Here is the necklace I have worn around my neck nearly everyday since we announced we were expecting.

Well I thought it would be a good time to make a new necklace. I put their birthstones on it. I know it looks like Christmas – a garnet and an emerald. Shucks, I should have planned better, huh? I went to the doctor today and she said she doubts I will go this week. I guess no thinning of the cervix and she isn’t engaged yet…little pistol. So if I have to change this birthstone to an amethyst (February) I may die.

But good news for you…that means more projects. Ok well this project isn’t rocket science, it is just punching letters into metal. If you want to learn more about it (and see a great website with some fun fab tutes) go to Beaducation.

If you want to purchase one already made… support my friend Eryn who is raising funds to adopt a little girl from Ethiopia. She does wonderful work!

P.S. I still have the “bun in the oven” necklace on, don’t worry I haven’t cheated!

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