I got this perfectly nice frame for $12 at Flower Factory. But I just can’t leave well enough alone can I? Most people probably shop for things that match a room when they buy accessories, right? I just shop, find something I like, at a price I like even more, and then re-do it to fit the room. I am weird I know. Anyway back to this perfectly good triple matted frame.

When I was at my dear friend Jen’s house I noticed she painted her mats in her frames to match the room. I thought, “MY SHE’S BRILLIANT!” So that gave me the idea for this. I painted one mat the pink, one mat the brown and left the white one alone (see I can leave well enough alone 😉 to match the stripes. Then I painted the frame itself the color of the trim in the room. But I can’t just leave it alone. Sandpaper calls my name after I paint anything wood. So I scuffed it (just a little, I promise) around the edges just to give it more oomph.

Then I hung it on the wall and hung some sheer white ribbon over the top of it to give it the look that it is hanging by the ribbon. The ribbon is not attached to the frame just the wall, so I can remove the frame and put some of Kayla’s baby pictures in it.

Wahla…the perfect frame. I just need to have this baby girl so I can add some cutie pie pictures in the frame.

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  1. This is too stinkin’ cute! What a great idea! Good Luck these last 13 days!

  2. Great idea! I always wish the frames/mats went a little better with the room (of course I am the shopper who looks for the frame that goes, not the one that redoes it): ) That’s a great tip! Kudos to your friend and you!

  3. I would never think to redo the mat. the frame, maybe, the mat–never! what a great tip!

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