Project #12 Baby Legs

Have you seen these sweet little babylegs? I had a friend buy me a pair for Kayla that I can’t wait to use. I haven’t used them yet (obviously) but I have seen a few tutorials on them and I thought they would be fun to try and make.

My first pair was made out of old knee socks I had that I never wore. I made a mistake in the beginning and one turned out shorter than the other. I am not sure if I like the shorter one or the longer one better. I think I may try and buy a few pairs of knee socks and try again. I think it is harder with stripes because you have to match the pattern. However, when they are on her legs I don’t think you’ll notice that one is shorter. But the fact that they didn’t turn out perfect means I HAVE TO MAKE ANOTHER PAIR, of course.

If you are interested in the tutorial click here , here, or here. I used the first tutorial myself. I really liked the way they looked the best. When I get more socks and try again I will post my second try on here.