Have you seen these sweet little babylegs? I had a friend buy me a pair for Kayla that I can’t wait to use. I haven’t used them yet (obviously) but I have seen a few tutorials on them and I thought they would be fun to try and make.

My first pair was made out of old knee socks I had that I never wore. I made a mistake in the beginning and one turned out shorter than the other. I am not sure if I like the shorter one or the longer one better. I think I may try and buy a few pairs of knee socks and try again. I think it is harder with stripes because you have to match the pattern. However, when they are on her legs I don’t think you’ll notice that one is shorter. But the fact that they didn’t turn out perfect means I HAVE TO MAKE ANOTHER PAIR, of course.

If you are interested in the tutorial click here , here, or here. I used the first tutorial myself. I really liked the way they looked the best. When I get more socks and try again I will post my second try on here.

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  1. Beckie~
    I’ve been checking your blog over the last couple of days seeing all of the CUTE baby projects that you are making….I’m about to hire you to come stay with me a week and teach me EVERYTHING! What cute ideas!! I’ve already made some bows…I had been working on that when I first checked your blog. But NOW I’m so inspired to do more that it may not stop at bows! 🙂 Check out this site if you haven’t already…super cute ideas. http://www.fiveblessedbows.com/Gallery.htm

    Keep up the darling projects and I’ll be praying for the little Miss to bless you all soon! 🙂

    Melody H.

  2. I love this project – well, because I’ve done it myself. My Miss K loves hers and shes 3.5!

    They are great when it comes to potty training in the fall/winter. She can wear a skirt and her “baby legs” and it’s a piece of cake to get things off in time to make it to the potty.

    Nice work! You’ve been on a roll!

  3. Man! I wish your baby girl was 18 months older than mine instead of the other way around. This would have been really great over the summer when K was crawling all over the place. I did cut off some sleeves from a shirt my son outgrew and used those a couple times on her tiny little legs. DUH. I’ll grab some socks next time I see them. (any tips on where to find them cheap?) I’m glad someone mentioned using them during potty training! I’ll have to stock up for this coming spring when I pull out some toddler dresses.

  4. How cute are those?! I am going to have to try them. My daughter (6 1/2) has to wear AFO’s (braces) on her legs. They aren’t cute. Baby Legs will be perfect to cover them up. Yeah!

  5. seriously, beckie…do you ever sleep? you are the most productive crafty girl i know! can’t wait to see all the photos of your darling daughter. praying for a smooth and january delivery.

  6. goodness…your projects are beginning to overwhelm me! SOOO many…SOOO cute! you seriously deserve some sort of award!!!

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