54 comments and not one of you said that you liked the brown shade. The poor shade has shunned himself to our closet in hopes that he may “fit in” one day. Poor guy. I kinda feel bad for him.

I looked all over town for a drum shade that would work in proportion to the base. No luck. However, I went to Old Time Pottery and found this beauty for $3.

If you saw the rest of the room (I will show you one day, promise 😉 this shade works wonderfully with the pillows and the art on the walls. It is fun and funky and I love it. What do you think? Do you still like the drum shade better? Or did my funky new shade win you over?

Sneak preview for tomorrow…

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  1. I love that shade! But I still like the drum shade for that base…

    but I really do love that shade!

  2. No offense to the new shade, but I still like the drum! But whatever works for you–I’d still come over for a free meal or something with the current shade:)

  3. Oh – I really can’t choose without seeing the rest of the room! But this new one is not bad….just curious here – but, what did you have there before the lamp? A different lamp perhaps? or was this to stage the new lamp and it doesn’t really go there? See…can’t decide without seeing the whole room. I know, I’m a pain…but that’s what you get when you’re a “sister” in our family! LOL B:)

  4. Well I never would have picked it myself but it is so fun and definitely growing on me. I think the black in the shade balances with the dresser and is just what you need to help pop the red in the base. But, the boring and anal side of me still says, “hey white drum, come visit again!” Maybe we need another, “who wore it best” contest?!

  5. Without seeing the rest of the room, I have to vote for drum shade – that shade looks exactly like the bikini I wore to Hawaii last fall – too funny. But I love that you got such a great deal – impressive!

  6. I still like the drum shade shape, but this new shade works too. I do like the funky pattern, and it was a deal!

  7. oh i definitely love that new shade! Wow. I could not do what you do. shhh. don’t tell…but i don’t even really desire to try. Buying lamps, chairs, tables, magazine racks, etc at TJ max and home goods is the extent of my giftings. You are amazing, i say.

  8. If you listen real close you can hear the lamp say “i like the drum better..i like the drum better”.

  9. The lamp is fab, the shade is fab. Together they just compete for attention. But then I’ll never claim to have any decorating ability!

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