Project #14 Clock Makeover

I could not seem to find a clock I liked well enough (in my price range) for Kayla’s room. So I decided to alter one myself. I just got a cheap-o $3 clock from Wal-Mart.

I then had hubby GENTLY take it apart for me (he is so much better at taking stuff apart and remembering how it goes back together). BE VERY CAREFUL TAKING IT APART THESE ARE SUPER DELICATE.

Then I made a template of the piece of paper with the clock face on it and grabbed some scrapbook paper, a fake flower, eyelets, stamps, ink, scissors, and started to decorate it.

After I was all done I used adhesive to tape my decorated template into the clock and then gave it back to hubby. The dear hubby GENTLY put it back together for me (this is about as crafty as hubby will get with me 😉

Pretty, easy, and cheap. I like those words. Then I hung it on her wall. This will be great for those late night feedings.

I am lovin’ the ambience with the dimmer switch hubby installed for me. If you have a baby YOU HAVE TO HAVE A DIMMER SWITCH on your lamps and overhead lights. It makes it so nice late at night to just have a soft light. They are under $10, I think everyone needs a dimmer in every room.