husband and I could both agree on…needless to say we are still looking! Can I ask where you got your mirror from?

  41. You took a risk with the purple and it paid off. Looks fantastic. What a transformation for so little money!!

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  43. I just found your blog and am your newest follower. Thanks for creating such an inspirational blog — I really do love it (and you purple passion bathroom)! 🙂

  44. Wow! It looks great. I love the white mirror and the the dollar tree bird. 🙂 And the shower curtain is my favorite!!

  45. Wow! What beautiful transformation! Well Done!!
    We are remodeling out bathroom soon, as soon as we are done with the kitchen!
    Hope mine turns out just as pretty as yours! 🙂

  46. Beckie-
    This looks fantastic!! What a fabulous makeover! The before & after pics are pretty amazing! I love the board & batten treatment….I am wanting so badly to do this in my laundry room. I am getting ready to do a board & batten inspiration post on my blog & would love to spotlight your bathroom! Please let me know if that is okay! I will be sure to give you credit & post a link to your blog for my readers!

  47. I want the board and batten treatment in my bathroom, but I can’t figure out how you got it behind the toilet without removing the darn thing! (I love it all, btw. looks great!)

  48. Okay, I found where you described HOW you did the board and batten. I knew I’d seen that post, but couldn’t find it!

  49. What a beautiful bathroom–I love the soothing purple and white. I featured your redo on my Friday Favorites post tonight. If you would like a featured button, come by and grab one. Have a fabulous weekend!

  50. I was just wondering where you got your shower curtain. My bathroom is the same color purple – I love it! But I need another shower curtain and cannot find the right one. Love your bathroom redo.

  51. that bathroom is GORGEOUS! I’m just about to redo mine – it’s a horrible long, narrow room, so i love the idea of strong colours. Yours looks straight out of a magazine – well done!

  52. Thank you so much Lorna. Mine was tiny too. Adding the molding gave it so much interest and appeal. I figure you can gold bold in a bathroom.

  53. All I can say is AWESOME! I absolutely LOVE the purple. It’s so rich-looking, and not overly girly so I think this is something my fiance would be okay with. Purple is my fav color (my wedding colors are lavender and white). If I saw this in a magazine, I’d be immediately drawn to it. GREAT job, and for only $162…wow! 🙂

    xo; Jess

  54. When I moved in my house the half bath downstairs was a horrible lavender color and I was convinced purple was a bathroom travesty, BUT you make it look awesome, so I’ve changed my mind! Love the batten with it too! My bathroom (still unfinished) is now lime green with some bead-board wainscotting and looks so much better! I think the wainscotting/batting is a must if you are going to do a vibrant color, otherwise you end up with color overkill.

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  56. I’m getting ready to move into my new house, and it’s actually been in my fiance’s family since his great grandpa. His dad is moving out into a new house, and they currently have it decorated like the Country Charm had a long lost twin. Not that it’s a bad thing.. I’m just a wee bit more modern. I was on Tip Junkie looking thru pictures, and the shower curtain caught my eye. Reason: I bought the same one a few weeks ago! After I bought it I thought “Oh how am I going to pull this off?” I’m not normally a fan of purple, but I thought it was a bit more “adult” than some of the curtains I’ve seen out. (and it’s gorgeous!) I’m only 25 but I’d rather have a grown up bathroom. I love the colors that you choose to go along with it. The batten was a fantastic idea to break up the monotony from the purple paint! I love it! I can’t wait to move in now so I can get started!!

  57. Thanks Alysha and congratulations on your first home! I am sure you will make it your own. I am not a huge fan of purple but for some reason the bathroom screamed for it and I love it.

  58. Hey there! Love your bathroom update! I’m working on an article for featuring bathroom updates from bloggers and I’d love to include yours! I’ll need your permission to use your photos, and of course I’ll link it back to your blog. Unfortunately, I have a super quick turnaround on this and I’ll need to hear from you to today to make it work. If you would like to be featured, please email me ASAP at Thanks!

  59. What was the 1x14x12 board for? And did you put backing on the walls behind the boards or just do it over the drywall?

  60. Fell in LOVE with this bathroom idea when I first saw it last year on Pinterest! I went out aoon after and hunted down the shower curtain. 😉 After that, the rest is easy to find. Well, my hubby is starting the project today! Yay! Oh… and I love purple too! Go Vikings! ;D

  61. Ha! Well, we cheer for the Colts where I am from, but I am glad you like the purple. 😉 I love hearing that you were inspired and hope you love your new bathroom!

  62. I just painted my daughter’s bathroom the same shade of purple and came across this image when searching for a matching shower curtain. I think I may buy that same curtain but I am so in love with your bathroom that I am tempted to try wainscoting it now! We have really tall celinings and that may be just the thing to fill up all that vertical space. Very nicely done!
    Stacy from FL

  63. Wondering the color of cream you went with, if you can remember… 🙂 I don’t want stark white either, but I also don’t want a cream that’s too buttery or ivory. Thanks if you can help! Excited to get this project moving!

  64. I agree with the amazing after picture i love it thank you for sharing such a beautiful blog ♥

  65. Thanks so much, Lorrie. I actually just moved into a new home last week, so I had to say goodbye to my purple bathroom.

  66. Love the purple. How do you do the board and batten with only 9 pieces of wood (am I reading that right?) I want to do bead board but this seems easier to put up. Do you have a ‘how-to’?

  67. I am not a purple person. In fact for some reason I hate purple. But…..your BR is beautiful. I love the shower curtain, the board & batten walls and even the purple!!!!! The cream and purple colors look awesome together and the shower curtain brings it all together. Great job. It absolutely beautiful.

  68. I think your bathroom looks amazing. Purple is my favorite color. Wish I could do that, but bathroom I am remodeling is shared by me and 4 men…lol; myself, husband and 3 sons. They would not go for the purple. However I am doing the board and batten. I need to know how many inches apart is the batten? I don’t have a lot of wall space and I am measuring them and my contractor(friend of the hubby) says it looks too busy!!!! It looks like yours and YOURS looks great.

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