The start of school is creeping close and some I know have started school! If you need help with ideas for sprucing up your kid’s playroom or if you are a homeschooler and want to create an inviting school space, take a look below.

My sister-in-law actually wanted me to make her the oversized Pottery Barn Kids vintage flashcards for her playroom.

I love the clean look and how large they are – which covers a lot of wall on the cheap.

Pottery barn kids diy flashcard art

PBK Inspiration:



This was a super simple project especially when you buy the pre-cut vinyl from Laura at Say it on the Wall.

I built frames like the PBK ones but you could always just get wood cut to size and add the vinyl and it would still look awesome.

Step 1 – Plywood

I used leftover plywood from the cabinets I built in my studio and they were already 18” wide.

So I cut three of them down to 18” x 42” (slightly smaller than the PBK ones).

I then sanded, primed and painted them the same cream color as the trim in the room.

flashcards wall decor

pbkids flashcards

Step 2 – Pieces

I then cut two pieces of 1” x 3” to 45” and two to 16”.

I then used my Kreg Jig to make frames like I did for my magnetic wall kid’s art display and the fabric covered wrapped canvas frames.

oversized flashcards

Step 3 – Sanding

Then I sanded and spray primed and painted those Krylon Black.

krylon black frames

Step 4 – Vinyl

The hardest part was lining up the vinyl perfectly.

I recruited my hubby to help with that part.

And then we just removed the transfer paper for perfect placement.

flashcard vinyl

flash card vinyl

Step 5 – Hanging

I used small screws to attach the luan to the frames on the back.

Doing it this way will make it stick out 1/4” from the wall.

One could router the frame to make it flush but that is more work and I am okay with the 1/4” gap.

I then attached a sawtooth hanger on the back and hung.

sawtooth hangar on flashcard art

Easy peasy and a large statement for a playroom or kid’s bedroom wall.

pbk knockoff flashcards flashcards on the wall

vintage flashcard art

If you would like to see another Pottery Barn Kids inspired project, check out the Utility Board project I built.

They are perfect for any playroom!

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  1. Beckie, I love it! Such a great knock-off. You have inspired me to knock-off some Restoration Hardware flashcard art with words like brave and valiant for my boys!

  2. I am not a woodworker and am lazy, so I think I will see if I can buy suitable frames ready made and make the flash cards to fit the frames. Thanks for the great idea.

  3. The cards are pretty big, but I am sure you could scale them down to fit a ready-made frame. That’s the beauty of it – you can make them any size you want! I’d love to hear how yours come out.

  4. These are amazing!! I love all your projects. 🙂 You always share such detailed tutorials thank you always for sharing.

  5. what fun . . . but take it one step further! Make the flash cards so that the sum is a birth date!

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