We have been having FREEZING cold weather here in Indiana. It usually isn’t this bitter cold out. It reminds me of childhood Chicago weather. BRRRRRRR! I am constantly cold and have been wearing a scarf for the last week. I hate how the scarf falls off when I move around and that I have this huge bundle of fabric hanging somewhere.

Then I saw this. Perfect. Just what I need. Let me start off my saying I AM NOT A KNITTER OR CROCHETER. I can crochet and knit very crapily in a straight line. Which means I can basically make a scarf or a blanket. But I am terrible and cannot read a pattern if my life depended on it. I had a friend try and teach me how to make baby booties (thanks, Lee Ann!) and it is just not my gifting.

I thought I could handle this though. It was very quick to make, once I started over three times that is. If you look closely there are mistakes but that is okay. I love it and I am warm.

I used 5 strands of yarn with a size Q-19 Lion Brand crochet needle. I started with 45 stitches (is that what it is called?) but I think 50-55 would have been a tad better. I think I single crocheted about 10 rows. Then I draped it over my neck and pinned it together in place with a big safety pin. Then I made one of the fabulous flower pins and hid the safety pin with it. I wish I could figure out how to read a pattern and make one of those fancy schmancy crocheted flowers…but that is above my pay grade. 🙂

Fabulous isn’t it? I have been toasty warm all day. I am SOOOO making more of these.

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  1. Okay, super dumb question…but how did you make the five strand yarn ball? Did you wrap it around a chair or something? Maybe I’m tired but that’s what has me stumped. I’m so trying this once I figure that out…I’m freezing! Brrrr!

  2. Ok, I LOVE LOVE LOVE scarves, and I need one of these! Thanks for showing me how to do it. 🙂

  3. I’m so proud of you! 🙂
    I’ve been crocheting for the last few months- LOVE it! That scarflet you made is too cute- you did a fabulously good job for your first project, I don’t think I could show my first project to anyone. 😛 I’d never have thought you were new to all this by the way it looks. Congrats! Welcome to the most addicting winter weather craft there is.

  4. Seriously…. you just got tired of waiting on the one I was making you. However, yours is way cuter!!!

  5. Cute! So, you wear this around the house? It looks really great. Can you just slip it off and on over your head without messing with the flower pin? And with out messing up your pretty red hair?

  6. Very Cute, I am still working on the scarf I am knitting and it is taking FOREVER!!! I have to steal this idea. Super cute colors!!!

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