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Hey yo! While summer break is quickly coming to an end the summer heat for some of you isn’t.  Here is a refreshing cool treat for the kiddos – DUM DUM Lollipopsicles, a.k.a DUM DUM Popsicles or DUM DUMSICLES.  Now I can’t take credit for this, my brilliant 5 year-old nephew came up with this idea.  You literally make popsicles with DUM-DUM pops and it turns into little flavored popsicles.  They are so yummy and simple to make.  All you need is a popsicle mold or ice cube tray, water and DUM-DUMS.

how to make dum dum popsicles

You start out with DUM-DUM pops, easy to find at nearly any grocery store.

dum dum pops

Then grab a popsicle mold or an ice cube tray.  The popsicle mold I used was perfect because you could jam the DUM-DUM pop into the bottom and the stick would be straight up.  You might have to get a little creative to keep the sticks straight if you use an ice cube tray.

dum dum popsicles

I added an 1/8 cup of water to each mold.  If you add more the flavor is more diluted.  If you add less the flavor is more intense.  Just make sure you are able to cover the DUM-DUM pop with water.

dum dum recipe

Let it sit out for about 2-3 minutes or until the water changes to the color of the lollipops.  If you stick it in the freezer right away the candy doesn’t melt all the way and there is a little ball of candy in the middle.

dum dumsicles

Let them freeze.  Run hot water over the mold and pull the stick out and enjoy a sweet summer treat.

dum dum popsicle mold

My kids loved them.  I mean what kid doesn’t love sugar water? They enjoy picking out their flavors and adding the pops to the mold.

popsicles made from DUM-DUMS

dum dumsicles

Now I bet you have some DUM-DUM pops in your pantry right now.  Go ahead and freeze them up.  Your kids will think you are the coolest mom ever.  Kid invented, kid approved.

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  2. Wow! what an awesome idea!!!! Kudos to your nephew …. I have five kids and can’t not believe I have never thought of this… Thank you so much for such a great hack… Seriously the best idea for pops I have seen. We have tried sprite pops with gummy worms and fish, to pudding pops. However what kid doesn’t like a dum dum???? Again thank you

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