I am sorry I don’t have anything new for you today. But I did get some things done on my t0-do list. I got 4 hooded towels done. I have a bunch of friends who are preggers right now so I thought I would be proactive and make these. I have had these towels sitting in my studio for months. I bought them on sale a while ago and I haven’t gotten around to getting them done. Well today was the day. I got two boy towels and two girl towels made. I feel good.

Then one of my dear friends who was actually the first girl I discipled when my husband became a youth pastor, had her first baby in November and I have not gotten around to sending her a gift (she lives in California). So I whipped up some baby legs, (I am still perfecting these and am not totally pleased yet) a diapey wipe case and some cute baby shoes. Dontcha just love the fabric? If you know who this is for don’t tell her okay?

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  1. Cute again! Feel like maybe whipping up some hooded towels myself. I am too lazy to put the cuff on my baby legs. Mine are more of the cut the bottom off and leave it raw ghetto version.
    P.S. My hubs is a youth pastor too.

  2. Super cute set. I didn’t read these two (the vanity, the towels and the baby set until this morning… only saw that you were in labor yesterday!) Congrats again! Hoping to hear that everything went well soon!

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