Project #17 Nothing New

I am sorry I don’t have anything new for you today. But I did get some things done on my t0-do list. I got 4 hooded towels done. I have a bunch of friends who are preggers right now so I thought I would be proactive and make these. I have had these towels sitting in my studio for months. I bought them on sale a while ago and I haven’t gotten around to getting them done. Well today was the day. I got two boy towels and two girl towels made. I feel good.

Then one of my dear friends who was actually the first girl I discipled when my husband became a youth pastor, had her first baby in November and I have not gotten around to sending her a gift (she lives in California). So I whipped up some baby legs, (I am still perfecting these and am not totally pleased yet) a diapey wipe case and some cute baby shoes. Dontcha just love the fabric? If you know who this is for don’t tell her okay?