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Today I am participating in the Nester’s

I have never really added up how much it has cost over the years to furnish our family room. I thought it would be kind of fun to do and probably eye opening at just how much I have spent. I am sure glad I didn’t have to spend it all it one shot. If you want to here how my family room came to be, click here. Ok go, go gadget math:

1. Tim’s papa chair – We got it at a place called Furniture World in Vancouver, Washington. We have had it for 4 years and it is leather. It is still in perfect condition and HE LOVES IT = $430

2. I have two of those end tables that were in my house as a child that were passed down to me. I have since painted them black. Cost of supplies probably $5. I also got two of those funky red lamps on clearance at Target for $40 total.

3. My Ballard Designs Acanthus Cut-Out rip off and the molding with two canvases plus the fabric cost $54 ($25 for the two canvases, $15 for the molding, $10 for the fabric, $4 for the wood for the cut-out.

4. The couch we got at this place in Vancouver, WA called Stupid Prices. They get the closeouts from Costco. We got the leather sofa and love seat for $600. It has held up fairly well and I am still glad we made the purchase. All the pillows were bought at Burlington Coat Factory and they were the inspiration for the room colors. I have 4 of them and I paid $60.

We are at $1184 so far.

5. The secretary desk was given to us by Tim’s grandparents. I switched out the knobs and painted it black for $12. My lamp refabulous was $16. Photo frame was $3. The rest was given to me.

6. I got the scrolly wrought iron piece from Hobby Lobby. I think it was like $8 and the art was $20 which was just the tax on them since they were free.

7. The snuggler chair I got from a friend for $75. The Pottery Barn throw was a Christmas gift and the bluey colored pillow I made (I have three of them total) for $25.

Now we are at: $1184 + $159 = $1343

8. The topiaries were $7.50 each on clearance at Target after Christmas. The mantle molding I added was $20 from Home Depot. The clock was handmade by Tim’s grandpa. The flatscreen plasma TV was $1400 from Sam’s Club.

Now we just added a chunk of change: $1343 + $1435 = $2778

9. I got the ottoman as a birthday gift so I won’t add it in but it was from Target for $49.

10. This was the first art piece my hubby and I made 4 years ago for our house. It cost $18 in supplies.

Total so far: $2778 + $18 = $2796

11. The chairs were given to me by Shannon. The two black pillows cost me $22.

12. The lamp was $8 ($3 shade from Old Time Pottery and $5 lamp at a yard sale).

13. The table was from IKEA. I think it was $15. The little fluer de lis was $3 at Christmas Tree Shops.

14. I got three red tie-up shades on clearance for $45 at Target 4 years ago. I also bought 3 pull down shades for $35.

Total now: $2796 + $128 = $2924

Lastly I got the sofa table for $15 at a yard sale and then painted it black with $6 paint = $21. I got the vase on clearance at Joann Fabrics for $6 and added $1 wood flowers from the dollar store. Bookends $5 from Craiglist. Wicker Basket below Walgreens $5. I got the bowl from IKEA for $2 and the painted balls for free from my cousin.

Total: $2924 + $40 = $2964

So it cost me less than $3000 to furnish this room and that includes a $1400 flatscreen. I feel pretty good about that. How did you do?

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  1. That's very impressive! I'm especially loving the fabric wall art you made – I have a HUGE wall in our house that i have no clue what to put there – something like that definitely might work. Love your color scheme too.

  2. I love touring your room! You should to a house tour… šŸ™‚
    I love the art you made, but I think I told you that before!
    : )

  3. It looks great (she says, hanging head as she comes out of lurkdom…). You are so talented.

  4. I think that's great! Especially since I'm looking at two sofas that would come close to that number. Thanks for the tips on the local furniture stores. I'll have to check them out!

  5. You SHOULD feel pretty good about how you furnished this room! I love the fact that you splurged on the one big item, which I'm sure your family really enjoys, and the all the rest of the room was furnished for about the same cost as that one thing. I think your room looks great.

  6. That was so fun! Wish I could have done it for my room, but since it was all in crates somewhere between CA and VA it was a little hard to do!! Thanks for your comments on the chair before and afters! I too am hoping to find a chair like that for myself!!

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