I got this fabulous mirror that I gave a makeover on September 21. I have been wanting to paint the awful oak cabinetry that plagues my house since the day I moved in. Well after I redid this mirror the cabinetry in the bathroom DEFINITELY needed a change. So yesterday I started painting the cabinet black to match the mirror and finished it up today. If you are looking for a smooth, rich black color American Accents Canyon Black is GORGEOUS!

MUCH BETTER DONTCHA THINK? Again, I am sorry for my awful picture taking ability. I hope you can see the huge difference though. I changed out the hardware also and added cute little crystal knobs (which I am officially obsessed with).

I managed to not take sandpaper to the paint after it was all done (minor miracle). I need a 12-step program to stay away from the sandpaper after I paint furniture. I am not saying I am not going to distress it but for now I am resisting the urge. Now I need to go get a new toilet paper holder (preferably in a black wrought iron) and I would also like to get some black metal scrollwork for above the toilet. I also want to hang bead board and chair rail halfway up the wall but we’ll see. For now the difference the black cabinetry makes will make me happy going pee for a while. 😉

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  1. SO much better. I un oaked our cabinets too as soon as we moved in. SO much better, and I totally agree that American Accents paint is the best. I use it for everything. Covers great, lasts forever.
    Have fun on the loo.

  2. It looks great! I think bathroom vanity’s almost always look better in black, white, cream or brown. 😉 The crystal knobs are a sparkly touch. I just used some pink ones on a dresser that was redone for our guest room/craft room and they added so much extra personality.

  3. Oh my goodness!! You did all that in just a couple of days AND you’re super duper pregnant! I’ve been procrastinating my vanity project for months and months…I feel so ashamed now! 😉

    Did you sand or prime first, or just go straight to painting? It looks great, by the way!

    ~ Sarah

  4. Oh, I so want to do this to my bathroom vanity. Did you have to sand or do any prep work or did you just start painting?

  5. First off, congrats on the successful birth! She’s gorgeous. I’ve been busy and haven’t been keeping up with your posts like I should. Your blog is the one I keep up with the most because I love how you can turn thrifty finds into beautiful treasures.

    Your bathroom turned out great! I’ve been wanting to paint my cabinets that look exactly like yours. I want to start with the kitchen because it’s the room that is visible from most of the house and I can’t stand the sight of those ugly cabinets. But I’ve been worried about doing it. What kind of prep work did you do before you started painting? Did you put some sort of sealer or top coat over the paint?

  6. I am soo glad I read this. I already bought a new Bathroom Vanity for the master bedroom. I have a similar vanity to your pre finished one. It was just bland and ho hum. Thanks for the new idea.

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